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Secret Sussex

Author : Ellie Seymour
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Kent and Sussex 1940

Author : Stuart Hylton
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In June 1940, Britain's front line against the German armies was the coast of Kent and Sussex. Across the Channel, Hitler's forces gathered, preparing for invasion, as the Home Forces struggled desperately to recover from the disaster and miracle of Dunkirk. Occupation of these islands was nearer than for almost nine hundred years. Kent and Sussex 1940, tells the story of the communities that found themselves in the front line, placing their experience within the context of huge historic events.

Battleground Sussex

Author : John Grehan
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From its south-eastern tip Sussex is little more than sixty miles from continental Europe and the countys coastline, some seventy-six miles long, occupies a large part of Britains southern frontier. Before the days of Macadam and the Turnpike, water travel could prove more certain than land transportation and the seas that define the borders of our nation aided, rather than deterred, the invader.

Sussex at War 1939 45

Author : Clifford Mewett
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From the Dunkirk evacuation, Sussex became a front-line County and a likely invasion area if the German's launched their feared attack.This book takes an in depth look at the fortification of the County, the plight of the evacuees who were hurriedly moved from London to escape the threat of the capital being bombed and who were re-evacuated when German air attacks caused much damage and loss of life. The Luftwaffe's tip and run raids were particularly feared.Many thousands of Canadian troops were stationed in Sussex, from where they launched the disastrous raid on Dieppe. Sussex was also heavily involved in the build up to D Day and suffering badly from the much feared Doodlebugs, Hitler's revenge weapon.When victory was secured in 1945 Sussex celebrated as Prisoners of War came home and soldiers, sailors and airmen were demobbed.Sussex at War 1939–1945 also looks at the role played by the civilian population, voluntary organisations and the spirit of defiance which swept the County.If you are interested in wartime Sussex history, local history of the second world war or Britain's war effort and life on the home front, then this is the book for you.

Folklore of Sussex

Author : Jacqueline Simpson
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Sussex, though near London and nowadays extensively urbanised, has a rich heritage of traditional local stories, customs and beliefs. Among many topics explored here are tales linked to landscape features and ancient churches which involve such colourful themes as lost bells, buried treasures, dragons, fairies and the devil. There are also traditions relating to ghosts, graves and gibbets and the strange powers of witches. This book, when it was first published in 1973, was the first to be entirely devoted to Sussex folklore. This new edition contains information collected over the last thirty years, updated accounts of county customs and, alongside the original line drawings, is illustrated with photographs and printed ephemera relating to Sussex lore.

Sussex Cavalcade

Author : Arthur R. Ankers
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Secret Chichester

Author : Philip MacDougall
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A history of Chichester taking an unusual approach to some known topics while dwelling on the lesser known.


Author : Michael Burt
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This book tells the story of life during WW2 in and around Cowfold, largely through the memories of eleven children, with ages ranging from under five to teenager. There are no stories here of bloodshed, death and destruction. Instead this is a story of making do with often very little, of life in the village under the restrictions of blackout and rationing, of childish wide-eyed excitement at watching aerial combat and of rushing to the site of a crashed bomber or fighter in the hope of picking up souvenirs. There are stories of fear at hearing the night time throbbing engine of German bombers or bombs and incendiaries exploding in the area, and later of the dreaded Doodlebug. This was the villagers' front line- the Home Front - where achieving victory in farming the fields or responding to the Dig for victory campaign or just keeping calm and carrying on was no less important to the ultimate victory than the battles fought on land, in the air, and at sea. The children played their part in this Home Front victory accepting the hardships and contributing to the war effort by helping with fund raising or collecting wild fruit for processing, or helping with the harvests. This book is a tribute to all those children and adults of Cowford who endured six years of hardship, shortages, separation from fathers, husbands, sons and brothers and sisters, and fear and yet who persevered and ultimately prevailed.

The Stuart Secret Army

Author : Evelyn Lord
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This book is unique in bringing together all strands of English Jacobism in an accessible chronological framework, highlighting key individuals, providing a biographical dictionary of less well known English Jacobites, an account of the major primary source material, and a gazetteer of places to visit. It will appeal to any member of the general public who is interested in the Stuart cause and the Jacobite rebellions as well as those who would like to know more about 18th century society in the great house and the tavern.

The Mercantile navy list 1848 4 issues 49 2 issues 50 53 57 61 64 71 80 81 92 1939

Author : Trade Board of
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