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Standing on the Threshold of Madness

Author : Benjamin Blake
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Benjamin Blake was born in the July of 1985, and grew up in the small town of Eltham, New Zealand. He is the author of the poetry and prose collections A Prayer for Late October, Southpaw Nights, and Reciting Shakespeare with the Dead. His debut novel, The Devil's Children, was published in October of 2016. Find more of his work at Praise for Standing on the Threshold of Madness and Benjamin Blake "Benjamin Blake relishes funereal lyricism with a spice of surrealism." - Ramsey Campbell "I was most impressed with Standing on the Threshold of Madness. These dark, brooding vignettes do far more than send a shudder up one's spine (although they do that again and again, with elegance and panache). Benjamin Blake has found a way to infuse into his horrific lyrics a keen sensitivity to human emotions, an understanding of the fragility of life, and a bleak portrayal of the evanescence of all existence. This is a volume that aficionados of weird poetry will want to read over and over." - S. T. Joshi. "Language and imagery rule in this collection of dark visions. Blake has a distinctive voice, rich in surrealism, and he uses it to considerable effect." - Bruce Boston, SFPA Grandmaster Poet "A plethora of dark and haunting poems that could be likened to a bone chilling symphony overall! Mood enhancing language that will curdle the blood, and excellent, original imagery!" - Marge Simon, Bram Stoker Award winning poet

Standing at the Threshold

Author : William J. Macauley
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Standing at the Threshold articulates identity and role dissonances experienced by composition and rhetoric teaching assistants and reimagines the TAship within a larger professional development process. Current researchers and scholars have not fully explored the liminality of the profession’s traditional path to credentialing. This collection reconsiders these positions and their contributions to academic careers. These authors enrich the TA experience by supporting agency and self-efficacy, encouraging TAs to take active roles in understanding their positions and making the most of that experience. Many chapters are written by current or former TAs who are writing as a means of preparing, informing, and guiding new rhet/comp TAs, encouraging them to make choices about how they want to think through and participate in their teaching work. The first work on the market to delve deeply into the TAship itself and what it means for the larger discipline, Standing at the Threshold provides a rich new theorizing based in the real experiences and liminalities of teaching assistants in composition and rhetoric, approached from a productive array of perspectives. Contributors: Lew Caccia, Lillian Campbell, Rachel Donegan, Jaclyn Fiscus-Cannady, Jennifer K. Johnson, Ronda Leathers Dively, Faith Matzker, Jessica Restaino, Elizabeth Saur, Megan Schoettler, Kylee Thacker Maurer

Standing Up to the Madness

Author : Amy Goodman
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Standing Up to the Madness not only is a timely, inspiring, and even revolutionary look at who wields the greatest power in America--everyday people who take a chance and stand up for what they believe in--but also offers advice on what you can do to help. Where are the millions marching in the streets to defend human rights, civil liberties, and racial justice? Where is the mass revulsion against the killing and torture being carried out in our name? Where are the environmentalists? Where is the peace movement? The answer: They are everywhere. The award-winning sister-brother team of Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, and investigative journalist David Goodman traveled the country to detail the ways in which grassroots activists have taken politics out of the hands of politicians. Standing Up to the Madness tells the stories of everyday citizens who have challenged the government and prevailed. As the Bush administration has waged war abroad and at home, it has catalyzed a vast groundswell of political action. From African-American residents of deluged New Orleans who are fighting racism and City Hall to regain their homes; to four Connecticut librarians who refused to spy on their patrons, challenged the USA PATRIOT Act, and won; to a group of high school students who were barred from performing a play they wrote on the Iraq War based on letters from soldiers; to the first U.S. Army officer to publicly refuse orders to deploy to Iraq, charging that his duty as an officer is to refuse to fight in an illegal and immoral war, Standing Up to the Madness profiles citizens rising to extraordinary challenges. And, in the process, they are changing the way that politics is done, both now and in the future. In communities around the United States, courageous individuals have taken leaps of faith to stop the madness. They could only hope that if they led, others would follow. That is how movements are born. What begins as one, eventually becomes many. In that tradition, the authors have included the ways in which any individual can take action and effect change.

