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Space Terrestrial Mobile Networks

Author : Ray E. Sheriff
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Space/Terrestrial Mobile Networks Internet Access and QoS Support covers the design of a Global Mobile Broadband System (GMBS) based on the results of the European Commission's Framework Programme 5 Information Society Technologies (IST) Project SUITED. Many of the latest concept in mobility solutions, network design techniques and internet technologies are presented. The SUITED project has addressed a number of technical issues that are very much state-of-the-art. The presentation of such material in the form of a design of a real network provides a unique source of information. This book: Addresses the important topic of heterogeneous networks and the underlying tecyhnologies Describes how to design an integrated satellite/terrestrial infrastructure where all the network components are fully merged together and integrated with the Internet Core network Presents the service scenarios and system requirements of the Global Mobile Broadband System (GMBS) Discusses the necessary QoS support and defines the novel admission control scheme Gauge & Gate Reservation with Independent Probing (GRIP) Covers mobility management including Mobile-IP support and a QoS Support Module (QASM) Describes the functional and network architectures and presents signalling protocols for mobility management in GMBS Presents the design of signalling protocols and their implementation using the Specification and Description Language (SDL) Space/Terrestrial Mobile Networks Internet Access and QoS Support has an accessible and practical approach to the subject and addresses in detail, the important topic of heterogeneous networks and the underlying technologies that make this concept possible.

Mobile Satellite Communication Networks

Author : Ray E. Sheriff
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Mobile satellite services are set to change with the imminent launch of satellite personal communication services (S-PCS), through the use of non-geostationary satellites. This new generation of satellites will be placed in low earth orbit or medium earth orbit, hence, introducing new satellite design concepts. One of the first texts to cover this rapidly evolving field, this text provides the reader with an overview of mobile satellite systems, from their initial introduction (Inmarsat), current satellite-PCS (referring to such systems as Globalstar), through to Satellite-UMTS and an understanding of the following: * The design concepts associated with non-geostationary satellite systems (constellation, link budgets, Doppler) * The concepts of UMTS (network architecture, aims, in the context of IMT-2000) and the role foreseen for the satellite component (complementary to terrestrial network, network extension, global availability) * Inter-working between satellite and terrestrial networks (network architecture, ATM Adaptation Layer) * Radio interface technologies (WB-CDMA, TDMA, transmission environment) * Regulatory issues * Future services and applications * Potential satellite markets (prediction techniques, effect of tariffing policies on potential market) With leading edge information, this valuable resource will be indispensable to researchers, engineers, operators and market evaluators in satellite service industries and research institutions, as well as postgraduates and research students in the field.

Integrated space terrestrial mobile networks

Author : European Union
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Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems

Author : Enrico Re
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Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems publishes the proceedings of the 2006 Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications. The book focuses on the integration of communication and navigation systems in satellites.

The Satellite Component of the Future European Mobile Telecommunications System

Author : Ray E. Sheriff
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The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is currently being developed in Europe as a successor to second generation mobile systems. The UMTS will be designed to operate in a variety of transmission environments, with the aim of providing mobile broadband multimedia services of a quality equivalent to that of the fixed network. Targeted for operation within the first few years of the 21st century, the UMTS network architecture will consist of both terrestrial and space components. This thesis is concerned with the satellite component of UMTS (S-UMTS), concentrating on three key issues: the network architecture of the integrated space/terrestrial mobile network; the radio interface characteristics; and the development of a model to predict S-UMTS traffic on a global basis. Initially, based on the objectives of the S-UMTS, the satellite's role in the future integrated mobile network is established. The generic UMTS network architecture is then presented, followed by a description of the requirements of the S-UzMTS network entities. Having determined the S-UMTS architecture, a number of issues that influence the level of achievable space/terrestrial network integration, including coverage and handover, are considered, before concluding with a procedure for selecting the optimum integration scenario. The discussion on radio interface issues focuses on two important topics: the characterisation of the mobile-satellite channel; and the possible formats for the CDMA and TDMA S-UMTS multiple access schemes. Link budgets are subsequently derived for a range of S-UMTS services, satellite orbits and terminal types.....

Resource Management in Satellite Networks

Author : Giovanni Giambene
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This book provides significant knowledge on innovative radio resource management schemes for satellite communication systems that exploit lower layer adaptivity and the knowledge of layer 3 IP QoS support and transport layer behavior. The book integrates competencies considering all the parts of system design: propagation aspects, radio resource management, access protocols, network protocols, transport layer protocols, and more, to cover both broadband and mobile satellite systems.

Software Radio

Author : Enrico Del Re
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Satellite Personal Communications for Future Generation Systems

Author : Enrico Del Re
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Satellite Systems Integrated with the Terrestrial Cellular Network for Mobile Communications

Author : E. Del Re
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Queuing Theory and Telecommunications

Author : Giovanni Giambene
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Protocols for High Efficiency Wireless Networks

Author : Alessandro Andreadis
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Design of an integrated non geostationary space terrestrial broadband network for fixed mobile user multimedia services

Author : Mihael Mohorčič
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6G Mobile Wireless Networks

Author : Yulei Wu
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Mobile and Personal Satellite Communications

Author : Fulvio Ananasso
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The shift from network-oriented to user-oriented services in the 80s and early 90s has increased the penetration of satellite services into the user community. Parallel to this, worldwide interest has arisen in Personal Communication Services (PCS), where satellites play a crucial role in the provision of PCS all over the world. Satellite Personal Communication Networks (S-PCN) are extremely attractive because they can serve a significant sector of the rapidly growing cellular market. This publication presents market perspectives and technological aspects in relation to satellite mobile and personal communication services. Papers were written by some of the most acclaimed European specialists in PCS. They present basic concepts and the latest research results.


