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Examining Education Media and Dialogue under Occupation

Author : Dr. Ilham Nasser
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This book is an in-depth examination of education and media under occupation. The contributors to this volume engage dialogue to explore these domains and their roles and functioning under occupation while keeping an eye toward resolution, using the on-going conflict between Palestine and Israel as the focus. The uniqueness of this collection is not limited to the willingness of its authors to investigate topics that have often been left out of the mainstream, but that they actually enter into dialogue with one another. Education and media are exemplified as domains that can either maintain the status quo of oppression when used by policymakers and governments to do so or can be utilized as mechanisms for change and peacemaking. These contradictory roles are highlighted throughout this book by multiple voices.

Palestinian Literature of Resistance Under Occupation 48 68

Author : Ghassan Kanafani
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Under Occupation

Author : Alan Furst
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From “America’s preeminent spy novelist” (The New York Times) comes a fast-paced, mesmerizing thriller of the French resistance fighters working secretly and bravely to defeat Hitler. Occupied Paris, 1942. Just before he dies, a man being chased by the Gestapo hands off a strange-looking document to the unsuspecting novelist Paul Ricard. It looks like a blueprint of a part for a military weapon, one that might have important information for the Allied forces. Ricard realizes he must try to get the diagram into the hands of members of the resistance network. As Ricard finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into anti-Nazi efforts and increasingly dangerous espionage assignments, he travels to Germany and along the escape routes of underground resistance safe houses to spy on Nazi maneuvers. When he meets the mysterious and beautiful Leila, a professional spy, they begin to work together to get crucial information out of France and into the hands of the Allied forces in London.

Under Occupation

Author : Peter Simpson
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This edited volume provides a vehicle for the expression of geographical and historical perspectives on the militarisation of East Asia and the Pacific. Among the questions the authors explore are: How have groups and individuals variously enforced, justified, supported, resisted, and acquiesced in military occupation? How have concepts of nationality, identity, and self-determination been shaped, reshaped, and erased by historical processes? How can communities escape from their perceived or actual dependence on centralised loci of power? Chapters draw upon philosophical, theoretical, empirical, and anecdotal evidence. The book is aimed at, inter alia, activists for social justice and researchers in international and strategic relations, colonial and post-colonial studies, Asian, Okinawan, and Pacific island studies, critical theory, and ethics. Contributors to this volume include David Vine, Douglas Lummis, Miyume Tanji, Kyle Kajihiro, chinin usii, Leevin Camacho, Andrew Yeo, Mitzi Uehara Carter, Gwisook Gwon, Christopher Melley, Yukinori Tokuyama, Kiyomi Maedomari-Tokuyama, Nika Nashiro, Chie Miyagi, Makoto Arakaki, Peter Simpson, and Daniel Broudy.

Children Under Occupation

Author : Ibrahim Abu Al-Hayja'
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The Zionist occupation insists on defying all the international conventions and treaties and keeps subjecting the Palestinian children to all forms of oppression such as detainment, torture, captivity, displacement and violation of all rights including their right to life. Children Under Occupation is a documented description of the circumstances of children under occupation presented by the Palestinian researcher, Ibrahim Abu Al-Hayja'. Both the gloomy and redeeming features of this description are reflected by documented statistics and statements of living witnesses and real life.

The Baltic Countries Under Occupation

Author : Anu Mai Kll
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"This volume is a first attempt to describe the occupation years of the three Baltic republics in a joint effort and a variety of different perspectives. The ways and means of occupation, including deportations and ethnic cleansing are discussed, together with problems of collaboration. Cultural values were lost through war and occupation. Minorities, long living in the area, were attacked and differences between new and old minorities arose. The impact of occupations on culture forms an important part of the contributions. The values and modes of thinking are analyzed in a number of ways. The final section addresses the modalities of silent, persistent resistance, in particular youth culture, but also the adherence to national traditions. The new movements arising in the 1980s are represented the by the environmentalists."

Education Under Occupation

Author : Pierre W. Orelus
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"In this book, the author critically analyzes the ongoing and wide-ranging effects of colonialism and globalization on the poor, especially on those living in the "Third World." The author's overarching argument is that colonization was not merely about the conquest of foreign lands, but it was also about the ideological monitoring of the colonized's mind, often maintained through western hegemonic texts and institutional apparatus, such as schools and churches. Analyzing and situating colonialism in the context of western neo-liberal policy of occupation and economic, political, and ideological dominations, the author thus demonstrates how, through schools and the mass corporate media, neocolonized and occupied subjects have been mis-educated to internalize and reproduce old western values, beliefs, and norms at the expense of their own."--Publisher.

