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Seals Strategic Warfare Operation No Man s Land

Author : Mike Martell
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A mission to the dirtiest of little wars The Briefing: Six SEALs have a covert meet with their CIA contact in the middle of a D.C. slum. Twenty-four hours later, they're parachuting into Kosovo. The Preparations: Everything is top secret, strictly "need-to-know." The weapons are already stowed when the warriors board the plane. And their first op is outlined in detail only moments before they leap out into the darkness. The Plan: To help bring a nasty genocidal war to a permanent end, by any means possible. The Mission: Rescue a downed U.S. flier. Cut off a massive drugs-for-guns deal. Find the one Serbian leader who is blocking the peace process--and take him off the board. But someone on their own side is blowing the SEALs cover. And a successful escape may impossible.

Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny
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Autopsy of an Unwinnable War Vietnam

Author : William C. Haponski
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A military studies professor and former combatant “rationally dissects the strategies and mindsets on both sides” of this thirty-year conflict (New York Journal of Books). Since the fall of Saigon in 1975, there have been much discussion of why (and whether) America lost the war in Vietnam. The common belief is that the war was lost not on the battlefield but in Washington, DC. The stark facts, though, are that the Vietnam War was lost before the first American shot was fired. In fact, it was lost before the first French Expeditionary Corps shot, almost two decades earlier, and was finally lost when the South Vietnamese fought partly, then entirely, on their own. Offering an informed narrative of the entire thirty-year war, this book seeks to explain why. Written by a combatant in six large battles and many smaller firefights who was also a leader with a full range of pacification duties, a commander who lost forty-three wonderful young men, Autopsy of an Unwinnable War is the result of a quest for answers by one who, after decades of wondering what it was all about, turned to a years-long search of French, American, and Vietnamese sources. This is a story lived and revealed mainly by the people inside Vietnam who were directly involved in the war, from leaders in high positions down to the jungle boots and sandals level of the fighters—and among the Vietnamese who were living it. Because of what was happening inside Vietnam itself, no matter what policies and directives came out of Paris or Washington, or the influences in Moscow or Beijing, it is about a Vietnamese idea that would eventually triumph over bullets. Includes photographs

Talking Conflict The Loaded Language of Genocide Political Violence Terrorism and Warfare

Author : Anna M. Wittmann
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In today's information era, the use of specific words and language can serve as powerful tools that incite violence—or sanitize and conceal the ugliness of war. This book examines the complex, "twisted" language of conflict. • Provides readers with an in-depth awareness of how language is often used to sanitize and obfuscate understanding of reality, thereby offering insight into past and ongoing human conflicts from 1900 onward • Elucidates important terms that in our current "information age" are being used loosely, often without clear definition • Promotes a critical analysis of how words are used, particularly as propaganda • Supports Common Core educational standards by enabling students to learn key critical thinking skills and learning strategies and apply them when reading and interpreting texts

Yellow Smoke

Author : Robert H. Scales, Jr.
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This timely book draws upon a long and distinguished military career and wars dating back to Korea for lessons for America's future land wars. Scales looks at Afghanistan and Iraq, and ahead to a wargame scenario of Kosovo 2020 to develop a picture of the American style of war. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Assessment of U S Strategy and Operations in Afghanistan and the Way Ahead

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services
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Encyclopedia of Military Science

Author : G. Kurt Piehler
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The Encyclopedia of Military Science provides a comprehensive, ready-reference on the organization, traditions, training, purpose, and functions of today’s military. Entries in this four-volume work include coverage of the duties, responsibilities, and authority of military personnel and an understanding of strategies and tactics of the modern military and how they interface with political, social, legal, economic, and technological factors. A large component is devoted to issues of leadership, group dynamics, motivation, problem-solving, and decision making in the military context. Finally, this work also covers recent American military history since the end of the Cold War with a special emphasis on peacekeeping and peacemaking operations, the First Persian Gulf War, the events surrounding 9/11, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and how the military has been changing in relation to these events. Click here to read an article on The Daily Beast by Encyclopedia editor G. Kurt Piehler, "Why Don′t We Build Statues For Our War Heroes Anymore?"