Author :
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Broadband Satellite Communication Systems and the Challenges of Mobility

Author : Thierry Gayraud
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Broadband Satellite Communication Systems and the Challenges of Mobility is an essential reference for both academic and professional researchers in the field of telecommunications, computer networking and wireless networks. Recently the request of multimedia services has been rapidly increasing and satellite networks appear to be attractive for a fast service deployment and for extending the typical service area of terrestrial systems. In comparison with traditional wide area networks, a characteristic of satellite communication systems is their ability in broadcasting and multicasting multimedia information flows anywhere over the satellite coverage. The papers presented in this volume highlight key areas such as Satellite Network Architectures, Services and Applications; Mobile Satellite Systems and Services; and Hybrid Satellite and Terrestrial Networks. Mobility will inevitably be one of the main characteristics of future networks, terminals and applications and, thus, extending and integrating fixed network protocols and services to mobile systems represents one of the main issues of present networking. The secondary focus of this volume is on challenges of mobility, that is, on technologies, protocols and services for the support of seamless and nomadic user access to new classes of applications in person-to-person, device-to-device and device-to-person environments. The book comprises recent results of research and development in the following areas; Seamless mobility; Mobile ad hoc and sensor networks; Analysis, simulation and measurements of mobile and wireless systems; Integration and inter-working of wired and wireless networks; QoS in mobile and wireless networks; Future trends and issues concerning mobility. This state -of-the-art volume contains a collection of papers from two of the workshops of the 18th IFIP World Computer Congress, held August 22-27, 2004, in Toulouse, France: the Workshop on Broadband Satellite Communication Systems, and the Workshop on the Challenges of Mobility.

Space Information Networks

Author : Quan Yu
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the First International Conference on Space Information Network, SINC 2016, held in Kunming, China, in August 2016. The 18 full and 6 short papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 139 submissions.The theme of the conference encompasses new progress and development tendency of the space information network and related fields, There were 3 sections in the proceedings of SINC 2016 including the model of space information network and mechanism of high performance networking, theory and method of high speed transmission in space dynamic network, and sparse representation and fusion process in space information.

5G and Satellite Spectrum Standards and Scale

Author : Geoff Varrall
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This new resource presents the emerging role of Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), and Geostationary satellites (GSO) as a delivery option for backhaul and wide area rural and urban mobile broadband and fixed access. The book offers insight into recently established Non Terrestrial Network standards. Readers learn which bands will need to be supported in next generation 5G and satellite devices and networks and how the bands will be characterized. Channel spacing, guard bands, FDD or TDD, out of band emission limits, and in band performance requirements are discussed. The book discusses what interference issues will arise from new band allocations including co-shared allocations and how interference will be mitigated in and between next generation terrestrial and satellite 5G networks. Readers learn how modulation choices will affect co-existence issues. The book discusses the design, performance, cost, and test implications of integrating next generation satellite physical and MAC layers with Release 16 and 17 5G standards and explores how these emerging spectrum and standards map on to IOT and MTC use cases in specific vertical markets. Readers learn how new active and passive antennas in the K bands and V and W band (E band) impact the satellite link budget and satellite delivery cost economics.

Globalization of Mobile and Wireless Communications

Author : Ramjee Prasad
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Globalization of Mobile and Wireless Communications is a collection of cutting-edge research in mobile and wireless communications with impact on developments as far forward as 2020 and beyond. The book draws upon the insights and performed research work of leading experts in the field. Topics of discussion are related but not limited to spectrum-efficient radio interface technologies, enabling technologies for reconfigurability, wireless sensor networks, cognitive networks, coherent wireless transmission, algorithmic design, middleware for novel services and applications. The material has been edited to provide a vision for the future of mobile and wireless, towards a dynamic communication system that breaks down the barriers between communications means; and evolves and integrates business models and culture to match the technological evolution. In addition, strategies on how to overcome the technological challenges for achieving that vision are also outlined.

Space Operations Inspiring Humankind s Future

Author : Helene Pasquier
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This book includes a selection of 30 reviewed and enhanced manuscripts published during the 15th SpaceOps Conference held in May 2018 in Marseille, France. The selection was driven by their quality and relevance to the space operations community. The papers represent a cross-section of three main subject areas: Mission Management – management tasks for designing, preparing and operating a particular mission Spacecraft Operations – preparation and implementation of all activities to operate a space vehicle (crewed and uncrewed) under all conditions Ground Operations – preparation, qualification, and operations of a mission dedicated ground segment and appropriate infrastructure including antennas, control centers, and communication means and interfaces This book promotes the SpaceOps Committee’s mission to foster the technical interchange on all aspects of space mission operations and ground data systems while promoting and maintaining an international community of space operations experts.