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Companion to Psychiatric Studies E Book

Author : Eve C Johnstone
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* 2011 BMA Book Awards - Highly Commended in Psychiatry * A new edition of a classic textbook now published for the first time with colour. Covering the entire subject area [both basic sciences and clinical practice] in an easily accessible manner, the book is ideal for psychiatry trainees, especially candidates for postgraduate psychiatry exams, and qualified psychiatrists. New edition of a classic text with a strongly evidenced-based approach to both the basic sciences and clinical psychiatry Contains useful summary boxes to allow rapid access to complex information Comprehensive and authoritative resource written by contributors to ensure complete accuracy and currency of information Logical and accessible writing style gives ready access to key information Ideal for MRCPsych candidates and qualified psychiatrists Expanded section on psychology – including social psychology – to reflect the latest MRCPych examination format Discussion of capacity and its relationship to new legislation Text updated in full to reflect the new Mental Health Acts Relevant chapters now include discussion of core competencies and the practical skills required for the MRCPsych examination Includes a section on the wider role of the psychiatrist – including teaching and supervision, lifelong learning, and working as part of a multidisciplinary team (including dealing with conflict, discipline and complaints) Includes new chapter on transcultural aspects of psychiatry Enhanced discussion of the use of the best current management options, both pharmacological and psychotherapeutic, the latter including CBT (including its use in the treatment of psychosis) and group, couple and family therapy.

The American Psychiatric Association Practice Guideline for the Pharmacological Treatment of Patients With Alcohol Use Disorder

Author : American Psychiatric Association
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Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a major public health problem in the United States. The estimated 12-month and lifetime prevalence values for AUD are 13.9% and 29.1%, respectively, with approximately half of individuals with lifetime AUD having a severe disorder. AUD and its sequelae also account for significant excess mortality and cost the United States more than $200 billion annually. Despite its high prevalence and numerous negative consequences, AUD remains undertreated. In fact, fewer than 1 in 10 individuals in the United States with a 12-month diagnosis of AUD receive any treatment. Nevertheless, effective and evidence-based interventions are available, and treatment is associated with reductions in the risk of relapse and AUD-associated mortality. The American Psychiatric Association Practice Guideline for the Pharmacological Treatment of Patients With Alcohol Use Disorder seeks to reduce these substantial psychosocial and public health consequences of AUD for millions of affected individuals. The guideline focuses specifically on evidence-based pharmacological treatments for AUD in outpatient settings and includes additional information on assessment and treatment planning, which are an integral part of using pharmacotherapy to treat AUD. In addition to reviewing the available evidence on the use of AUD pharmacotherapy, the guideline offers clear, concise, and actionable recommendation statements, each of which is given a rating that reflects the level of confidence that potential benefits of an intervention outweigh potential harms. The guideline provides guidance on implementing these recommendations into clinical practice, with the goal of improving quality of care and treatment outcomes of AUD.

Essentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing E Book

Author : Elizabeth M. Varcarolis
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Awarded third place in the 2017 AJN Book of the Year Awards in the Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Category. Get a full understanding of today’s psychiatric nursing practice in less time! Essentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, 3rd Edition offers the perfect balance of essential nursing interventions and clinical content paired with current research and evidence-based practice to fully equip you for today’s field of mental health nursing. This new edition continues to retain the reader-friendly style, emphasis on therapeutic communication, and the nursing process organization that was successful in the previous edition. It also includes additional DSM-5 disorders, illustrations of various neurobiology disorders, a new neurobiology learning tool, and new NCLEX review questions to help you pass your course and thoroughly prepare for the psychiatric nursing section of the NCLEX. REVISED! Examining the Evidence boxes explain the reasoning behind nursing interventions and how research affects everyday practice. UNIQUE! Applying the Art sections in the clinical chapters provide examples of therapeutic and nontherapeutic communication techniques as well as realistic nurse-patient interaction scenarios. Chapter review questions reinforce essential content from the chapter. Critical thinking questions introduce clinical situations in psychiatric nursing. Nursing Interventions tables familiarize readers with interventions for a disorder that they will encounter in clinical practice. Key concepts and terms clarify essential terminology. Vignettes offer succinct, real-life glimpses into clinical practice by describing patients and their psychiatric disorders. Assessment Guidelines familiarize readers with methods of assessing patients. Potential Nursing Diagnosis tables give several possible nursing diagnoses for a particular disorder along with the associated signs and symptoms. DSM-5 diagnostic criteria identifies medical diagnostic criteria for psychiatric disorders for integration into the nursing plan of care. Important contributions from psychiatric mental health nursing pioneers are featured in the opening unit pages. Cultural Considerations sections reinforce the principles of culturally competent care. Key Points to Remember outline the main concepts of each chapter in an easy to comprehend and concise bulleted list. Appendices feature the DSM-5 Classifications and a list of the latest NANDA-I diagnoses for readers’ reference.

Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing

Author : Gail Wiscarz Stuart
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Using the latest clinical research and diagnoses, Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing, 10th Edition provides a holistic, biopsychosocial approach to psychiatric nursing care. It follows the popular Stuart stress-adaptation framework and includes comprehensive coverage to simplify important nursing and medical concepts, promote quality and safety in care, and address psychobiology and psychopharmacology topics integral to today’s psychiatry. New to this edition is a chapter on psychiatric care of military personnel, plus the latest on health care reform, prescription abuse, and obesity issues. Written by psychiatric nursing expert Gail W. Stuart, this market-leading text makes it easy to apply classroom theory to clinical practice. An easy-to-follow writing style makes it easy to understand both simple and complex topics. A well-rounded, collaborative approach provides coverage of all major psychiatric disorders from nursing and medical perspectives. The Stuart Stress Adaptation Model of health and wellness provides a consistent nursing-oriented framework, with clear explanations of biological, psychological, sociocultural, environmental, and legal-ethical components. An evidence-based practice approach bridges the gap between clinical research and everyday practice. Learning from a Clinical Case boxes begin disorders chapters with thought-provoking questions and end chapters with answers and feedback. Summarizing the Evidence boxes in the disorders chapters examine the research and findings that support psychiatric nursing care. A family focus and discussions of outpatient care reflect current trends in psychiatric nursing. A Patient Speaks and A Family Speaks boxes present short vignettes with the patient’s and family’s perspectives of the caregiving process. Competent Caring: A Clinical Exemplar of a Psychiatric Nurse boxes feature the experiences and personal insights of practicing psychiatric nurses. Medical and Nursing Diagnoses boxes and Detailed Diagnoses tables emphasize the interdisciplinary approach to patient care by presenting NANDA diagnoses relevant to specific disorders and describing the essential features of the related DSM-IV-TR diagnoses. Nursing Treatment Plan Summary tables present care plans including patient goals with nursing interventions and rationales. Patient Education Plan and Family Education Plan tables include key information that you need to share with the patient and his or her family to facilitate shorter hospital stays and more outpatient care. Therapeutic Dialogue boxes offer examples of nurse-patient interactions. Clinical examples include selected nursing diagnoses. Focus Points provide a comprehensive, point-by-point review of the important information in each chapter.

Acute Psychiatric Emergencies

Author : Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG)
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Acute Psychiatric Emergencies is designed for all medical and healthcare professionals working with patients in mental health crisis. This manual is a key component of the Acute Psychiatric Emergencies (APEx) course, which uses a structured approach developed by leading psychiatry and emergency medicine specialists with years of practical experience. This valuable resource provides a practical approach for dealing with mental health emergencies, helping healthcare professionals from different specialties speak a common language and develop a shared understanding that expedites excellent care. The manual outlines the assessment and management of patients who have self-harmed, those that are apparently drunk, the patient behaving strangely, the patient with acute confusion, and those that are aggressive. Presents a structured, practical approach for the emergency care of patients presenting in acute psychiatric crisis Covers common presentations of psychiatric emergencies Emphasises close co-operation of emergency and mental health teams Offers content designed jointly by practicing psychiatrists and emergency physicians from the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) Acute Psychiatric Emergencies will be useful for practitioners of emergency medicine, psychiatry, emergency and mental health nursing as well as other mental health and crisis care professionals.

