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Stickerbomb 3

Author : Studio Rarekwai
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Stickers are an essential part of the street art movement. Inexpensive and easy to produce, they act as a kind of informal business card for some graffiti writers, and a quick and effective promotional tool for many artists and illustrators. As more and more stickers are placed around major cities in the world, interest in the subject keeps growing. Stickers have been the subject of many street art publications to date, but most of these are collections of photographs of stickers spotted in urban environments. These books are missing the fundamental fun of stickers – the fun of peeling and sticking, and of owning and collecting cool stickers. This collectable, fully-peelable sticker book featuring illustration, graffiti and graphics, is filled with an amazing collection of more than 250 specially-commissioned stickers by artists, illustrators and graffiti writers from around the world, many of whom have not been featured in a publication before. It will appeal to a young market of designers, street artists and illustrators, plus street art fans and anyone who collects stickers.

TV Guide

Author :
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Author : Sarah Mussi
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England is struggling under a recession that has shown no sign of abating. Years of cuts has devastated Britain: banks are going under, businesses closing, prices soaring, unemployment rising, prisons overflowing. The authorities cannot cope. And the population has maxed out. The police are snowed under. Something has to give. Drastic measures need taking. The solution: forced sterilisation of all school leavers without secure further education plans or guaranteed employment. The country is aghast. Families are distraught, teenagers are in revolt, but the politicians are unshakeable: The population explosion must be curbed. No more free housing for single parents, no more child benefit, no more free school meals, no more children in need. Less means more. But it is all so blatantly unfair - the Teen Haves will procreate, the Teen Havenots won't. It's time for the young to take to the streets. It's time for them to RIOT: OUR RIGHTS, OUR BODIES, OUR FUTURE.

The Codebreakers

Author : David Kahn
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The magnificent, unrivaled history of codes and ciphers -- how they're made, how they're broken, and the many and fascinating roles they've played since the dawn of civilization in war, business, diplomacy, and espionage -- updated with a new chapter on computer cryptography and the Ultra secret. Man has created codes to keep secrets and has broken codes to learn those secrets since the time of the Pharaohs. For 4,000 years, fierce battles have been waged between codemakers and codebreakers, and the story of these battles is civilization's secret history, the hidden account of how wars were won and lost, diplomatic intrigues foiled, business secrets stolen, governments ruined, computers hacked. From the XYZ Affair to the Dreyfus Affair, from the Gallic War to the Persian Gulf, from Druidic runes and the kaballah to outer space, from the Zimmermann telegram to Enigma to the Manhattan Project, codebreaking has shaped the course of human events to an extent beyond any easy reckoning. Once a government monopoly, cryptology today touches everybody. It secures the Internet, keeps e-mail private, maintains the integrity of cash machine transactions, and scrambles TV signals on unpaid-for channels. David Kahn's The Codebreakers takes the measure of what codes and codebreaking have meant in human history in a single comprehensive account, astonishing in its scope and enthralling in its execution. Hailed upon first publication as a book likely to become the definitive work of its kind, The Codebreakers has more than lived up to that prediction: it remains unsurpassed. With a brilliant new chapter that makes use of previously classified documents to bring the book thoroughly up to date, and to explore the myriad ways computer codes and their hackers are changing all of our lives, The Codebreakers is the skeleton key to a thousand thrilling true stories of intrigue, mystery, and adventure. It is a masterpiece of the historian's art.

End of the Beginning

Author : Phil Craig
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1942 - British troops are stranded in the desert, struggling to hold back Rommel's Afrika Corps. Hitler's armies have reached Moscow, and there are murmurs of discontent at home as new doubts emerge about Churchill's leadership. Elsewhere in Europe there is chilling evidence of the mounting persecution of the Jews, stretching from Poland to the Channel Islands. For many, it seems there is little hope. As in their acclaimed bestseller FINEST HOUR, the authors use the personal testimony of ordinary people - In END OF THE BEGINNING we meet again some of the people first encountered in FINEST HOUR, and get to know many more. Troops fighting for Montgomery in the desert, RAF pilots bombing German towns, a young Jewish woman deported to Auschwitz from Guernsey, the reality of the Home Front - these stories and many more paint a vivid picture of human endeavour in time of war. And, sixty years on from the Battle of Alamein, END OF THE BEGINNING tells the controversial truth about one of the most famous battles in history - the importance of its lesser-known predecessor and the months of bitter in-fighting between the Allied generals. With precision and compassion, Phil Craig and Tim Clayton again debunk the myths and explore the realities of a crucial year in the history of Britain.

The Globalization of Christianity

Author : Gordon L. Heath
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While Christianity appears to be in decline in the West it is growing robustly in the global South. What does this mean for the Christianity that was once considered to be the religion of the West? The new contexts and trajectories require innovative responses and relevant theological reflection in the church. This volume addresses these changes through identifying and analyzing global shifts, highlighting practical innovations in the church that attempt to deal with new trajectories, and proposing theological positions intended to help face the issues and challenges of the twenty-first century. Contributors to this volume include Philip Jenkins (The Next Christendom, The New Faces of Christianity, God's Continent), Steven M. Studebaker, Gordon L. Heath, Bradley K. Broadhead, Christof Sauer, Lee Beach, Michael P. Knowles, Peter Althouse, Michael Wilkinson, John H. Issak, David K. Taurus, and Seongho Kang.

