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Lincoln Assassination Series Box Set

Author : Sidney St. James
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The Lincoln Assassination Series Books 1 – 5 Written as Creative Historical Nonfiction BOX SET President Abraham Lincoln said, "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt!" President Jefferson Davis said, "I worked night and day for twelve years to prevent the War, but I could not. The North was mad and blind, would not let us govern ourselves, and so the War came." BOOK 1 – THE LOST CAUSE – The Lincoln Assassination The assassination of Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865, and his death at 7:22 am on April 15 is covered in this first novel. His funeral train back home is narrated along with the ending punishment phase of the conspirators. Much of the life of Jefferson Davis is brought to life, including how the United States didn't fly a flag at half-mast honoring him. He was the only former Secretary of War not given this respect in the history of the United States. BOOK 2: PURSUIT AND CAPTURE OF JOHN WILKES BOOTH General Robert E. Lee said, "There's a terrible war coming. These young men who have never seen War can't wait for it to happen. But, I tell you, I wish that I owned every slave in the South, for I would free them all to avoid this War!" This novel will follow John Wilkes Booth and the federal forces' extensive manhunt to capture him. Still, there are questions. In the memoirs of one of the soldiers who captured the assassin, said the man they killed had a "red" mustache. Booth's, of course, was black. BOOK 3: LEWIS THORNTON POWELL – The Conspiracy to Kill Abraham Lincoln Winston Churchill once said, "History is written by the victors." From all indication, enough preliminary witnesses placed Lewis Thornton Powell in the same room with Secretary of State Seward. William E. Doster took over representation for the defense of Powell. Doster was a graduate of Yale and Harvard and the former provost marshal for the District of Columbia. BOOK 4: KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE – A Most Secretive Organization This book is more of a reference manual for writing the other four novels in the series. You can't understand the Lincoln Assassination without an understanding of the Knights of the Golden Circle, the most powerful and secret society in all America at the time of the Civil War. The organization grew out of Southern Rights Clubs in the South who were mostly interested in opening up more territory to slavery. The actual words written in this reference novel were written by a member of the Order who never revealed his name. BOOK 5: MARY ELIZABETH SURRATT – First Woman Executed by the Federal Government The entire court case for Mary Elizabeth Surratt is depicted in this novel, the fifth novel in the Lincoln Assassination Series. The reader can follow the trial and determine for themselves from the evidence and the testimony of the witnesses if she should be found guilty or innocent. A military tribunal, rather than a civilian court, was chosen as the prosecutorial venue. Why? President Andrew Johnson did not declare an end to the War Between the States until August 1866. Was Mary Elizabeth Surratt in the wrong place at the wrong time? Was the United States Government out for revenge… out for blood! President Andrew Johnson said, "Mary Elizabeth Surratt kept the nest that hatched the egg!" This quote suggests that Johnson was bolstering his belief that she was guilty and deserved the harshest sentence allowed. An exciting conclusion in this five-novel series on the Lincoln Assassination…

Steele Security Series Box Set

Author : A.D. Justice
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***NOTE*** This box set contains the first two books of the Steele Security Series. Wicked Games Noah hasn’t been the same since the day Brianna died. Then he catches an intruder in his house, only to find his long-dead love is still alive. Betrayal and loyalty war inside him. Treachery and danger threaten them. When an unknown enemy holds all the cards, how can they survive the wicked games? Wicked Ties What if everything you've ever believed turned out to be a lie? What if learning the truth changes everything? Colton “Bull” Lanier thinks his life is all figured out. His trust is hard earned. He lets no one see the man inside. He doesn’t believe in love and he doesn’t get involved. Until she walks into his life. There is more to Steele Security’s newest client, Chaise, than what meets the eye. She's in trouble, but she's also hiding something and keeping her secrets close to the vest. With her life in danger, Bull reluctantly agrees to protect her and help find a missing girl. When their attraction flares hot enough to burn them, Bull gives Chaise something very rare–his trust. But as worlds collide, lifelong secrets are revealed, making Bull question everything he ever believed. When Chaise disappears, the men of Steele Security are on the case. But, will they reach her in time? How will Bull handle the wicked ties that bind?

