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The Art of Speaking

Author : James Burgh
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The Debater a New Theory of the Art of Speaking

Author : Frederick Rowton
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Speaking of Films

Author : Satyajit Ray
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India S Greatest Film-Maker On The Art And Craft Of Films Exactly Fifty Years Ago, In 1955, The Release Of Pather Panchali Heralded The Arrival Of A Master In The World Of Cinema. Over The Next Forty Years, Satyajit Ray Came To Be Regarded As One Of The World S Finest Film-Makers Ever. Today, More Than A Decade After His Death, He Continues To Be India S Most Respected Name In International Film Circles. Apart From His Achievements As A Director, Ray Was Also A Prolific Writer Of Novels, Short Stories, And Essays On Cinema. Speaking Of Films Brings Together Some Of Ray S Most Memorable Writings On Film And Film-Making. With The Masterly Precision And Clarity That Characterize His Films, Ray Discusses A Wide Array Of Subjects: The Structure And Language Of Cinema With Special Reference To His Adaptations Of Tagore And Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay, The Appropriate Use Of Background Music And Dialogue In Films, The Relationship Between A Film-Maker And A Film Critic, And Important Developments In Cinema Like The Advent Of Sound And Colour. He Also Writes About His Own Experiences, The Challenges Of Working With Rank Amateurs, And The Innovations Called For When Making A Film In The Face Of Technological, Financial And Logistical Constraints. In The Process, Ray Provides Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Glimpses Of The People Who Worked With Him The Intricacies Of Getting Chhabi Biswas, Who Had No Ear For Music, To Play A Patron Of Classical Music In Jalsaghar; The Incredible Memory Of The Seventy-Five-Year-Old Chunibala Devi, Indir Thakrun Of Pather Panchali, And Her Remarkable Attention To Details. This First-Ever Translation Of Bishay Chalachitra, A Seminal Collection Of Essays On Cinema, Speaking Of Films Retains The Lucidity And Simplicity That Is A Hallmark Of Ray S Writing, And Gives An Invaluable Insight Into The Mind Of A Genius.

Speaking Out of Turn

Author : Stephanie Sparling Williams
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Speaking Out of Turn is the first monograph dedicated to the forty-year oeuvre of feminist conceptual artist Lorraine O’Grady. Examining O’Grady’s use of language, both written and spoken, Stephanie Sparling Williams charts the artist’s strategic use of direct address—the dialectic posture her art takes in relationship to its viewers—to trouble the field of vision and claim a voice in the late 1970s through the 1990s, when her voice was seen as “out of turn” in the art world. Speaking Out of Turn situates O’Grady’s significant contributions within the history of American conceptualism and performance art while also attending to the work’s heightened visibility in the contemporary moment, revealing both the marginalization of O’Grady in the past and an urgent need to revisit her art in the present.

Theories of Art

Author : Moshe Barasch
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First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

A History of Art in Chald a Assyria

Author : Georges Perrot
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Explorations in Art Theology and Imagination

Author : Michael Ridgwell Austin
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Christianity has repeatedly valued the "Word" over and above the non-verbal arts. Art has been seen through the interpretative lens of theology, rather than being valued for what it can bring to the discipline. 'Explorations in Art, Theology and Imagination' argues that art is crucially important to theology. The book explores the interconnecting themes of embodiment and incarnation, faith and imagination, and the similarities and differences between art and theology. Arguing for a critique that begins with art and moves to theology, 'Explorations in Art, Theology and Imagination' offers a radical re-evaluation of the role of art in Christian discourse.

Art and Knowledge

Author : James O. Young
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Almost all of us would agree that the experience of art is deeply rewarding. Why this is the case remains a puzzle; nor does it explain why many of us find works of art much more important than other sources of pleasure. Art and Knowledge argues that the experience of art is so rewarding because it can be an important source of knowledge about ourselves and our relation to each other and to the world. The view that art is a source of knowledge can be traced as far back as Aristotle and Horace. Artists as various as Tasso, Sidney, Henry James and Mendelssohn have believed that art contributes to knowledge. As attractive as this view may be, it has never been satisfactorily defended, either by artists or philosophers. Art and Knowledge reflects on the essence of art and argues that it ought to provide insight as well as pleasure. It argues that all the arts, including music, are importantly representational. This kind of representation is fundamentally different from that found in the sciences, but it can provide insights as important and profound as available from the sciences. Once we recognise that works of art can contribute to knowledge we can avoid thorough relativism about aesthetic value and we can be in a position to evaluate the avant-garde art of the past 100 years. Art and Knowledge is an exceptionally clear and interesting, as well as controversial, exploration of what art is and why it is valuable. It will be of interest to all philosophers of art, artists and art critics.

The Magazine of Art

Author : Marion Harry Spielmann
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The Kingdom of God is Within You What is Art

Author : Лев Tolstoy
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