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Family Change Family Continuity

Author : Teresa Ciabattari
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The family patterns seen in recent decades--cohabitation, divorce, nonmarital childbearing, same-sex marriage and childrearing--can seem like radical changes from the past. But upon closer examination, many are consistent with broader trends that have been going on for centuries. Sociology of Families: Change, Continuity, and Diversity considers this tension between change and continuity, situating families in a social, historical, and economic context, and emphasizing how these contexts create family diversity and inequality. By incorporating diverse family structures into each chapter, author Teresa Ciabattari has written a text that challenges idealized assumptions about how families should be, and instead explores the complex realities of how families actually are.

Sociology of Families

Author : Teresa Ciabattari
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Sociology of Families: Change, Continuity, and Diversity offers students an engaging introduction to sociological thinking about contemporary families in the United States. By incorporating discussions of diversity and inequality into every chapter, author Teresa Ciabattari highlights how structures of inequality based on social divisions such as gender, race, and sexuality shape the institution of the family. The Second Edition has been updated to include the most recent data and statistics, expanded coverage of childhood and parenting, and a new chapter on family violence. Included with this text The online resources for your text are available via the password-protected Instructor Resource Site. Learn more.

Intergenerational Connections in Digital Families

Author : Sakari Taipale
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This book provides a comprehensive review of how digital communication technology can help families network and communicate across generations, despite differences in family composition, residential location, cultural values and orientations. Covering the full spectrum of intergenerational relations (including child to parent, and parent to grandparent), it offers a positive view of the value of digital technology usage within families. The author focuses on three European countries: Finland, Italy and Slovenia, but also touches on other European countries and parts of the United States, revealing evidence that challenges ideas of universal adoption of information communication technology (ICT) and consistency in the social effects of such adoption in different regions and cultures. Further, the book discusses numerous other challenges and issues, such as: • the social transformations and technological developments that have made digital families possible; • the resulting changes in family roles, responsibilities, and practices; and • the theoretical and conceptual implications of digital communication-technology use in families. The author illustrates how ICT can facilitate family solidarity and how it helps to provide new ways of being together, and they discuss how social media, particularly instant messaging applications, helps develop affinity between family members better than traditional one-to-one personal communication tools. Combining highly nuanced material with fresh sociological thinking, it enhances readers’ theoretical understanding of the meaning of the ‘digital family’, making it a powerful resource for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as academics. Thanks to its structured format with easy-to-understand explanations, it appeals to practitioners and researchers alike.

Dimensions of Human Behavior

Author : Elizabeth D. Hutchison
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Dimensions of Human Behavior: The Changing Life Course presents a current and comprehensive examination of human behavior across time using a multidimensional framework. Author Elizabeth D. Hutchison explores both the predictable and unpredictable changes that can affect human behavior through all the major developmental stages of the life course, from conception to very late adulthood. Aligned with the 2015 curriculum guidelines set forth by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), the Sixth Edition has been substantially updated with contemporary issues related to gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, and social class and disability across the lifespan.

Prejudice Identity and Well Being

Author : Charles T. Hill
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This essential and timely text looks at the ways in which various identities are socially constructed by students, exploring and comparing multiple dimensions of diverse identities, and the various ways students try to fit in when faced with prejudice and discrimination. Based on more than 20 years of data collected from Multiple Identities Questionnaires, plus Self-Identity papers in the author’s Diverse Identities course, this book gives voice to the diverse and intersectional identities experienced by students at a formative time in their lives. Analyzing data from more than three thousand college students, the book gives a uniquely comprehensive overview of identity formation, stigma, prejudice, and discrimination, which are part of conflict around the world. Author Charles T. Hill asks to what extent the students have experienced prejudice or discrimination regarding each of their identities, their own prejudice and discrimination toward others of each identity, and the importance of each type of identity for their self-concept. Split into three sections: the first part of the book gives an overview of terminologies and theoretical concepts, the second part explores the multiple dimensions of each identity using data from the MIQ interspersed with quotes from Self-Identity papers, and the third part compares and combines the different types of identities. Introduced with a foreword by Professor Emeritus of Africana Studies James M. Jones, the book opens a space to help students and others explore their identities, realize that they are not alone in their struggles with prejudice, and accept themselves with pride in their identities. Featuring highlighted key concepts and self-reflection sections, as well as further reading, measures, and statistical results, this book is essential not only for undergraduate and graduate students in social psychology, health psychology, sociology, ethnic studies, and social work, but also for therapists, parents, teachers and practitioners running Diversity Training Programs for non-students.

