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Sisters without Mercy

Author : Clarence Moore
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Sisters Without Mercy is about a team of Special Forces 101st Airborne women who go to the aid of one of their own. The main character is Dora Simmons. Her brother is killed under the most peculiar circumstances. Dora finds out during her search for answers that her brother Mark belonged to an elite group of FBI agents that were being systematically killed off by the director of the FBI. Dora realizes that she needs help. She calls on her teammates in the Airborne – eleven other women with outstanding abilities. Once Dora and her teammates decide where they have to go, and what they have to do, in order to find Mark’s killer, the girls begin the execution of their plan. The investigation leads to some of the richest men in the world, including a Sheikh. The ‘sisters’ also learn that their CO at Fort Campbell may be involved with these very shady people. The ‘sisters’ find out that this group of rich men are involved in drugs, pornography, slave trade and the most ghastly of all – the harvesting of organs. Bringing down this operation requires the services of the Navy Seals at Coronado, the Marines at Camp Pendleton, and more of the 101st Airborne men and women from Fort Campbell. Ky. When Dora’s mother and brother are kidnapped, they are taken to an island that belongs to Mexico. Unknown to everyone, the Mexican and U.S. governments are aware of the activities on this island and have decided to collaborate in closing down this illegal operation.

Sisters Without Mercy II

Author : Clarence J. Moore
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After thirty years, Brigadier General Carolyn McKenzie Marshall is retiring and leaving the US Army behind. She's proud of her accomplishments, especially the formation and training of the first women's jump program in the army. Though looking forward to a new life in Hawaii, she's sad to leave her sisters behind, including her replacement, Col. Dora Aimsley. The two have been through a lot together. But just three days into retirement, one of Carrie's past exploits comes back to haunt her and her fellow sisters. Ten years ago, the Sheikh managed to escape destruction when Dora blew up the building in which he and his cohorts were hiding. Now, the Sheikh has returned to exact revenge on Dora and the team who caused him to lose money and face. The Sheikh means business. Even so, Dora foils his hijacking attempt on the Pope's airplane, and the Sheikh retaliates by kidnapping Dora's twin daughters and Carrie. Dora's training kicks in and with the help of her fellow sisters tries to save her friend, her family, and herself.

Second Chance Proposal A Man Without Mercy Bring It On Rancher to the Rescue Mills Boon By Request

Author : Miranda Lee
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Second Chance Proposal

The Latter Day Saints Millennial Star

Author :
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All the Year Round

Author :
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Without Mercy

Author : Lisa Jackson
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When her troubled sister Shaylee is sent to an elite boarding school called the Academy, a place where several girls have disappeared, Jules gets a teaching position there to keep an eye on Shay and discovers that something evil lurks in the halls.

Svensk engelsk ordbok

Author : Carl Gustaf Björkman
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The Two Sisters Or Virginia and Magdalene

Author : Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth
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Mary Mordaunt or Faithful in the least

Author : Annie Gray
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Memoirs of Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina Princess Royal of Prussia Margravine of Baireuth Sister of Frederick the Great With an Essay

Author : Margravine Wilhelmine (consort of Friedrich, Margrave of Bayreuth)
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