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Spaces of Vector Valued Continuous Functions

Author : J. Schmets
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Banach Spaces of Vector Valued Functions

Author : Pilar Cembranos
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"When do the Lebesgue-Bochner function spaces contain a copy or a complemented copy of any of the classical sequence spaces?" This problem and the analogous one for vector- valued continuous function spaces have attracted quite a lot of research activity in the last twenty-five years. The aim of this monograph is to give a detailed exposition of the answers to these questions, providing a unified and self-contained treatment. It presents a great number of results, methods and techniques, which are useful for any researcher in Banach spaces and, in general, in Functional Analysis. This book is written at a graduate student level, assuming the basics in Banach space theory.

Spaces of Vector Valued Continuous Functions

Author : J. Schmets
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Linear and Multilinear Algebra and Function Spaces

Author : A. Bourhim
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This volume contains the proceedings of the International Conference on Algebra and Related Topics, held from July 2–5, 2018, at Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco. Linear reserver problems demand the characterization of linear maps between algebras that leave invariant certain properties or certain subsets or relations. One of the most intractable unsolved problems is Kaplansky's conjecture: every surjective unital invertibility preserving linear map between two semisimple Banach algebras is a Jordan homomorphism. Recently, there has been an upsurge of interest in nonlinear preservers, where the maps studied are no longer assumed linear but instead a weak algebraic condition is somehow involved through the preserving property. This volume contains several articles on various aspects of preservers, including such topics as Jordan isomorphisms, Aluthge transform, joint numerical radius on C ∗ C∗-algebras, advertible complete algebras, and Gelfand-Mazur algebras. The volume also contains a survey on recent progress on local spectrum-preserving maps. Several articles in the volume present results about weighted spaces and algebras of holomorphic or harmonic functions, including biduality in weighted spaces of analytic functions, interpolation in the analytic Wiener algebra, and weighted composition operators on non-locally convex weighted spaces.

Analysis and Application

Author :
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Topological Vector Spaces Algebras and Related Areas

Author : A Lau
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This volume contains the proceedings of an international conference held to mark the retirement of Professor Taqdir Husain from McMaster University. The contributions, covering topics such as topological vector spaces, topological algebras and related areas, reflect Husain's research interests and present surveys and new research in the topics of the conference.

Advances in Non Archimedean Analysis

Author : Jesus Araujo-Gomez
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This volume contains papers based on lectures given at the Eleventh International Conference on $p$-adic Functional Analysis, which was held from July 5-9, 2010, in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The articles collected here feature recent developments in various areas of non-Archimedean analysis: Hilbert and Banach spaces, finite dimensional spaces, topological vector spaces and operator theory, strict topologies, spaces of continuous functions and of strictly differentiable functions, isomorphisms between Banach function spaces, and measure and integration. Other topics discussed in this volume include $p$-adic differential and $q$-difference equations, rational and non-Archimedean analytic functions, the spectrum of some algebras of analytic functions, and maximal ideals of the ultrametric corona algebra.

Vector Space Measures and Applications I

Author : R.M. Aron
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Vector valued Laplace Transforms and Cauchy Problems

Author : Wolfgang Arendt
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Linear evolution equations in Banach spaces have seen important developments in the last two decades. This is due to the many different applications in the theory of partial differential equations, probability theory, mathematical physics, and other areas, and also to the development of new techniques. One important technique is given by the Laplace transform. It played an important role in the early development of semigroup theory, as can be seen in the pioneering monograph by Rille and Phillips [HP57]. But many new results and concepts have come from Laplace transform techniques in the last 15 years. In contrast to the classical theory, one particular feature of this method is that functions with values in a Banach space have to be considered. The aim of this book is to present the theory of linear evolution equations in a systematic way by using the methods of vector-valued Laplace transforms. It is simple to describe the basic idea relating these two subjects. Let A be a closed linear operator on a Banach space X. The Cauchy problern defined by A is the initial value problern (t 2 0), (CP) {u'(t) = Au(t) u(O) = x, where x E X is a given initial value. If u is an exponentially bounded, continuous function, then we may consider the Laplace transform 00 u(>. ) = 1 e-). . tu(t) dt of u for large real>. .

Advances in the Theory of Fr chet Spaces

Author : T. Terziogammalu
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Frechet spaces have been studied since the days of Banach. These spaces, their inductive limits and their duals played a prominent role in the development of the theory of locally convex spaces. Also they are natural tools in many areas of real and complex analysis. The pioneering work of Grothendieck in the fifties has been one of the important sources of inspiration for research in the theory of Frechet spaces. A structure theory of nuclear Frechet spaces emerged and some important questions posed by Grothendieck were settled in the seventies. In particular, subspaces and quotient spaces of stable nuclear power series spaces were completely characterized. In the last years it has become increasingly clear that the methods used in the structure theory of nuclear Frechet spaces actually provide new insight to linear problems in diverse branches of analysis and lead to solutions of some classical problems. The unifying theme at our Workshop was the recent developments in the theory of the projective limit functor. This is appropriate because of the important role this theory had in the recent research. The main results of the structure theory of nuclear Frechet spaces can be formulated and proved within the framework of this theory. A major area of application of the theory of the projective limit functor is to decide when a linear operator is surjective and, if it is, to determine whether it has a continuous right inverse.