The Loudon Series

Author : Lucinda Race
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STRONG WOMEN AND THE STRONG MEN WHO LOVE THEM. When widow Cari McKenna starts baking professionally to ease her grief, she has no idea that she and her family will end up running a full-fledged coffee shop. At What's Perkin', the coffee is strong, the cookies and cakes delicious...and love is always in the air. Join the McKenna family as each finds a soulmate of their own.

Out of Time Series Box Set II

Author : Monique Martin
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*** LIMITED-TIME SALE ON ALL OUT OF TIME BOX SETS *** This box set contains 3 complete novels: Books 4-6 of the Out of Time Series. The Devil's Due (Book #4) Time travelers Simon and Elizabeth return in book four of the Out of Time series. Simon and Elizabeth's plans for their honeymoon are interrupted when they discover a list of unfinished business hidden in Simon's grandfather's journal. Picking up where Grandfather Sebastian left off, Simon and Elizabeth, along with Jack Wells, travel to glamorous 1933 Hollywood to save the life of movie star Alan Grant. But the Golden Age of Hollywood is more than parties and premieres. Behind the bright lights and bigger-than-life contracts, shadows lurk and no one is what they seem. It's a place where people will do anything for fame and fortune. And if Simon and Elizabeth fail, more than a man's life might be lost. Thursday's Child (Book #5) The Crosses -- renowned Professor of the Occult Simon and irrepressible Elizabeth -- set off on their latest time traveling adventure. Leaving Jack behind to nurse his broken heart, the couple travels to 1852 Natchez, Mississippi to help the next person on grandfather Sebastian's list, Mary Stewart. There's just one problem. Little Mary Stewart, just 8 years old, died two days ago. Mary's spirit cannot rest until Simon and Elizabeth solve the mystery of both her life and death. But Mary cannot speak, and there are those who are willing to kill to keep the past buried Simon and Elizabeth discover first-hand that dark secrets in the Antebellum South hide pasts murkier than the river bottom and twice as dangerous. Sands of Time (Book #6) The Crosses--high-spirited Elizabeth and her brilliant Professor of the Occult husband, Simon--find themselves, along with Jack Wells, in 1920 Cairo on a special assignment for the Council for Temporal Studies. It seems like a simple enough mission---find a missing pocket watch and bring it back to the present. The only problem is, they're not the only ones looking. With danger lurking around every corner, Simon and Elizabeth race against a shadowy foe who is after far more than just a watch. The price for success this time just might be their lives. Books in the Out of Time Series: Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery (Book #1) When the Walls Fell (Book #2) Fragments (Book #3) The Devil's Due (Book #4) Thursday's Child (Book #5) Sands of Time (Book #6) A Rip in Time (Book #7) A Time of Shadows (Book #8) Voyage in Time: The Titanic (Book #9) Revolution in Time (Book #10) Time travel romance, mystery, fantasy, romance, paranormal, historical, time travel, historical fantasy, 1930s, Hollywood, Civil War, Mississippi, Cairo Egypt, 1920s