Sea Power in the Twenty first Century

Author : Charles W. Koburger
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Projects the requirements for sea power in the next century.

No Man s Land

Author : John Toland
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"In these pages participants on both sides, from enlisted men to generals and prime ministers to monarchs, vividly recount the battles, sensational events, and behind-the-scenes strategies that shaped the climactic, terrifying year. It's all here - the horrific futility of going over the top into a hail of bullets in no man's land; the enigmatic death of the legendary German ace, the Red Baron; Operation Michael, a punishing German attack in the spring; the Americans' long-awaited arrival in June; the murder of Russian Czar Nicholas II and his family, the growing fear of a communist menace in the east; and the armistice on November 11.

Cedar Falls Junction City

Author : Bernard William Rogers
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Vietnam Studies Cedar Falls Junction City A Turning Point Illustrated Edition

Author : Lieutenant General Bernard William Rogers
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[Includes 1 charts, 17 map, 8 diagrams and 33 illustrations] . “Operations CEDAR FALLS and JUNCTION CITY took place during the first five months of 1967 and were the first multidivisional operations in Vietnam to be conducted according to a preconceived plan. They were to result in a turning point in the war: they confirmed that such operations do have a place in counterinsurgency warfare today; they brought an end to the enemy’s thinking that his third phase of the war-large-scale operations throughout the country-would be successful; they caused the enemy to re-evaluate his tactics and revert to smaller-scale guerrilla operations; they destroyed his camps, pillaged his supplies, and killed hundreds of his best troops; they proved to the enemy that his old sanctuaries were no longer inviolable, thus causing him to depend primarily upon those located over the border in Cambodia; they helped convince the enemy that the maintenance of large bases and main force units near urban areas was risky business; and they enhanced immeasurably the confidence of the allied forces in South Vietnam, a confidence which had been growing since the dark days of the first half of 1965. Thus CEDAR FALLS and JUNCTION CITY were to become the most important operations of the war to that time, and perhaps since. “For the military history buff, Operation CEDAR FALLS will not be nearly so interesting as JUNCTION CITY because it consisted primarily of small unit contacts and the onerous tasks of finding and destroying base camps, storage facilities, and tunnels and of clearing jungles. CEDAR FALLS was unique, however, in that one of its missions was to evacuate some 6,000 inhabitants of the Iron Triangle area and destroy their villages. JUNCTION CITY, on the other hand, was more varied in view of its scope and the fact that there were five battles interspersed among the air assaults and the numerous search and destroy activities."

Heroines of Vichy France Rescuing French Jews during the Holocaust

Author : Paul R. Bartrop
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This book tells the largely unknown story behind the rescue activities of several remarkable young Jewish women in Vichy France during World War II and their role in the resistance against Nazi and Vichy France deportation policies. • Grounds a captivating narrative in extensive field research conducted in France, which focused especially on holdings at the Memorial de la Shoah (Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation) in Paris, the Resistance and Deportation Center and Museum in Lyon, and the Departmental Archives of Haute Savoie • Offers compelling profiles of the resisters and gives voice to those who were rescued in addition to speculation as regards their respective fates after the Holocaust • Reflects the expertise of Paul Bartrop, a well-known scholar of Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and Samantha Lakin, an emerging scholar with a track record of achievement in Genocide Studies who has undertaken extensive research for this project while on a Fulbright fellowship in Switzerland • Appeals to a broad audience at both public and academic libraries, with readers of World War II history and Holocaust studies

The Great War and the Middle East

Author : Robert Johnson
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Regimental Archives of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire light Infantry, Woodstock, Oxfordshire -- Official Histories -- Selected Published Books and Articles -- Index