Journalism Under Occupation

Author : Eric Goldstein
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Constitution Making Under Occupation

Author : Andrew Arato
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The attempt in 2004 to draft an interim constitution in Iraq and the effort to enact a permanent one in 2005 were unintended outcomes of the American occupation, which first sought to impose a constitution by its agents. This two-stage constitution-making paradigm, implemented in a wholly unplanned move by the Iraqis and their American sponsors, formed a kind of compromise between the populist-democratic project of Shi'ite clerics and America's external interference. As long as it was used in a coherent and legitimate way, the method held promise. Unfortunately, the logic of external imposition and political exclusion compromised the negotiations. Andrew Arato is the first person to record this historic process and analyze its special problems. He compares the drafting of the Iraqi constitution to similar, externally imposed constitutional revolutions by the United States, especially in Japan and Germany, and identifies the political missteps that contributed to problems of learning and legitimacy. Instead of claiming that the right model of constitution making would have maintained stability in Iraq, Arato focuses on the fragile opportunity for democratization that was strengthened only slightly by the methods used to draft a constitution. Arato contends that this event would have benefited greatly from an overall framework of internationalization, and he argues that a better set of guidelines (rather than the obsolete Hague and Geneva regulations) should be followed in the future. With access to an extensive body of literature, Arato highlights the difficulty of exporting democracy to a country that opposes all such foreign designs and fundamentally disagrees on matters of political identity.

The Legend of Gold and Other Stories

Author : Jun Ishikawa
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The four stories and novella translated in this volume represent the best short fiction by Ishikawa Jun (1899-1987), one of the most important modernist writers to appear on the Japanese literary stage during the years before and after World War II. Throughout his career, Ishikawa resisted the tide of popular opinion to address issues of political and artistic significance and thereby paved the way for a generation of Japanese internationalists and experimentalists, including Abe Kobo and Oe Kenzaburo. Highly acclaimed and respected in Japan, Ishikawa remains little known in the West-in part because of the tendency of Western critics and readers of Japanese literature to focus on writers concerned with aesthetic issues. Combining a strong interest in politics with a brilliant use of modernist techniques, Ishikawa's work defies easy categorization. Banned in 1938, "Mars' Song" has been called the finest example of anti-war fiction written during Japan's march to war in China and the Pacific. In it Ishikawa denounces the chorus of jingoism that swept Japan, and via a metafictional tale within a tale, he warns against the suicidal destruction to which complicity in warmongering will lead. The allegorical "Moon Gems," written in the spring of 1945, further explores the tenuous position of the writer moving against the current in a country not only still at war but very near defeat. In "The Legend of Gold" and "The Jesus of the Ruins," both from 1946, Japan has been reduced to a charred wasteland yet Ishikawa envisions destruction as fertile ground for rebirth and resurrection. Finally, the semi-surrealistic novella The Raptor plumbs the meanings and possibilities of peace in the post-Occupation era. William Tyler's eminently readable translations are faithfully expressive of stylistic and tonal nuances in the original works. In a perceptive introduction and the critical essays that follow, Tyler emphasizes Ishikawa's importance as an anti-establishment--even "resistance"--writer and argues that the writer's political iconoclasm goes hand-in-hand with the modanizumu of his literary experimentation. The Legend of Gold will be of tremendous importance in enlarging a Western understanding of the development of the writer's role as social critic and the evolution of the modernist movement in postwar Japan.

Back Stories

Author : Amahl A. Bishara
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Few topics in the news are more hotly contested than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—and news coverage itself is always a subject of debate. But rarely do these debates incorporate an on-the-ground perspective of what and who newsmaking entails. Studying how journalists work in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, and Nablus, and on the tense roads that connect these cities, Amahl Bishara demonstrates how the production of U.S. news about Palestinians depends on multifaceted collaborations, typically invisible to Western readers. She focuses on the work that Palestinian journalists do behind the scenes and below the bylines—as fixers, photojournalists, camerapeople, reporters, and producers—to provide the news that Americans read, see, and hear every day. Ultimately, this book demonstrates how Palestinians play integral roles in producing U.S. news and how U.S. journalism in turn shapes Palestinian politics. U.S. objectivity is in Palestinian journalists' hands, and Palestinian self-determination cannot be fully understood without attention to the journalist standing off to the side, quietly taking notes. Back Stories examines news stories big and small—Yassir Arafat's funeral, female suicide bombers, protests against the separation barrier, an all-but-unnoticed killing of a mentally disabled man—to investigate urgent questions about objectivity, violence, the state, and the production of knowledge in today's news. This book reaches beyond the headlines into the lives of Palestinians during the second intifada to give readers a new vantage point on both Palestinians and journalism.