The DI Barton Crime Series Boxset 1 3

Author : Ross Greenwood
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Discover The DI Barton Crime Series! This boxset contains the first 3 books in the gripping DI Barton crime series: 1. The Snow Killer 2. The Soul Killer 3. The Ice Killer -------- The Snow Killer A family is gunned down in the snow but one of the children survives. Three years on, that child takes revenge and the Snow Killer is born. But then the case goes cold. Fifty years later, as murder follows murder, the detective team tasked with solving the crimes struggle with the lack of leads. It’s a race against time and the weather – each time it snows another person dies. As an exhausted and grizzled DI Barton and his team scrabble to put the pieces of the puzzle together, the killer is hiding in plain sight. Meanwhile, the murders continue... The Soul Killer DI Barton investigates the tragedies that have shattered a family’s lives, and when the remains of a body are found, everything points to one suspect. Barton and his team move quickly, and once the killer is behind bars, they can all breathe a sigh of relief. But death still lurks in the shadows, and no one's soul is safe. Not even those of the detectives... The Ice Killer Ellen Toole's therapist told her to forget the past, but with her family story shrouded in secrecy, that’s easier said than done. But Ellen must find answers about the past if she has any hope for a future. Meanwhile DI Barton and his team hear reports of a kidnapping, followed by the discovery of two dead bodies. There’s a murderer on the loose, and the killer needs to be stopped before they strike again. But how can Barton find the truth when all the victims and witnesses are dead?

The Cain Series Box Set

Author : Mike Ryan
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Follow along with Matthew Cain on his journey from a fallen Delta Force soldier into a super-assassin for an ultra secret government agency. The following four books are included in this bundle: The Cain Conspiracy Shot in the head and recovering from brain surgery, Delta Force soldier Thomas Nelson wakes up in a military hospital unable to remember who he is. Faced with going through recovery alone, with no family that he's aware of, he is recruited by a top secret government agency. Project Specter is tasked with eliminating targets they deem to be a threat to the United States. Their goal is to turn Nelson into a super assassin named Matthew Cain. Cain's first mission is supposed to be a piece of cake. Just take out an escaped fugitive in Honduras who's on the run for the rape and murder of a little girl in New York. There's only one problem...somebody beat him to it. Everything is not what it seems as Cain gets mixed up with an international arms dealer and an ex government agent who's gone rogue and supposed to be dead. The Cain Deception ​In this follow-up to The Cain Conspiracy, Matthew Cain finds himself on the wrong side of a hit man. After he is sent on an assassination mission in Russia, The Specter Project learns of a man seeking revenge for Cain's actions. After Cain hears of the man's intentions, he sets out on a frenetic search to find the killer before he makes good on his plans to kill both Cain and his girlfriend. Along the way, Cain finds more questions than answers about the mysterious assassin, who seems to be a ghost. As Cain dives deeper into his quest, he starts to wonder about his role within the super secret agency and whether there are those above him who know more than what they appear. The Cain Directive Cain, still reeling from the attack on his girlfriend, gets even more suspicious of Project Specter when they send him to Russia to find Dmitri Kurylenko, a man he has already secretly killed. After another attempt on his life, he soon learns of the agency's involvement in keeping his memory from him and sets to meet with a man who seems to know everything. Unfortunately for Cain, Specter showed up first and framed Cain for murder. Now, on the run, he must protect those close to him, while also trying to prove his innocence. In his quest to take down Project Specter, Cain turns to the only man he can trust for help, Eric Raines, a man Specter wants almost as badly as Cain, and a man as equally bent on taking down Specter as he is. The Cain Redemption ​Cain finally relents to getting his head and seizures fixed, but his recovery time is cut short from eight weeks to one week when he learns his fellow agent, and friend, Eric Raines has gone missing. Will the rushed recovery period have dire consequences for the super assassin? Despite the concerns of those closest to him, Cain ignores the personal dangers to his health in his quest to find his friend and the last remaining remnants of the previous Specter regime, who are still on the run. His adventures take him to France, Germany, and back to Honduras, where it all started for him. Will his mission end where it all began?

The Anti Life Series Box Set

Author : Allen Kuzara
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Collected for the first time, read the complete three-book box set of the Anti Life series! Ride shotgun with Colonel John Alvarez as he goes head to head with anti-life, a foe too great to merely be called an enemy. It’s more than humanity’s nemesis; anti-life promises to destroy life itself. How do you kill something that isn’t alive? And how can you win after you’ve already lost? Find out in Allen Kuzara’s sci-fi adventure full of page-turning action, galactic battles, political deception, heart-wrenching tragedy, and courageous hope.