Psychiatric Annals

Author :
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Psychiatric Quarterly

Author :
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The Psychiatric Unit in a General Hospital

Author : Moses Ralph Kaufman
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Psychiatric Nursing

Author : Christine A. Grant
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Psychiatric Nursing

Author : Ann Wolbert Burgess
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Addressing contemporary mental health issues facing psychiatric nursing today, as well as traditional clinical skills, this reference work links stress, trauma, and behavioural health problems to neurobiological function and immune system depletion. This framework pinpoints assessment and selection of intervention strategies especially useful in this era of managed care, focused care, and time-limited treatment. The book describes the biology of mental illness and psychopharmacological interventions, provides a DSM-IV diagnosis and a psychiatric nursing diagnosis to a patient condition within the context of the nursing care plan, and clearly demonstrates how nurses integrate neurobiological, behavioural, and social science theories and research into patient care.

Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Author : Elizabeth M. Varcarolis
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Accompanying CD-ROM contains ... "review questions for the NCLEX Examination, interactive exercises, animations, and an audio glossary."--Page 4 of cover.

Psychiatric Disorders in Children and Adolescents

Author : Barry D. Garfinkel
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A scientifically based, clinical approach to child and adolescent psychiatric disorders. Topics covered include internalizing, developmental, and disruptive behavioural disorders as well as clinical issues and techniques in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Pharmacological Management of Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders

Author : Sam J. Enna
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A practical, user-friendly guide for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of neurologic and psychiatric disorders. An introductory chapter covers basic neuroscience and pharmacology as they pertain to the diagnosis and treatment of central nervous system disorders. Subsequent chapters cover the full spectrum of major psychiatric and neurological conditions including schizophrenia, ADD and developmental disorders, obsessive-compulsive behavior, disorders of sleep, neuromuscular disorders, delirium and dementia, and much more. Chapter organization for each condition features a clinical description (presenting symptoms), diagnostic criteria (pathophsiology), pharmacotherapeutics, and recommended management and treatment regimens.

Johnson s Psychiatric mental Health Nursing

Author : Wanda K. Mohr
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This comprehensive, revised text discusses psychiatric nursing through an adaptation and growth framework integrating the nursing process. This edition emphasizes psychiatric mental health nursing more from in-patient care to community-based care. Major disorders are addressed, as well as treatments and psychiatric topics throughout the lifespan. Other features include its visual and readable presentation and numerous pedagogical tools,such as learning objectives and therapeutic dialogues. New to this edition are: clinical examples at the beginning of every disorder; reflection and critical thinking questions; nursing care plans; historical capsule; nursing practice implications; key terms and more. A Study Guide accompanies the text. For more information, visit

Practice and Management of Psychiatric Emergency Care

Author : Jacquelyne G. Gorton
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Comprehensive Psychiatric Nursing

Author : Judith Haber
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This outstanding text and reference emphasizes the "seamless" continuity of psychiatric care, as well as the variety of settings in which it is now provided. As always, your students get current and comprehensive information that's presented in a clear, accessible, visually stimulating format -- and is now more clinically relevant than ever! For example, the psychobiological bases of mental disorders and psychopharmacological interventions are now featured in a new chapter, depicted in two exciting full-color inserts, and integrated throughout the book.


Author : International Committee on Alcohol, Drugs, and Traffic Safety
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Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing

Author : Christina R. Hogarth
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Intro. to basic concepts assessment care systems for emotionally-disturbed children crisis intervention.

Treatment Strategies for Patients with Psychiatric Comorbidity

Author : Scott Wetzler
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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While many psychiatrists and psychologists tend to diagnose and treat a principle disorder, most psychiatric patients have more than one disorder. This book deals with treatment needs of psychiatric patients who meet diagnostic criteria for more than one disorder concurrently.

1968 Supplement to Second Editions Modern Criminal Procedure cases Comments Questions and Basic Criminal Procedure cases Comments Questions

Author : Livingston Hall
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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