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Shadows of Sherlock Holmes

Author : David Stuart Davies
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A collection of stories featuring detectives, criminal agents and debonair crooks from the golden age of crime fiction: a time when Sherlock Holmes was esconsced in his rooms at 221B Baker Street and London was permanently wreathed in a sinister fog.

Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows

Author : James Lovegrove
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In London's East End, an outbreak of insanity sees ordinary men and women reduced to gibbering wrecks, and a mysterious creeping fog hides terrifying apparitions within it. Sherlock Holmes deduces a connection between these sinister "shadows" and an Oriental drug lord. Yet there are even more sinister forces at work, as the great detective faces a challenge so fearsome and deadly that his career may be over almost as soon as it has begun.

Late Victorian Crime Fiction in the Shadows of Sherlock

Author : C. Clarke
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This book investigates the development of crime fiction in the 1880s and 1890s, challenging studies of late-Victorian crime fiction which have given undue prominence to a handful of key figures and have offered an over-simplified analytical framework, thereby overlooking the generic, moral, and formal complexities of the nascent genre.

Dust and Shadow

Author : Lyndsay Faye
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A carefully researched vintage-style reimagining of the case of Jack the Ripper pits the nineteenth-century serial killer against Sherlock Holmes, who endeavors to identify and outmaneuver his adversary against a backdrop of their time and without modern technology.

Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows

Author :
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Gender and the Modern Sherlock Holmes

Author : Nadine Farghaly
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From his 1887 literary debut to his many film and television adaptations, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes has lost none of his appeal. Besides Holmes himself, no character in Conan Doyle’s stories proves as interesting as the astute detective’s constant companion, Dr. Watson, who somehow seems both superfluous and essential. While Conan Doyle does not depict Holmes and Watson as equals, he avoids presenting Watson as incompetent, as he was made to appear on screen for decades. A variety of reimagined Holmeses and Watsons in recent years have depicted their relationship as more nuanced and complementary. Focusing on the Guy Ritchie films, the BBC’s Sherlock and CBS’s Elementary, this collection of new essays explores the ideas and implications behind these adaptations.

Sherlock Holmes from Screen to Stage

Author : Benjamin Poore
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This book investigates the development of Sherlock Holmes adaptations in British theatre since the turn of the millennium. Sherlock Holmes has become a cultural phenomenon all over again in the twenty-first century, as a result of the television series Sherlock and Elementary, and films like Mr Holmes and the Guy Ritchie franchise starring Robert Downey Jr. In the light of these new interpretations, British theatre has produced timely and topical responses to developments in the screen Sherlocks’ stories. Moreover, stage Sherlocks of the last three decades have often anticipated the knowing, metafictional tropes employed by screen adaptations. This study traces the recent history of Sherlock Holmes in the theatre, about which very little has been written for an academic readership. It argues that the world of Sherlock Holmes is conveyed in theatre by a variety of games that activate new modes of audience engagement.


Author : Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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Thirteen mysteries of Sherlock Holmes in graphic novel form, illustrated by AKRU, including A Game of Shadows, the Robert Downey Jr's movie released in December 2011. In Traditional Chinese. Distributed by Tsai Fong Books, Inc.

Sherlock Holmes for the 21st Century

Author : Lynnette Porter
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The 21st century is a good time to be Sherlock Holmes. He stars in the Guy Ritchie films, with Robert Downey, Jr.; an internationally popular BBC television series featuring Benedict Cumberbatch; a novel sanctioned by the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate; and dozens of additional novels and short stories, including two by Neil Gaiman. Add to this the videogames, comic books, and fan-created works, plus a potent Internet and social media presence. Holmes’ London has become a prime destination for cinematic tourists. The evidence is clearly laid out in this collection of 14 new essays: Holmes and Watson are more popular than ever. The detective has been portrayed as hero, and antihero. He’s tech savvy, and scientifically detached—even psychologically aberrant. He has been romantically linked to The Woman and bromantically to Watson. Whether Victorian or modern, he continues to fascinate. These essays explain why he is destined to be with us for years to come. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.


Author : Roberto Casati
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In this original, wide-ranging, and endlessly thought-provoking work of popular nonfiction, a leading science writer uncovers the pervasive presence of shadows in our world. For Plato, shadows were the symbol of our limitations. For Galileo, they knocked the Earth from the center of the cosmos. They are a source of fear and a symbol of ignorance, and they loom large in art and design, mythology and folklore, physics and metaphysics, and architecture and urban planning. From shadows puppets and the psychology of shadows to the role of shadows in astronomy and the influence of shadows on the architectural profiles of our cities, Roberto Casati awakens our fascination in this tour-de-force of investigation and imagination.