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Soviet Propaganda

Author : Baruch A. Hazan
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The Soviet Propaganda Machine

Author : Martin Ebon
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From Stalin's editing of Lenin's polemics to the incarnation of agitprop today that is "Pravda," this study examines the origins, history, and contemporary manifestations of Soviet propaganda

Soviet Propaganda Campaign Against NATO

Author : Charles A. Sorrels
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"An analysis of the Soviet propaganda campaign against NATO's December 1979 decision to respond to the buildup of the Soviet SS-20 missile force threatening Western Europe with the "dual track" of modernization (deploying Pershing IIs and GLCMs) and arms control negotiations to eliminate or reduce such INF (intermediate-range nuclear forces)."

Soviet Posters

Author : Maria Lafont
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This large-format book of Soviet propaganda posters allows the reader to remove individual posters and is at once a revealing historical document and a sublime example of graphic art at its best. A special feature of this book allows for the removal of the posters, which have been designed to fit standard frame sizes. A brief introduction offers a chronological overview of the period that produced such eloquent art, which has long been a major source of inspiration to artists and designers.

Soviet Propaganda as a Foreign Policy Tool

Author : Marian Kirsch Leighton
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The Birth of the Propaganda State

Author : Peter Kenez
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Peter Kenez's comprehensive study of the Soviet propaganda system, describes how the Bolshevik Party went about reaching the Russian people. Kenez focuses on the experiences of the Russian people. The book is both a major contribution to our understanding of the genius of the Soviet state, and of the nature of propaganda in the twentieth-century.

Power to the People

Author : Alex Ward
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'Power to the People' presents the Israel Museum's major collection of propaganda posters from the early years of the Soviet Union, documenting one of the most interesting chapters in 20th-century graphic design.

Body Soviet

Author : Tricia Starks
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In 1918 the People’s Commissariat of Public Health began a quest to protect the health of all Soviet citizens, but health became more than a political platform or a tactical decision. The Soviets defined and categorized the world by interpreting political orthodoxy and citizenship in terms of hygiene. The assumed political, social, and cultural benefits of a regulated, healthy lifestyle informed the construction of Soviet institutions and identity. Cleanliness developed into a political statement that extended from domestic maintenance to leisure choices and revealed gender, ethnic, and class prejudices. Dirt denoted the past and poor politics; health and cleanliness signified mental acuity, political orthodoxy, and modernity. Health, though essential to the revolutionary vision and crucial to Soviet plans for utopia, has been neglected by traditional histories caught up in Cold War debates. The Body Soviet recovers this significant aspect of Soviet thought by providing a cross-disciplinary, comparative history of Soviet health programs that draws upon rich sources of health care propaganda, including posters, plays, museum displays, films, and mock trials. The analysis of propaganda makes The Body Soviet more than an institutional history; it is also an insightful critique of the ideologies of the body fabricated by health organizations.

Constructing Revolution

Author : Kristina Toland
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The Technique of Soviet Propaganda

Author : Suzanne Labin
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Soviet Foreign Propaganda

Author : Frederick Charles Barghoorn
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Individual sections of this significant work have been edited and annotated by such outstanding scholars as Robert J. Alexander, Frederick C. Barghoorn, George F. Kennan, and others. Originally published in 1964. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

The Soviet Propaganda Network

Author : Clive Rose
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Soviet Propaganda Practices in Germany

Author : Germany (Territory under Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone) Office of Military Government. Information Control Division
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The personality cult of Stalin in Soviet posters 1929 1953

Author : Anita Pisch
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From 1929 until 1953, Iosif Stalin’s image became a central symbol in Soviet propaganda. Touched up images of an omniscient Stalin appeared everywhere: emblazoned across buildings and lining the streets; carried in parades and woven into carpets; and saturating the media of socialist realist painting, statuary, monumental architecture, friezes, banners, and posters. From the beginning of the Soviet regime, posters were seen as a vitally important medium for communicating with the population of the vast territories of the USSR. Stalin’s image became a symbol of Bolshevik values and the personification of a revolutionary new type of society. The persona created for Stalin in propaganda posters reflects how the state saw itself or, at the very least, how it wished to appear in the eyes of the people. The ‘Stalin’ who was celebrated in posters bore but scant resemblance to the man Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, whose humble origins, criminal past, penchant for violent solutions and unprepossessing appearance made him an unlikely recipient of uncritical charismatic adulation. The Bolsheviks needed a wise, nurturing and authoritative figure to embody their revolutionary vision and to legitimate their hold on power. This leader would come to embody the sacred and archetypal qualities of the wise Teacher, the Father of the nation, the great Warrior and military strategist, and the Saviour of first the Russian land, and then the whole world. This book is the first dedicated study on the marketing of Stalin in Soviet propaganda posters. Drawing on the archives of libraries and museums throughout Russia, hundreds of previously unpublished posters are examined, with more than 130 reproduced in full colour. The personality cult of Stalin in Soviet posters, 1929–1953 is a unique and valuable contribution to the discourse in Stalinist studies across a number of disciplines.

Communist Propaganda Around the World

Author : United States Information Agency. Research and Reference Service
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Soviet Propaganda and Arab Nationalism

Author : Emmett Brown Ford
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Communist Outlets for the Distribution of Soviet Propaganda in the United States

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities
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The Soviet Propaganda Campaign Against the US Strategic Defense Initiative

Author :
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The New Image makers

Author : Ladislav Bittman
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Soviet disinformation has always worked well, especially in uneducated Third World environments. New Soviet disinformation methods, using the latest advertising and media techniques and equipment, are even more effective. This collection of essays examines these methods and why they are dangerous. A.

Motherland in Danger

Author : Karel C. Berkhoff
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Berkhoff addresses one of the most neglected questions facing historians of the Second World War: how did the Soviet leadership sell the campaign against the Germans to people on the home front? Motherland in Danger takes us inside the Stalinist state to witness, up close, how the Soviet media reflected—and distorted—every aspect of the war.