Yukon Madness

Author : L. Ron Hubbard
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There are all kinds of crazy, but there’s only one Yukon Madness. And Royal Mountie Tommy McKenna has seen first-hand the terror that follows in its wake ... his partner murdered and fed to a pack of wolves. But that’s only a taste of the horrors to come. Bent on revenge, McKenna sets out to find the madman himself—a monster who goes by the name Itauk. He quickly finds, however, that there’s only one way to get to the beast—through the man’s raven-haired beauty of a girlfriend, Raja. But whose side is Raja on? Can McKenna win her over? Or will he too end up dead meat? The bait has been cast, the scent has been taken, and the trap has been set. The only question is, who is the predator and who is the prey? Also includes the adventures “The Cossack,” which takes place in revolutionary Russia and explores the high price one man pays for refusing to kiss a Duchess; and “The Small Boss of Nunaloha,” the exotic story of a man who may be short, but who stands tall when it comes to defending his turf—an island in the Pacific.

Finding the plot A Maternal Approach to Madness in Literature

Author : Megan Rigers
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Over the past fifty years, feminist literary criticism has become theoretical rather than practical, severing any relationship between literary analysis and the real lived experiences of women. An example of this disconnect is the way in which the madwoman in feminist literature has become a lauded icon of liberation, when in reality her situation would be seen as anything but empowered. Finding the Plot takes this example to task, arguing that in fact any interpretation of women’s madness as subversive reinforces the very gender stereotypes that feminist literary criticism should be calling into question.

Prophets Cults and Madness

Author : Anthony Stevens
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A fascinating look into cults and mass leadership, exploring the depths of the psychology and sexuality behind such famous or notorious leaders as Hitler, David Koresh, and Jesus

Social Spaces of Excluded Madness in the Writings of Louis Ferdinand C line

Author : Rosemarie Scullion
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Moment of Madness

Author : Evelyn A. Crowe
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Moment Of Madness by Evelyn A. Crowe released on Sep 24, 1985 is available now for purchase.

Marriage Madness

Author : Walter H. Sangree
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Memories of Madness

Author : Khushwant Singh
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Independence for India, in 1947, came with a price: division on the basis of religion. In the communal riots that followed, hundreds of thousands were killed and millions rendered homeless. And the tragic legacy of Partition haunts the subcontinent even today. Memories of Madness brings together works by three leading writers who witnessed the insanity of those months. Train to Pakistan, Khushwant Singh’s debut novel, tells the story of a village in Punjab, Mano Majra, where Muslims and Sikhs have co-existed peacefully, till one night in 1947, when a ghost train arrives from across the new border, bearing corpses of butchered refugees. As mistrust grows into hate and the people of Mano Majra lose their humanity, it is left to an outcast, a Sikh dacoit in love with a Muslim girl, to avert another carnage. Bhisham Sahni’s Tamas is a harrowing portrait of a small frontier town in the grip of communal frenzy. Based on the author’s own experience of riots in Rawalpindi, this celebrated novel describes the murder and mayhem triggered off by the discovery of a pig’s carcass outside a mosque. The matchless stories of Saadat Hasan Manto, the greatest short story writer in the Urdu language, round off this collection. In addition to his most famous story, ‘Toba Tek Singh’, the selection includes ten other sketches and stories in which Manto turns his unflinching gaze on history's criminals, victims and unlikely heroes. As moving as they are disturbing, the stories in this volume are of immense relevance in these times, for they constitute a chilling reminder of the consequences of communal politics.

White Madness

Author : K. David
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Trout Madness Being a Dissertation on the Symptoms and Pathology of this Incurable Disease by One of Its Victims

Author : Robert Traver
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21 marvelous yarns and stories gleaned from a lifetime of glorious fishing by the author of Anatomy of a Murder.