Essentials of Human Behavior

Author : Elizabeth D. Hutchison
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Essentials of Human Behavior combines Elizabeth D. Hutchison’s two best-selling Dimensions of Human Behavior volumes into a single streamlined volume for understanding human behavior. The text presents a multidimensional framework integrating person, environment, and time to show students the dynamic, changing nature of person-in-environment. In this Third Edition, Hutchison is joined by new co-author Leanne Wood Charlesworth, who uses her practice and teaching experience to help organize the book’s cutting-edge research and bring it into the classroom. The text will thoroughly support students′ understanding of human behavior theories and research and their applications to social work engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation across all levels of practice. This title is accompanied by a complete teaching and learning package.

Dreams of the Overworked

Author : Christine M. Beckman
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A riveting look at the real reasons Americans feel inadequate in the face of their dreams, and a call to celebrate how we support one another in the service of family and work in our daily life. Jay's days are filled with back-to-back meetings, but he always leaves work in time to pick his daughter up from swimming at 7pm, knowing he'll be back on his laptop later that night. Linda thinks wistfully of the treadmill in her garage as she finishes folding the laundry that's been in the dryer for the last week. Rebecca sits with one child in front of a packet of math homework, while three others clamor for her attention. In Dreams of the Overworked, Christine M. Beckman and Melissa Mazmanian offer vivid sketches of daily life for nine families, capturing what it means to live, work, and parent in a world of impossible expectations, now amplified unlike ever before by smart devices. We are invited into homes and offices, where we recognize the crushing pressure of unraveling plans, and the healing warmth of being together. Moreover, we witness the constant planning that goes into a "good" day, often with the aid of phones and apps. Yet, as technologies empower us to do more, they also promise limitless availability and connection. Checking email on the weekend, monitoring screen time, and counting steps are all part of the daily routine. The stories in this book challenge the seductive myth of the phone-clad individual, by showing that beneath the plastic veneer of technology is a complex, hidden system of support—our dreams being scaffolded by retired in-laws, friendly neighbors, spouses, and paid help. This book makes a compelling case for celebrating the structures that allow us to strive for our dreams, by supporting public policies and community organizations, challenging workplace norms, reimagining family, and valuing the joy of human connection.

Understanding Families

Author : George E. Dickinson
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[The book] will make you aware of differences in marriages and families; alert you to diversity in the family; stress that different does not necessarily mean better or worse; and place the family in sociological, historical, and cross-cultural perspective. The book focuses, too, on current and emerging social trends and on public policy affecting American families.... [The book] was written with the assumption that many readers will have no other sociology, or perhaps social science, courses.... This book is not a "how-to" cookbook on marriage and family issues but represents an approach evolving from theoretical frameworks and empirical research. [The book] is designed primarily for undergraduate students. -Pref.

All But Invisible

Author : Nate Collins
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What does it mean to be gay ... and a Christian? Beginning with how the Bible describes the Church, author Nate Collins outlines a vision for community life that challenges Christians to examine obstacles that inhibit spiritual unity. This new vision calls straight and non-straight believers alike to patterns of Christian obedience that respect and honor their similarities and differences.In addition, Collins provides a theological framework for understanding how Genesis 1-2 describes both gender and sexuality. He then unpacks biblical concepts like desire, lust, and temptation, and applies them to modern constructs like sexual attraction and orientation.Collins explores the theme of identity, focusing on facets of personal identity that are central to the experience of Christian gender minorities. He looks at what Scripture says about the formation and function of Christian identity, highlighting several theological and sociological tensions. Collins writes for believers who have a traditional sexual ethic and provides a compelling vision of gospel flourishing for gay, lesbian, and other same-sex attracted individuals.

Sociology in Perspective

Author : Mark Kirby
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This text, specifically for AQA specifications, is designed to be easy and encouraging for students to use. The book contains updated material and activities together with a new chapter on study skills. It also indicates clearly where activities meet the new evidence requirements for key skills.