Romeo and Juliet in Palestine

Author : Tom Sperlinger
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Is 'Romeo and Juliet' really a love story, or is it a play about young people living in dangerous circumstances? How might life under occupation produce a new reading of 'Julius Caesar'? What choices must a group of Palestinian students make, when putting on a play which has Jewish protagonists? And why might a young Palestinian student refuse to read? For five months at the start of 2013, Tom Sperlinger taught English literature at the Abu Dis campus of Al-Quds University in the Occupied West Bank. In this account of the semester, Sperlinger explores his students' encounters with works from 'Hamlet' and 'The Yellow Wallpaper' to Kafka and Malcolm X. By placing stories from the classroom alongside anecdotes about life in the West Bank, Sperlinger shows how his own ideas about literature and teaching changed during his time in Palestine, and asks what such encounters might reveal about the nature of pedagogy and the role of a university under occupation.

Literature and Film in Cold War South Korea

Author : Theodore Hughes
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Korean writers and filmmakers crossed literary and visual cultures in multilayered ways under Japanese colonial rule (1910–1945). Taking advantage of new modes and media that emerged in the early twentieth century, these artists sought subtle strategies for representing the realities of colonialism and global modernity. Theodore Hughes begins by unpacking the relations among literature, film, and art in Korea's colonial period, paying particular attention to the emerging proletarian movement, literary modernism, nativism, and wartime mobilization. He then demonstrates how these developments informed the efforts of post-1945 writers and filmmakers as they confronted the aftershocks of colonialism and the formation of separate regimes in North and South Korea. Hughes puts neglected Korean literary texts, art, and film into conversation with studies on Japanese imperialism and Korea's colonial history. At the same time, he locates post-1945 South Korean cultural production within the transnational circulation of texts, ideas, and images that took place in the first three decades of the Cold War. The incorporation of the Korean Peninsula into the global Cold War order, Hughes argues, must be understood through the politics of the visual. In Literature and Film in Cold War South Korea, he identifies ways of seeing that are central to the organization of a postcolonial culture of division, authoritarianism, and modernization.

Axis Rule in Occupied Europe

Author : Raphael Lemkin
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A Family Occupation

Author : Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor
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A Family Occupation investigates Dutch-language texts by well-known authors which address the occupation and its aftermath in the lives of victims, collaborators, bystanders and Dutch internees in the prison-camps of Indonesia. It is the first English-language introduction to writings by and about the "Children of War" and their cultural context. Their themes and literary conventions throw an interesting light on the Dutch approach to issues such as guilt and innocence, memory and narrative, national identity, victimhood, child abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, amnesia and recovered memory.

The Theology of Suffering and Death

Author : Natalie Kertes Weaver
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This book offers a theological foundation for engaging with the realities of suffering and dying. Designed particularly for practical theology students and trainee caregivers, it introduces the spiritual and theological issues raised by suffering and dying. The chapters consider: how Christian theology deals with the problem of suffering and how the Bible treats these difficult issues post-biblical interpretations of Jesus’ suffering and the Cross modern instances including ecology, poverty, discrimination and war comparative religious approaches and the depiction in popular culture. Natalie Weaver relates theology to practical issues of caregiving and provides a ‘toolbox’ for thinking about suffering and death in a creative and supportive way.

Living the Limits of Occupation in Nanjing China 1937 1945

Author : Mark Steven Eykholt
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Witness in Palestine

Author : Anna Baltzer
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In 2003, Anna Baltzer, a young, Jewish American, visited the West Bank to discover for herself the realities of everyday life for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. What she found would change her outlook on the conflict forever.

Saving the Jews

Author : Mordecai Paldiel
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During the Holocaust's long nights there were gentiles in every corner of Europe who saved Jews. This is their story.

Age of Icons

Author : Gavin Fridell
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Celebrities are increasingly front and centre in public debates on everything from solving world poverty to halting genocide, confronting obesity, and finding spiritual contentment. Bono, Bill Gates, Al Gore, Bob Geldof, Oprah, Madonna, and Angelina Jolie are just some of the entertainers, politicians, pundits, elite business people, and policy-makers whose highly visible political activism has become an integral part of their public personas. These pop icons tend to be celebrated as “philanthrocapitalists” with a unique ability to remedy the world’s problems. However, as Age of Icons demonstrates, the solutions these icons promote for addressing global injustice, when examined critically, can be seen to work through the very same institutions that create these problems in the first place. This volume assesses the growing role of popular icons in the construction of a culture that appears to incorporate a critical attitude towards the capitalist experience while, in fact, legitimizing the neoliberal character of the modern world. It will be an eye-opening read for anyone interested in the juncture between current events and celebrity culture.