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Korean Hapkido for Self Defence

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The SAS Self Defence Manual

Author : John 'Lofty' Wiseman
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Written by a former Survival Instructor of the SAS, The SAS Self-Defence Manual provides easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions on coping with all kinds of threatening situations, from muggings to knife attacks. The author teaches you strategies for both avoiding conflict and getting out of a dangerous situation quickly and safely. Learn how mental attitude, body language, assertiveness, and the ability to overcome fear can prevent you from becoming a prime target for criminals. Learn which parts of the body are the most effective weapons in fending off an attacker, and which are the most likely targets for attack. Defend yourself from sudden grabs, strangles, weapons, and road rage. And find out how to deliver the SAS five-second knockout, a defence previously available only to British SAS Special Forces soldiers. Illustrated with black-and-white photographs and instructive artworks and including expert advice throughout, The SAS Self-Defence Manual is a comprehensive guide to self-defence for both men and women.

Stick Fighting

Author : Masaaki Hatsumi
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Step-by-step instructions and over 300 photographs allow the trainee to follow and learn the techniques with ease. The ideal weapon for self-defense is a stick. To find a comprehensive system of techniques using the stick, we must turn to the East, for systems known to the West have fallen into disuse. In this book, the techniques of Kukishin Ryu — an ancient Japanese method — have been updated and adapted for use today. A thorough grounding in the fundamentals dealt with here will enable you to disarm and control any assailant. CONTENTS Section 1: Basic Movements Section 2: Techniques against First Attack Section 3: Techniques against Foot Attacks Section 4: Techniques against Wrist Holding Section 5: Techniques against Sleeve and Lapel Holding Section 6: Techniques against Seizure from Behind Section 7: Techniques against Stick Holding Section 8: Immobilizations

Straight to the Point Self Defence

Author : Simon Hunt
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Have you ever wanted to learn a few effective self-defence techniques that would keep you and your family safe?Well, now you can follow this STRAIGHT TO THE POINT self-defence book.#1 Best seller in martial artsThis is not an overwhelming overcomplicated book. This book is full of easy to do yet extremely effective practical techniques. This book is accompanied by a series of photographs to demonstrate each technique.After you have read this book, you will also have a three step checklist system to prepare you mentally and physically for any situation.We have spent countless hours on the mat recreating actual situations to work out the quickest, most effective route to safety. We have done all the hard work for you.Techniques you will learn:* Space Gaining Technique * Knife Defence Technique* Defence from Kicks* Defence from a Punch* Defence from a Headbutt* Defence from a Behind Grab* Defence from an Overhead Attack* Defence against a Baseball Swing* Close Quarters defence* Defence from a Seated PositionClick the BUY IT NOW button and you will instantly have access to a manual to return to again and again.

Self Defense

Author : Doris Amaya
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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to defend yourself and any person in any place, situation and time by applying only limited knowledge and ordinary items as weapons. The modern world is not always safe for people. There will always be those who will try to take the money, belongings or even the lives of others. Women are also at risk of being raped and most of them were killed trying to defend themselves. For such reasons, various military organizations, police departments and martial arts schools formulated self-defense techniques. Here are some things that you are going to learn - Hand to hand self-defense - Vulnerable point self-defense - Ground control self-defense - Joint-lock self-defense - Common self-defense mistakes to avoid - And much much more... Self defense! Will reassure and make you feel freer, safer and less vulnerable. It is packed with sensible and practical advice on how to avoid danger, whether you are in the street, in the home, at work or travelling. It suggests strategies you can use when faced with potentially difficult or dangerous situations and, in the unlikely event that your prevention techniques fail, it tells you what you should do if you are attacked.

Karate Self Defence Okinawan Dance Collector s Edition

Author : Seihin Yamanouchi
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The traditions of karate have transformed in diversity, as its popularity has spread worldwide. The work of Seihin Yamanouchi, in relating karate and Okinawan Te to dance, was a crucial element in this process. His influence on bringing these connections to the surface of the martial-art scene in Okinawa and mainland Japan was profound and quietly took hold among certain teachers. Regarding these, the most obvious name is Seikichi Uehara. He established Motobu-ryu in 1947, which was based on udun-di, the type of Te formerly taught to Okinawan royalty. In the 1970s, he began a series of community demonstrations, with the theme 'Dance & Martial Arts', that served to both show the connections of these two elements, while beginning to unscrew the locked doors of Te. Other directly influenced parties were: Tatsuo Shimabuku of Isshin-ryu karate, Seitoku Higa of the Bugeikan & Eizo Shimabuku, of Shorin-ryu. Clearly then, the soul of Seihin Yamanouchi and his book remain as an eternal testament to this research.

Essence of Self Defence Three in One

Author : Uyenishi, Collingridge, Leather
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All three of the works reproduced herein are about how to do practical martial arts, as a sport, for self-defence, or for combat. Published in the United Kingdom over a period of four decades, from 1905 to the 1940s, they are arranged in chronological order of their issue dates and have been presented in their original format. They should be viewed, not only as valuable time capsules, but as tangible references as to how self-defence methods developed during that time, because as wars came and went, necessity became the father of adaptation. This resulted in the deadlier applications, which arrived in England alongside recreational jujitsu and sport judo at the dawn of the 20th century, being synthesized more into styles for self-preservation and these then began to change back into methods for maiming and killing. This trend should not be so shocking though, because jujitsu had, following the opening up of Japan after 1868, been developed as a safe method for practicing the older martial arts of the samurai.

Self defense and self assertiveness for women and girls

Author : Jens Müller
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The techniques shown in this book are fast and easy to learn so that every woman can acquire effective defense techniques without problem. Not every woman wants to become a martial arts expert through many years of intensive training. The aim of this book is to learn effective and efficient techniques in a short time which will help you in an emergency.

Self Defense

Author : Gary Freeman
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Presents self-defense tips encompassing both confrontation avoidance measures and techniques to defend against physical attacks.

Defend Yourself

Author : Jack Grover
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In this book, the author covers many areas of Self-Defense in a simple and matter-of-fact way. Along with the many photographs that accompany the text, the techniques can be easily ascertained and practiced. The information in it has been carefully selected from the entire range of the field of self-protection. What it teaches is highly effective, and yet it is not overly complicated. In short, the objective of this book is to present what the average person-man, woman, and youth-should know and can readily learn about self-defense. Along with many of your standard self-defense topics, this book also covers additional topics like knots for binding, use of makeshift weapons, and specific self-defense techniques for women. Originally published in 1958, this book is a valuable addition for any martial artist looking for a deeper understanding of Judo techniques or someone just looking for practical self-defence knowledge.