Voices of Madness

Author : Allan Ingram
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The Madness of King George offered a fictional portrayal of madness in 18th century Britain. This book portrays the reality. These writings afford a greater understanding of attitudes towards and the treatment of madness during this period.

Hamlet s Father

Author : Richard Flatter
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The Literature of Madness

Author : Dale Peterson
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Madness Unchained

Author : Lee Fratantuono
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The book aims at providing a coherent guide to the entirety of Virgil's Aeneid, with analysis of every scene and, in some cases, every line of crucial passages. The book tries to provide a guide to the vast bibliography and scholarly apparatus that has grown around Virgil studies (especially over the past century), and to offer some critical study of what Virgil's purpose and intent may have been in crafting his response to Augustus' political ascendancy in Rome, Rome's history of near-constant civil strife, and the myths of Rome's origins and their conflicting Trojan, Greek, and native Italian origins.

Tenebrae in Aeternum

Author : Benjamin Blake
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In 2017, Benjamin Blake burst onto the weird poetry scene with the scintillating volume Standing on the Threshold of Madness. In this book, Blake revealed himself to be a skillful weaver of weird verse long and short, each poem carefully etched and filled with vivid, impressionistic images of terror and dread, but not without a touch of poignancy. In this new volume, Blake continues his explorations into weirdness in poetry. Fascinated as he is by the "eternal feminine," Blake melds love, sex, and death in an inextricable fusion in such poems as "Phantasm" and "Succubus." Blake also finds inspiration in the upending of conventional religion, as in the grim lines in "Winchester" "Your God is as useless / As paper houses / In a spring storm." A dark pessimism infuses much of Blake's poetry, leading to such reflections as these: "Some people are nothing but tombs / Filled with dried flesh and dust / Locked from the inside." Elsewhere, Blake tells miniature stories in verse, as in the compact haunted house narrative "Ever So Faint." In all, Benjamin Blake has surpassed the promise of his first volume in this new collection of poetic vignettes. "Benjamin Blake feels many things, and feels them keenly; more to the point, he is able to transmute those feelings into poems of remarkable intensity and power."-From S. T. Joshi's Foreword

A Midsummer Madness

Author : Mrs. H. Lovett Cameron
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The Threshold of Atrides In Verse By George F Preston

Author : John Byrne Leicester Warren (Baron de Tabley)
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Spectral Realms

Author : S. T. Joshi
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This seventh issue of Hippocampus Press's acclaimed journal of weird poetry features nearly 60 original poems of fantasy and terror from such renowned poets as Ann K. Schwader, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, John Shirley, Christina Sng, and Richard L. Tierney. Among the more distinctive works are "Dracul's Demesne," a sonnet sequence by Frank Coffman; two acrostic sonnets on H. P. Lovecraft by Manuel PErez-Campos; Adam Bolivar's ingenious poetic reinterpretation of Lovecraft's "The Rats in the Walls" ("The Ballad of the de la Poers"); and moving prose-poems by David Barker, Liam Garriock, Maxwell I. Gold, and Charles D. O'Connor III. As classic reprints, the issue includes the long title poem by Ernest A. Edkins, from his fabulously rare poetry collection Amenaphra and Other Poems (1889), as well as a selection from Paul Eldridge's Baudelaire-inspired collection Vanitas (1920). S. T. Joshi contributes a searching analysis of George Sterling's celebrated fantasy poem "A Wine of Wizardry," concluding that the poem is "a self-fulfilling justification for the entire realm of weird literature." Leigh Blackmore reviews Benjamin Blake's much-heralded volume Standing on the Threshold of Madness, while John Shirley covers Tim Powers's limited-edition booklet, Poems. In all, Spectral Realms #7 carries on the tradition of meticulously crafted weird verse, which is enjoying an unprecedented renaissance in our time.