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Senses of Landscape

Author : John Sallis
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Beginning with the assertion that earth is the elemental place that grants an abode to humans and to other living things, in Senses of Landscape the philosopher John Sallis turns to landscapes, and in particular to their representation in painting, to present a powerful synthetic work. Senses of Landscape proffers three kinds of analyses, which, though distinct, continually intersect in the course of the book. The first consists of extended analyses of distinctive landscapes from four exemplary painters, Paul Cezanne, Caspar David Friedrich, Paul Klee, and Guo Xi. Sallis then turns to these artists’ own writings—treatises, essays, and letters—about art in general and landscape painting in particular, and he sets them into a philosophical context. The third kind of analysis draws both on Sallis’s theoretical writings and on the canonical texts in the philosophy of art (Kant, Schelling, Hegel, and Heidegger). These analyses present for a wide audience a profound sense of landscape and of the earthly abode of the human.

Making Sense of People and Place in Linguistic Landscapes

Author : Amiena Peck
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This volume offers comprehensive analyses of how we live continuously in a multiplicity and simultaneity of 'places'. It explores what it means to be in place, the variety of ways in which meanings of place are made and how relationships to others are mediated through the linguistic and material semiotics of place. Drawing on examples of linguistic landscapes (LL) over the world, such as gentrified landscapes in Johannesburg and Brunswick, Mozambican memorializations, volatile train graffiti in Stockholm, Brazilian protest marches, Guadeloupian Creole signs, microscapes of souvenirs in Guinea-Bissau and old landscapes of apartheid in South Africa in contemporary time, this book explores how we are what we are through how we are emplaced. Across these examples, world-leading contributors explore how LLs contribute to the (re)imagining of different selves in the living past (living the past in the present), alternative presents and imagined futures. It focuses particularly on how the LL in all of these mediations is read through emotionality and affect, creating senses of belonging, precarity and hope across a simultaneous multiplicity of worlds. The volume offers a reframing of linguistics landscape research in a geohumanities framework emphasizing negotiations of self in place in LL studies, building upon a rich body of LL research. With over 40 illustrations, it covers various methodological and epistemological issues, such as the need for extended temporal engagement with landscapes, a mobile approach to landscapes and how bodies engage with texts.

Non Visual Landscape

Author : Nikolas Hasanagas
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Landscape is the impression given by a place. The five senses construct five landscapes: there is not only the visual landscape but also non-visual landscapes such as smell, touch, sound ('sound-scape'), and taste landscapes. The visual landscape is experienced by most people, while the remaining four non-visual landscapes mainly construct the non-visual world of the blind. In their innovative study, Angeliki Koskina and Nikolas Hasanagas explore this non-visual world on an empirical basis. What landscapes do blind people prefer? Is the natural or built environment most attractive for them? How differently do blind people perceive the 'landscape' compared to sighted people? Which feelings does the landscape evoke in blind people, and which values do they attach to these feelings? How satisfied do they feel with the urban or natural landscapes where they live? Spatial Planning and Land-scape Design for handicapped people constitute a much-discussed academic and social issue. Koskina's and Hasanagas' study in the Anthropology of Senses and in Landscape Sociology can be used as an aid tool for planners and designers as well as researchers in various areas such as Architecture, Medicine, Social Sciences, or Psychology.

Landscape Memory And History

Author : Pamela J. Stewart
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How do people perceive the land around them, and how is that perception changed by history? This book explores this question from an anthropological angle, assessing the connections between place, space, identity, nationalism, history and memory in a variety of different settings around the world. Taking historical change and memory as key themes, it is a broad study that will appeal to a readership across the social sciences.Contributors from North America, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Europe explore a wide variety of case studies that includes seascapes in Jamaica; the Solomon Islands; the forests of Madagascar; Aboriginal and European notions of landscape in Australia; place and identity in 19th century maps and the bogs of Ireland; contemporary concerns over changing landscapes in Papua New Guinea; and representations of landscape and history in the poetry of the Scottish Borders.


Author : Philip Gilbert Hamerton
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Imagination in Landscape Painting

Author : Philip Gilbert Hamerton
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Landscape Planning

Author :
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Landscape as Urbanism

Author : Charles Waldheim
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It has become conventional to think of urbanism and landscape as opposing one another—or to think of landscape as merely providing temporary relief from urban life as shaped by buildings and infrastructure. But, driven in part by environmental concerns, landscape has recently emerged as a model and medium for the city, with some theorists arguing that landscape architects are the urbanists of our age. In Landscape as Urbanism, one of the field's pioneers presents a powerful case for rethinking the city through landscape. Charles Waldheim traces the roots of landscape as a form of urbanism from its origins in the Renaissance through the twentieth century. Growing out of progressive architectural culture and populist environmentalism, the concept was further informed by the nineteenth-century invention of landscape architecture as a "new art" charged with reconciling the design of the industrial city with its ecological and social conditions. In the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, as urban planning shifted from design to social science, and as urban design committed to neotraditional models of town planning, landscape urbanism emerged to fill a void at the heart of the contemporary urban project. Generously illustrated, Landscape as Urbanism examines works from around the world by designers ranging from Ludwig Hilberseimer, Andrea Branzi, and Frank Lloyd Wright to James Corner, Adriaan Geuze, and Michael Van Valkenburgh. The result is the definitive account of an emerging field that is likely to influence the design of cities for decades to come.