The After Series Box Set Books 0 3

Author : Scott Nicholson
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"Always surprises and always entertains." - Jonathan Maberry, V-Wars A box set of four books in the bestselling AFTER post-apocalyptic thriller series The After Series: Books 0-3 When devastating solar storms wipe out the technological infrastructure and kill billions, the few survivors struggle to adapt. But some among them have changed, becoming primal and violent. But the mutants quickly evolve into something even more dangerous to the future of the human race. Rachel Wheeler and her group of friends find themselves caught between the mysterious new tribe, roving bands of scavengers, and rogue military units as they carve out a home in the new world. After #0: First Light- Prequel novella. NASA scientists warn of the possible effects of heightened solar activity, but the threat is downplayed until it's far too late. After #1: The Shock- Rachel Wheeler flees the dangers of Charlotte to seek her grandfather's remote compound in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She is joined by several other survivors as they fight back against a hostile world. After #2: The Echo- The survivors discover the mutant Zapheads are evolving by imitating human speech and behavior, but the threat of savage violence remains. After #3: Milepost 291- As Rachel and the others near her grandfather's compound, new dangers emerge, including a military unit that has established its own harsh laws. Look for the rest of the After books: Whiteout, Red Scare, and Dying Light. See what happens five years later in the NEXT series. ------------------------------ "One of the most thrilling writers working today. Miss him at your peril." - Blake Crouch, Wayward Pines "Nobody thrills like Nicholson does. Nobody." - J.A. Konrath, Origin keywords: doomsday fiction, post-apocalyptic horror, survival horror, science fiction action, adventure, Justin Cronin, Stephen King, zombies, zombie book series, mutant dystopian, Hugh Howey Wool, Bobby Adair, T.W. Piperbrook, Brian Keene, J.L. Bourne, military suspense, omnibus, discount ebooks, futuristic thriller, dark fantasy, technothriller, technological, bargain box set, cheap ebooks

Pride Series Box Set

Author : Jill Sanders
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Pride Series Romance Novels -- FINDING PRIDE Megan Kimble has finally freed herself from years of abuse at the hands of her ex. Now she can finally start a new life and figure out just who she really is. When her brother Matt dies suddenly, she takes a big risk and moves cross country to live in his house and take over his new business. This could be the chance she’s needed. There’s only one problem now. She can’t seem to escape the irresistible charm of her departed brother’s best friend. Todd Jordan just lost his best friend and business partner. Watching Matt’s sister move into town, his attraction to her is instant. Can he prove to her that all men are not the same, and resist his own desires as she learns to trust again? Overcoming the odds is just part of their journey. The two must first survive a fateful visit from Megan’s ex to have any chance at happiness. DISCOVERING PRIDE Lacey Jordan is a woman who knows what she wants…and she wants nothing to do with the new doctor in town. He has a perfect smile, perfectly tan muscles, and a way with people—her people! This is her town, her family, and her life, and he’s come here shaking everything up, including her heart. Aaron is running away from a tough breakup where heartbreak is the least of his concerns. All he wants now is to take over his grandfather’s medical practice, and make his new house a place he can call home. What he hadn’t counted on was crashing into a petite goddess with relentless powers of persuasion. When the two get a disturbing visit that could change their lives forever, Aaron must prove his love if they are to survive. RETURNING PRIDE Everything seems to be going Iian’s way, he has a successful restaurant, a beautiful home, family, and friends. He’s even overcome the loss of his hearing, but why does he still feels like something is missing. Allison has worked hard to make a name for herself in the art world, now all she wants is peace and quiet to work on her passion. But, with her mother overtaken by illness, she has less time than ever. When everything is stripped away in one tragic blow, and she’s being stalked by a mad-man, she’ll need the help of her hometown and an old flame, to turn everything around and find what she’s been looking for. LASTING PRIDE Roberta Stanton had grown up a thief on the streets of Portland. Breaking into the old building had been easy, and she’d gotten away with it. Or so she thought. It had only cost her the lives of seven close friends. Years later now, Rob finds herself on the other side of the law. Ric Derby owns the Blue Spot art galleries. Murder and a million dollar theft bring them together. A personal vendetta from a dark figure threatens them both. Retreating to the safety of the small town of Pride, Ric must fight to protect the only person he’s ever truly loved. SERVING PRIDE Robert Brogan was destined to be sheriff in the small town of Pride, Oregon. He moved to Pride when he was eight, after his mother’s mysterious disappearance. Always following the rules and sticking up for the weak, he had only one thing in mind after graduation, tracking down his mother. But, after almost ten years of looking, with no luck, he makes his way back to his home town. But when tragedy strikes he’s given the opportunity of a lifetime. Being sheriff in the small town of Pride he has the chance to pursue the girl he just couldn’t keep his mind off. Amelia Blake can never forget the boy that saved her from certain danger ten years ago. When she comes home after her father’s death, she only plans on a short visit, but because of her mother’s health and after seeing Robert again, she is persuaded to move back home. When sparks fly she can’t help finding herself falling fast for the new sheriff in town.