Special Operations and Strategy

Author : James D. Kiras
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James D. Kiras shows how a number of different special operations, in conjunction with more conventional military actions, achieve and sustain strategic effect(s) over time. In particular, he argues that the root of effective special operations lies in understanding the relationship existing between moral and material attrition at the strategic level. He also presents a theoretical framework for understanding how special operations achieve strategic effects using a unique synthesis of strategic theory and case studies. This study shows how the key to understanding how special operations reside in the concept of strategic attrition and in the moral and material nature of strategy. It also highlights major figures such as Carl von Clausewitz, Hans Delbrück, and Mao Zedong, who understood these complexities and were experts in eroding an enemy’s will to fight. These and other examples provide a superb explanation of the complexities of modern strategy and the place of special operations in a war of attrition. This book will be of great interest to all students and scholars with an interest in special forces and of strategic and military studies in general.

Fighting Elites

Author : John C. Fredriksen
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• Initial chapters provide an overview of all American special purpose units • A bibliography points to additional reading and sources of information • 50 illustrations of famous leaders, uniforms, and troops in the field • A highly detailed chronology of all known special forces activities

Game Design Foundations

Author : Roger E. Pedersen
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Targeted for beginner to intermediate game designers, this handbook has step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions on how to express concepts into a real game.

Special Warfare

Author :
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Notes from a Sealed Room

Author : Robert Werman
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In this compelling and often startling account, Robert Werman chronicles his experiences as an Israeli citizen living in Jerusalem during the Gulf War. On January 19, 1991, he began writing daily reports on his computer, sending them to friends and a few computer networks that dealt with Jewish culture and the politics of the Middle East. To Werman’s surprise, he received numerous electronic responses to his entries, sometimes as many as one hundred a day. As a result, his "war diary" was born, a diary that he continued until February 22, 1991, when, near the end of the war, he was hospitalized for a heart condition. In the early entries, Werman notes each Iraqi Scud attack, describing in detail the sealed room in which he and his family sought shelter during the expected chemical attacks. "Sitting in the antigas room, members of the family try to put on a brave face, make jokes. . . . Only the dog, a rather stately collie, sits quietly and does not appear at all excited. We pity the dog, for he is the only one without a mask. But then we remember that--without a mask--he is our canary in the coal mine." Futilely, Werman seeks patterns to the attacks, attempting to predict when they might occur. He writes of the nation’s response to war: joggers running with their gas masks in hand, schools temporarily disbanded while children meet in small groups to continue their education, city streets emptied by six o'clock each evening as people wait in their homes for the sound of the sirens that herald an assault. He discusses the varying opinions concerning retaliation against Iraq, the fluctuating morale of the country, the damage produced by Iraqi missiles, and the widespread speculation of Israeli citizens concerning their country’s survival. Yet Werman’s daily reports, digressions, and explanations not only include his observations and impressions; they also poignantly reveal his own personal story and political, religious, and philosophical views. Werman’s journal gives a singular view of a country under siege, recounting in detail the pressures, conflicts, and dangers existing during a war. It is a distinctive book, a fascinating personal and political account of a man, his family, their nation, and a war.

Readers Comp to Military History Pa

Author :
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THE READER'S COMPANION TO MILITARY HISTORY is the first major reference work on military history to represent a global perspective. More than 150 distinguished military historians, biographers, and journalists contributed nearly 600 articles to this remarkable chronicle of warfare that combines compelling historical narrative with the latest in contemporary scholarship. Here is essential information on major events and battles, commanders, weaponry and technology, and strategy and tactics. Other topics include courage, discipline, the effects of weather on warfare, military justice, the role of propaganda, the evolution of uniforms, psychological warfare, and morale. Filled with surprising anecdotes and little-known facts, THE READER'S COMPANION TO MILITARY HISTORY

Maritime Strategy and Continental Wars

Author : Rear Admiral K. Raja Menon
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Rear Admiral Raja Menon contends that nations embroiled in Continental wars have historically had poor maritime strategies. He develops the argument that navies that have been involved in such wars have made poor contributions to politial objectives, and outlines future strategies.