Annual Report

Author : India. Ministry of Home Affairs
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Hitler s Spies

Author : David Kahn
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The first full account of Hitler's extensive intelligence network-and the dramatic story of how Germany lost the battle of the secret services in World War II.

The Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction

Author : Roger Fulton
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An A to Z guide to TV science fiction, covering nearly 40 years of memorable - and forgettable - programmes. Over 250 entries cover all major series, plays and cartoons, and over 2000 individual episode and plot lines. This book provides an inexhaustible supply of TV trivia.

The Sci fi Channel Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction

Author : Roger Fulton
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Provides episode listings, cast and credits for both classic and obscure science fiction TV shows from the last fifty years.

Coloring Book and Poster Collection

Author : JapannA Coloring
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COLORING BOOK COMBINE WITH POSTER COLLECTION (FULL COLOR PHOTO BOOK): 20 pages for coloring + 20 removable postersContent included:1/ Japan Rising Tribute A Cult Character Comics2/ Japan Rising Tribute A Cult Character Anime & Manga3/ Japan Rising Tribute A Cult Manga Anime & Manga4/ Japan Rising Tribute A Cult Manga Anime & Manga5/ Japan Rising Tribute Cult Characters Manga Anime & Manga6/ Japan Rising Tribute Cult Character Manga Anime & Manga7/ Japan Rising The Legend Of Balls Anime & Manga8/ Japan Rising Prince Attack Anime & Manga9/ Japan Rising Big Metal Sun Anime & Manga10/ Japan Rising The Best Power Anime & Manga11/ Japan Rising Legendary Monster Anime & Manga12/ Japan Rising Cherry Tree Pirate Anime & Manga13/ Japan Rising Cherry Tree Fighter Anime & Manga14/ Japan Rising Cherry Tree Last Hero Anime & Manga15/ Japan Rising Cherry Tree Game Anime & Manga16/ Japan Rising Flying The Fujiyama Anime & Manga17/ Japan Rising Rising Legendary Anime & Manga18/ Japan Rising Longinos Anime & Manga19/ Japan Rising Optimus Machine Anime & Manga20/ Japan Rising Legendary Level 3 Anime & MangaTAGs: forever retro mod high flying birds beady eye as you were stand by me wonderwall miles kane guitar drum bass singer songwriter definitely maybe be here now dig out your soul standing on shoulder of giants dont believe truth stone stones roses football kasabian alan mcgee creation records vinyl album record phigment pop art rockstar rock n roll star music merchandise richard ashcroft verve supersonic weller fab four small faces blur who smiths ian brown madchester manchester city happy mondays ocean colour scene john kinks bonehead guigsy white cigarettes and alcohol t design logo our kid big little baby brother sister family mum dad mom father mother pregnant pregnancy new born shower toddler congratulations xmas christmas gift present son daughter nan gran grandmother grandfather grandad granddad fathers mothers day funny humor humour england world cup euro championship patriotic great britain union jack st george cross mustache lugi zelda nintendo gaming video games game joystick arcade pac man fandom mario computer 8 bit cute parody fun comic jump culture geeky classic graphic kitschy running seventies eighties fan hipster nostalgic legend memorabilia collectibles television dragon ball z roger federer tennis outfit apparel wimbledon roland garros france swiss spain italy rome court clay grass us open australian wilson head babolat nadal djokovic murray atp tour fashion wear kids children match point color tournament australia net perfect sandlot benny jet smalls squints yeah ham wendy kenny repeat timmy baseball babe ruth legends never die pf flyers shoes dog saint bernard childhood bat professional field fence dirt hat dodgers los angeles jersey 1990 beast cleveland colorful wow awesome epic neat beautiful sts mushroom 70s michael jordan mj basket basketball american famous his airness goat champion mvp chicago 23 prince blue freez superhero super legendary villain hero anime poster cosplay ultrainstinct majin black universe hybrid warrior god destruction potara absorption fusion minion namekian namek saga cell original sagas red yel pur grn blu lgt marth king swordsman fire emblem wii u 3ds ssbb ssbm ssb4 smash bros awakening shadow dolphin slash typography attack steeze kings aac apache helicopter harry hrh captain wales aviation racing wheel nissan datsun subaru mazda jdm drift car stickerbomb dish wheelwhore stance time s15 r34 r33 s14 s13 r35 ae86 r31 race rim mag miata nismo mx5 jnc escort mini titan shingeki no kyojin charming charm once upon a ouat oncer david nolan josh dallas fairytales architecture bridge building cityscape cloud construction country eiffel europe french green holiday landmark landscape light metal