Devotion Series Boxset

Author : Persephone Autumn
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Three best friends. Three different lives. Over 235K words. Boxset includes: Distorted Devotion When the definition of love becomes skewed, who will pay the price? Sarah Bradley is the type of woman other women envy. Accomplished. Free spirited. Fun loving. Befriended by all. But what if her best qualities were the very things that lead into her worst nightmare? While partying with friends, her world open to future possibilities. Future dreams. A future named Jackson. Jackson Ember is the guy every woman wished was by her side. Mesmerizing gaze. Easy on the eyes. Open minded. A sense of humor with a warm heart. When Jackson agrees to join his friend at a party, he never imagined he'd meet a woman like Sarah. A woman he hopes to become better acquainted with. But Jackson isn't the only person fascinated with Sarah. A gravitational pull. A soul quenching desire. A distorted devotion aiming to ruin it all. Undying Devotion Everyone believes we lead a normal life. In reality, they have no idea what we do behind closed doors. The night she walks into my club, perches on a barstool sipping pink cocktails, Christy Nolan steals my every breath with her innocence. A siren singing a melody only my heart deciphers. With timid eyes and a curious nature, Christy is the first woman to bewitch my heart. The first woman I envision past one night. The first woman I long to keep. Will Christy's demure disposition satiate my urges? Satisfy the beast inside me? From the moment he offers his arm and escorts me around the club, his deep baritone whispering in my ears, Rick Mathewson owns my heart. With poise and confidence, he soothes my soul. Settles the ghosts of my past. Sparks me back to life. He introduces me to a new way of life. A new world. And with Rick by my side, I discover everything my life has been missing. Or so I believe, until my best friend moves away and life tailspins. A world of secrets. An insatiable hunger. An undying devotion claiming their souls. Beloved Devotion When your past catches up with you, where do you run? Four years ago, I walked into a bustling bar with my besties. On the very same day, I met the love of my life. Tiffany Page. A woman with a fiery spirit and a gentle heart. Her whimsical voice and sweet laughter ignite a fire deep in my bones. In the blink of an eye, Tiffany arrests my soul and holds it captive. And I never want her to release it. From the very beginning, my relationship with Liz Warren was a firestorm. Hot. Intense. Unrelenting. I never imagined being loved the way Liz loves me. Smoldering and sweet. Fierce and gentle. Blazing and heartfelt. Her love fulfills me. Her love incomparable. The only real love I’ve ever known. I wish I could tell Liz all my secrets. Wish I could shed my past. A past which is slowly catching up to me. When the love of your life proposes, exhilaration should course through your veins. When the love of your life proposes, you shouldn’t be terrified of what happens next. But I am. An unwavering love. A closet of skeletons. A beloved devotion fighting to stay alive.