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Something New Under the Sun

Author : Helen Gavaghan
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In this, the first history of artificial satellites and their uses, Helen Gavaghan shows how the idea of putting an object in orbit around the earth changed from science fiction to indispensable technology in the twinkling of an eye. Focusing on three major areas of development - navigational satellites, communications, and weather observation and forecasting - Gavaghan tells the remarkable inside story of how obscure men and women, often laboring under strict secrecy, made satellite technology possible. "...a gripping read." -NEW SCIENTIST

Something New Under the Sun An Environmental History of the Twentieth Century World The Global Century Series

Author : J. R. McNeill
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"One of those rare books that’s both sweeping and specific, scholarly and readable…What makes the book stand out is its wealth of historical detail." —Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker The history of the twentieth century is most often told through its world wars, the rise and fall of communism, or its economic upheavals. In his startling book, J. R. McNeill gives us our first general account of what may prove to be the most significant dimension of the twentieth century: its environmental history. To a degree unprecedented in human history, we have refashioned the earth's air, water, and soil, and the biosphere of which we are a part. Based on exhaustive research, McNeill's story—a compelling blend of anecdotes, data, and shrewd analysis—never preaches: it is our definitive account. This is a volume in The Global Century Series (general editor, Paul Kennedy).

Something New Under the Sun

Author : Alexandra Kleeman
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A WHITE REVIEW BOOK OF THE YEAR A LIT HUB BEST BOOK OF 2021 ‘Magnificent and stunning’ Jeff VanderMeer ‘An immense achievement. Masterful and merciless’ Olivia Sudjic ‘Expertly conjures California noir filtered through the ambient and not-so-ambient apocalypse’ Emma Cline

Something New Under the Sun

Author : Alexandra Kleeman
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NEW YORK TIMES EDITORS’ CHOICE • A novelist discovers the dark side of Hollywood and reckons with ambition, corruption, and environmental collapse in “a darkly satirical reflection of ecological reality” (Time) LONGLISTED FOR THE JOYCE CAROL OATES PRIZE • ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR: The New York Times Book Review, Time, Los Angeles Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Vulture, Thrillist, Literary Hub “An urgent novel about our very near future, and a deeply addictive pleasure.”—Katie Kitamura, author of Intimacies Novelist Patrick Hamlin has come to Los Angeles to oversee the film adaptation of one of his books and try to impress his wife and daughter back home with this last-ditch attempt at professional success. But California is not as he imagined. Drought, wildfire, and corporate corruption are everywhere, and the company behind a mysterious new brand of synthetic water seems to be at the root of it all. Patrick finds an unlikely partner in Cassidy Carter—the cynical starlet of his film—and the two investigate the sun-scorched city, where they discover the darker side of all that glitters in Hollywood. Something New Under the Sun is an unmissable novel for our present moment—a bold exploration of environmental catastrophe in the age of alternative facts, and “a ghost story not of the past but of the near future” (The New York Times).

Something New Under the Sun An Environmental History of the Twentieth Century World The Global Century Series

Author : J. R. McNeill
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Assesses the impact of humanity on twentieth century Earth, exploring the indirect effects of politics, international relations, technological change, key scientists, and environmental disasters and policies.

Something New Under the Sun Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Living

Author :
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Sharing God s Planet

Author : Claire Foster
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This report explores the causes and consequences of human damage to the environment and suggests how Christians can respond.

Ecological Economics

Author : Herman E. Daly
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This is an introductory textbook for an emerging paradigm that addresses the failure of conventional economics to reflect the value of clean air, water, species diversity and generational equity. It defines a revolutionary 'transdiscipline' that incorporates insights from the environmental sciences.

Swiftly Sterneward

Author : W. B. Gerard
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This collection of thirteen essays is in honor of the distinguished scholarly career of Melvyn New, Professor Emeritus of the University of Florida. The first eight essays offer various critical perspectives on a diverse group of eighteenth-century authors. Subjects include Pope and Eliot, Swift and Nietzsche, Sterne and Gainsborough, Johnson, Smollett, Lyttelton, and Fielding. The final five essays focus specifically on Sterne, the primary subject of Professor New's career of more than four decades. Contributors are both former students and colleagues and come from the United States, England, and France. They are Martha F. Bowden, Taylor Corse, W. G Day, Madeleine Descargues-Grant, Elizabeth Kraft, Joseph G. Kronick, James E. May, Frank Palmeri, Eric Rothstein, Donald R. Wehrs, and the three co-editors, W. B. Gerard, E. Derek Taylor, and Robert G. Walker.

State of the World 2015

Author : The Worldwatch Institute
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We think we understand environmental damage: pollution, water scarcity, a warming world. But these problems are just the tip of the iceberg. Food insecurity, financial assets drained of value, and a rapid rise in diseases of animal origin are among the underreported consequences of an unsustainable global system. In this volume, experts explore these hidden threats along with the central question of how we can develop resilience to these and other shocks.