Senses of the Empire

Author : Eleanor Betts
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The Roman empire afforded a kaleidoscope of sensations. Through a series of multisensory case studies centred on people, places, buildings and artefacts, and on specific aspects of human behaviour, this volume develops ground-breaking methods and approaches for sensory studies in Roman archaeology and ancient history. Authors explore questions such as: what it felt like, and symbolised, to be showered with saffron at the amphitheatre; why the shape of a dancer’s body made him immediately recognisable as a social outcast; how the dramatic gestures, loud noises and unforgettable smells of a funeral would have different meanings for members of the family and for bystanders; and why feeling the weight of a signet ring on his finger contributed to a man’s sense of identity. A multisensory approach is taken throughout, with each chapter exploring at least two of the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. The contributors’ individual approaches vary, reflecting the possibilities and the wide application of sensory studies to the ancient world. Underlying all chapters is a conviction that taking a multisensory approach enriches our understanding of the Roman empire, but also an awareness of the methodological problems encountered when reconstructing past experiences.

A Comprehensive Landscape Sensory Assessment Process

Author : Jeffrey David Palmquist
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Making Kin

Author : Taeseop Shin
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This project proposes a series of architecture and landscape interventions in the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Koreas. The Korean war divided Korea into North and South. It divided their territories, and in doing so it also divided many of its families. During the seventy years since the war, the number of survivors of these family separations has gradually decreased through natural mortality, with only about 16 percent of those aged 80 or younger remaining as witnesses. In the next decade the memories of family ties across the DMZ may be lost forever. Very recently, in April 2019, the governments of North and South Korea and the U.S. have agreed to implement a new protocol that aims to ease the tension by requiring both countries to destroy all military outposts across the DMZ, and finally allowing the public to visit several places within the DMZ for the first time. The project started with collecting memories of some of the survivors of the war, traveling west to east across the DMZ. Interviews were conducted with members of families separated by the DMZ, and collecting material samples along the DMZ based on their memories. This preliminary research revealed that the landscapes of the DMZ were still triggering memories of their pre-war lives, over 70 years ago. Geography, materials, and other experiential elements figured strongly in the survivors’ narratives. This project proposes architectural design for four different sites along the DMZ that are intended to foster new, non-familial kinship across the DMZ and based on our survivors’ memories related to the landscape, material and sensory experience.

Inventing Medieval Landscapes

Author : John Howe
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The eleven essays in this volume offer diverse approaches to very different landscapes. Yet they agree in viewing medieval western European landscape as artifact, as territiry constructed by medieval people on several interrelated levels. By helping to articulate how places came to be managed, created, and imagined, they offer their readers a much better apprecitaion of what might be called a "deep ecology" of the Middle Ages. --introd.

Fight and Flight

Author : Georgia Burdett
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Ron Berry (1920–97) is one of the most remarkably astute yet relatively neglected twentieth-century Rhondda writers. An avid walker, birdwatcher, ‘potcher’, sportsman and miner, Berry is the product of a distinctive Rhondda landscape; the formidable peaks of Pen Pych and Cefn Nant y Gwair were to be a continuing source of inspiration for him in his writing. His idiosyncratic viewpoints, of which there are many, are reflected in both his memoir and fiction. As the first sustained critical study of his work, this collection seeks a literal, physical and chronological ‘zooming-outwards’, from the man himself to the personal and literary geographies and communities in which he was posited, to his creative legacy.

Sense of the City

Author : Canadian Centre for Architecture
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With essays by Wolfgang Schivelbusch, Norman Pressman, Emily Thompson, Mirko Zardini, Constance Classen and David Howes.

Perceptual Landscape Evaluation

Author : David Wellington Fisher
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Riding the New York Subway

Author : Stefan Hohne
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"Cultural analysis of the production and transformation of the New York City subway passenger"--

Humans in the Land

Author : Sven Arntzen
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The concept of cultural landscape was first put to use by the German geographer Friedrich Ratzel in 1895. The American geographer Carl Sauer was probably the first to use the concept in the English language in 1925. In recent years, the concept of cultural landscape has become significant in social and political decision-making, and in environmental management and preservation. Cultural landscape has also become the object of extensive consideration and discussion within diverse academic disciplines and areas of research, such as human geography, cultural anthropology, history, archaeology, biology, and ecology. Depending on the discipline or area of research, focus is directed towards specific features in the landscape that have come about as a result of human activity. This collection of essays is predicated on the view that considerations regarding the cultural landscape have underlying philosophical presuppositions. The authors propose that the cultural landscape be made the focus of environmental philosophy, ethics, and aesthetics.

The Reconstruction of Archaeological Landscapes Through Digital Technologies

Author : Maurizio Forte
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Digital version of papers presented at the conference with some illustrations in color.


Author : John Brinckerhoff Jackson
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Landscape Meaning and Schi su umsh Oral Literature

Author : Pamela M. Godde
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