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Schneider Trophy Aircraft 1913 1931

Author : Derek N. James
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The Schneider Trophy Seaplanes and Flying Boats

Author : Ralph Pegram
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Timed to coincide with the one hundredth anniversary of the Schneider Trophy, this book is a history of over one hundred different aircraft that contested the trophy between 1913 and 1931. The book includes amazing drawings and photographs of the aircraft that have never been seen before.

British Seaplanes Triumph in the International Schneider Trophy Contests 1913 1931

Author : Ellison Hawks
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Beretter om britisk deltagelse i hastighedskonkurrencerne om det franskinstiftede "Schneider-trofæ" i perioden 1913-1931. De britiske deltagende fly, Supermarine S-6 og S-6B dannede grundlaget for udviklingen af såvel Hawker Hurricane som Supermarine Spitfire.

Air Warfare an International Encyclopedia A L

Author : Walter J. Boyne
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Written by more than 100 international scholars and experts, this encyclopedia chronicles the individuals, equipment, and drama of nearly a century of aerial combat.

Racing Ace

Author : Julian Lewis
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Samuel Kink Kinkead won two DSCs with the Royal Naval Air Service, two DFC with the fledgling RAF and the DSO in Russia.A brilliant pilot, postwar he was a long range aviation pioneer and leading racing ace selected for the international Schneider Trophy in Venice in 1927. Tragically, he was killed in 1928 when he was only 31 during his attempt to shatter the World Air Speed record. He is honored by several memorials, at Cranwell, the RAF Club in Piccadilly, at Fawley and a permanent exhibition in the Kinkead Room at Calshot from where he set out on his final flight.Julian Lewis MP has pieced together Kinks extraordinary story of achievement during his short but eventful and glamorous life. A fascinating account of flying derring-do in war and peace.

Wings Over Water

Author : Jonathan Glancey
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Announced in 1912, the Schneider Trophy stole the imaginations of pioneering aircraft manufacturers in America, France, Britain and Italy, as they competed in a series of air races that attracted a hugely popular following. Perhaps inevitably, the dynamism of rival engineering led to the most potent military fighters of World War Two and Reginald Mitchell's record-breaking Supermarine seaplanes morphed into the Spitfire. Wings Over Water tells the story of the Schneider air races afresh and also examines the wider politics and society of the early twentieth-century that framed the event. It is an exhilarating tale of raw adventure, public excitement and engineering genius.

The Schneider Trophy Air Races

Author : Jerry Murland
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When Jacques Schneider devised and inaugurated the Coupe d’Aviation Maritime race for seaplanes in 1913, no-one could have predicted the profound effect the Series would have on aircraft design and aeronautical development, not to mention world history. Howard Pixton’s 1914 victory in a Sopwith Tabloid biplane surprisingly surpassed the performance of monoplanes and other manufacturers turned back to biplanes. During The Great War aerial combat was almost entirely conducted by biplanes, with their low landing speeds, rapid climb rates and manoeuvrability. Post-war the Races resumed in 1920. The American Curtiss racing aircraft set the pattern for the 1920s, making way for Harold Mitchell’s Supermarines in the 1930’s. Having won the 1927 race at Venice Mitchell developed his ground-breaking aircraft into the iconic Spitfire powered by the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. This new generation of British fighter aircraft were to play a decisive role in defeating the Luftwaffe and thwarting the Nazis’ invasion plans. This is a fascinating account of the air race series that had a huge influence on the development of flight.

From Nighthawk to Spitfire

Author : John K. Shelton
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R.J. Mitchell was virtually self-taught and almost all his aircraft were slow-flying seaplanes. The story of how this man from the land-locked Midlands, apprenticed to a locomotive works, became responsible for the Spitfire is a great tale in itself. This detailed book tells us how Mitchell learned his trade – contributing to the production of the cumbersome Nighthawk (designed to combat the German Zeppelin threat) and gradually coming to produce record-breaking racing floatplanes that won outright the prestigious international Schneider Trophy. Mitchell was thus well placed to design a high-speed aircraft when war was imminent; however, as John K. Shelton reveals, the production of the famous fighter was by no means a certainty and its vital contribution to winning the Battle of Britain was ‘a very close run thing’.

RAF in Camera

Author : Keith Wilson
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In July 2018, the nation looked skyward over Buckingham Palace in awe as the Royal Air Force celebrated its first 100 years with a spectacular parade and flypast over London. This event demonstrated a very different perspective of the RAF; well away from its operational commitments. The expertise and precision of those RAF pilots flying in some of the most famous aircraft in the world has been displayed since the very first days of military aviation. The Inter-War period was dominated by the Hendon Air Pageants; where many aircraft made their public appearance. Post-war, it was the turn of the jet display teams, with the Black Arrows and Firebirds’ laying the foundations for the aerial mastery that is today’s Red Arrows. The various anniversaries have seen a growth in special artwork being applied to aircraft flown by squadrons celebrating key anniversaries. This is covered in considerable detail within this volume. On the ground, the RAF is represented at major celebrations and key public events by the Queen’s Colour Squadron, which demonstrates its world-famous continuity drill routine while providing a guard of honor for visiting Heads of States. They are frequently accompanied with the Service’s own bands; which have grown from those created by its squadrons over a century ago. From the Berlin Airlift in 1948; to flood relief in Kenya; and the international relief effort in the Caribbean following Hurricane Irma in 2017; the RAF has been deployed overseas in response to numerous international crises. But aid operations have also been mounted at home. Under the banner of ‘Military Aid to the Civil Powers’, helicopters and aircraft have airlifted food and supplies to areas cut off by severe weather; Sea King helicopters have rescued villagers stranded by flash flooding in Boscastle; while Chinook helicopters have assisted with the rebuilding of flood defenses breached by severe floods across the country. The golden age of record-breaking also features in this book. From long-range flights to South Africa and Australia; the Schneider Trophy triumph; speed records in the jet age; along with altitude records with pilots in special pressure suits; the RAF has demonstrated its reputation as a truly pioneering Air Arm. Keith Wilson takes us on a journey through the Royal Air Force’s public persona during their 100 year history. All landmark events are referenced in this thorough, well-researched and image-packed publication. As with the three previous releases, this new addition to the In Camera series is sure to be regarded as something of a collector’s edition and a real enthusiast’s favorite.

Another Life

Author : Andrew R B Simpson
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T.E. Lawrence found global recognition for his leadership of the Arab Revolt during World War I, harassing the Turks from Medina to Damascus and preparing the ground for the final Allied offensive in 1918. He was hailed as a hero, but little is known about this mysterious and charismatic man after those events. Another Life is about Lawrence?s life after Arabia, his service in the RAF and the Tank Corps as a mere ranker, and details how he became an expert in the technology of the new RAF. It examines the work he did for the 1929 Schneider Trophy Race, the development of the new RAF 200 seaplane tender, and the development of its armour plated offspring, the Armoured Target Boat. It also investigates his literary endeavours and his tragically early death, a sad end to a Renaissance man of all talents, an academic, a talented engineer and a soldier sans pareil.