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State Liability

Author : Carol Harlow
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The lectures presented in this volume examine the fast-growing compensation culture and the consequential pressure on courts to widen the range of situations in which individuals can claim damages from the State. Pressure on domestic legal systems has been further increased by transnational courts. Carol Harlow argues that this trend towards judicialization is undesirable, and that greater use should be made of extrajudicial remedies. She contends that the issue of compensation is too important to be left to the courts.

State Liability in India

Author : Gyan Prakash Verma
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State Liability in Tort

Author : Duncan Fairgrieve
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This book examines the topical sphere of governmental liability in damages arguing that that there has been an important shift in the traditional English law approach as illustrated in a series of recent House of Lords decisions. A detailed analysis is made of the torts applying to publicbodies, including negligence, misfeasance in public office, nuisance and breach of statutory duty, as well as the influence of European human rights law and community law, with discussion of the availability of damages under the Human Rights Act 1998 and the impact of the controversial decision ofthe European Court of Human Rights in Osman v UK and the subsequent retreat in Z v UK. The discussion of state liability is also placed within the context of the evolving attitude of the courts to public law remedies, with a detailed reconsideration of the relationship between ultra vires andliability in damages. From a comparative law perspective, it is argued that contrary to orthodox doctrinal opinion there are many similarities in the English and French law of administrative liability, with parallels in the treatment of different types of loss, causation, finding of fault, andunderlying policy concerns. The author discusses the direction in which English law might now move, as well as analysing less orthodox sources of compensation such as the practice of the ombudsmen and statutory funds including the new French medical negligence compensation scheme.

Foundations of Tort Law

Author : Saul Levmore
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This updated edition is a valuable resource for torts professors teaching at all levels of instruction. It provides an enhanced theoretical and empirical foundation for a diverse selection of fundamental torts topics typically taught at the introductory level, such as the Hand formula, duty to rescue, market-share liability, and vicarious liability, while, at the same time, providing an in-depth exploration of cutting edge issues suitable for an advanced course or seminar, such as medical malpractice, products liability, federal preemption of state tort law, and punitive damages. Each chapter includes an introductory overview of a topic in tort law, followed by abridged readings, and then provocative notes and questions. The intent is to give the instructor interesting material with which to work, and to equip the student with foundational tools useful for the critical reading of cases and articles. The Foundations of Law Series offers a collection of comprehensive readings that provide an interdisciplinary perspective on a substantive legal field. Edited by scholars who have made important contributions, the readings are designed to provide an accessible introduction to the leading scholarship in a field. Accompanying notes and questions permit students to engage fully in the literature on their own, as well as to aid their understanding of material covered in classes. This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

State Liability for Tort the Liability of a State for the Torts of Its Agents Servants and Employees

Author : Suraj Prasad Singh
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Liability of the State in Tort

Author : Law Commission of India
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In Search of a Theory of State Liability in the European Union

Author :
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The aim of this paper is to discover the theoretical underpinnings of the case law of the European Court of Justice on Member State liability and the normative justification for such liability. The author argues that EU Member State liability presents the same formal characteristics as constitutional tort liability, and examines the theories of justice which might underlie a system of constitutional torts with a view to assessing their ability to explain the phenomenon of EU Member State liability. The author concludes that the theories of justice which provide a normatively adequate rationalization of constitutional tort liability are incapable of explaining the liability of Member States for violations of EU law. In the final part of the paper, the author suggests an explanation for the discrepancy and discusses the implications of this finding for further research on the issue of State liability in the European Union.

Tort Law and Economics

Author : Michael Faure
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The central goal of this book is to provide a state-of-the-art overview of the literature with respect to the economic analysis of tort law. It sure meets the challenge, offering with great expertise a comprehensive presentation of tort law in both economic and comparative perspectives. The clarity of the text, unusual in the law and economics literature, makes the book accessible to a broad readership of economists with a limited legal background and lawyers with limited economic skills. Olivier Moreteau, Louisiana State University, US Tort Law and Economics, ed. Michael Faure, provides a highly useful economic overview of the most important topics of tort law. The authors clearly show the main developments of the discussion, examining the results of recent studies and stating their own opinions. Detailed bibliographies are included. The volume has to be warmly recommended to friends and foes of economic analysis who are provided with a comprehensive update in this field while also indicating areas which critics have to focus on. Helmut Koziol, European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law, Austria This volume provides a state-of-the-art overview of the literature on the economic analysis of tort law. In sixteen chapters, the specialist authors guide the reader through the often vast literature in each domain providing a balanced and comprehensive summary. Particular attention is paid to the evolution of the field, further refinements to economic models and relevant conclusions and lessons for the policymaker. Tort Law and Economics is part of the Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, and enables readers, some not familiar with law and economics, to obtain an insight in the relevant economic literature concerning tort law and economics. This book will be of interest to lawyers and economists, practitioners and academics interested in accident law, tort law, insurance and regulation. It will also appeal to students in economic analysis of law and policymakers working on prevention of accidents, tort law or compensation of accident victims.

Tort Liability of Public Authorities in European Laws

Author : Giacinto della Cananea
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Administrative law permeates all areas of law, and this series focuses on its role both regionally and globally. This volume considers tort liabilities in European public authorities. It looks at several European countries, using case studies to compare administrative laws across the EU.

Tort Liability Today

Author : John C. Pine
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