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Story Circle

Author : John Hartley
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Story Circle is the first collection ever devoted to acomprehensive international study of the digital storytellingmovement, exploring subjects of central importance on the emergentand ever-shifting digital landscape. Covers consumer-generated content, memory grids, the digitalstorytelling youth movement, participatory public history, audiencereception, videoblogging and microdocumentary Pinpoints who is telling what stories where, on what terms, andwhat they look and sound like Explores the boundaries of digital storytelling from China andBrazil to Western Europe and Australia

Story Circle Stories

Author : Rose McGee
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Circle of the 9 Muses

Author : David Hutchens
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The action-based guide to powerful, influential organizationalstorytelling Circle of the 9 Muses captures the best practices of theworld's most influential story consultants and knowledge workers tohelp you find, tell, and draw value from your organizationalstories as impetus for action. This rich toolbox is loaded withfun, graphical instructions and dozens of unique, replicable, andfacilitated processes that require no special training orexpertise. You'll discover your organization's hidden narrativeassets, use different templates and frameworks to tell the storiesof your past, present, and future and then draw team members intorich meaning-making dialogue that translates into action. Theseactivities can be exercised in endless permutations, and expertadvice steers you toward the right activity for a specific purpose,including managing change, setting strategy, onboarding, definingthe brand, engaging supporters or customers, merging cultures,building trust, and much more. Organizational storytelling is a powerful managerial tool and anessential change management technique. This is about your influenceas a leader. Knowing the right story to tell and how to deliver iteffectively gives you and your organization enormous influence, andhelps connect employees to strategy by providing understanding,belief, and motivation in their personal contribution. This book isthe ultimate field guide to becoming an influential storyteller,with concrete, actionable guidance toward all the storytellingfundamentals. Identify your organization's "narrative assets" Craft an elegant, well-constructed organizational story Capture, bank, and share stories with extraordinaryengagement Facilitate a dialogue to draw out meaning and inducechange The growing interest surrounding organizational storytelling hasmany change agents focused on "trying to tell better stories," butgoals are useless without a plan of action. Circle of the 9Muses helps you weave narrative wisdom into organizationaldevelopment activities, engaging employees and driving change.

Stories For Circle Time and Assembly

Author : Mal Leicester
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Circle time is a very popular activity in today’s schools and creates a safe, fun environment where children can think about their relationships, their behaviour, and be honest about their problems and feelings. In this book, the highly successful and popular author Mal Leicester offers a range of lively and engrossing stories, poems and songs for use in circle time activities and assemblies. They are specially written to develop the cognitive and emotional development of young children and aim to encourage active and responsible participation. Using plentiful illustrations, photocopiable pages and practical activities, the author links twelve key value-based themes in the circle time stories to stimulate discussion and enhance pupils’ literacy skills and citizenship education.

Video and Filmmaking as Psychotherapy

Author : Joshua L. Cohen
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While film and video has long been used within psychological practice, researchers and practitioners have only just begun to explore the benefits of film and video production as therapy. This volume describes a burgeoning area of psychotherapy which employs the art of filmmaking and digital storytelling as a means of healing victims of trauma and abuse. It explores the ethical considerations behind this process, as well as its cultural and developmental implications within clinical psychology. Grounded in clinical theory and methodology, this multidisciplinary volume draws on perspectives from anthropology, psychiatry, psychology, and art therapy which support the use and integration of film/video-based therapy in practice.

Circle of Life

Author : Raul Cavazos
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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS GENERATIONS: 2115. At its core, this story is about a man and a woman … and more. It is a tale of love, life, and adventure in the year 2115. His name is Jason. Her name is Kathy. And an unexpected collision of fates thrusts their lives together in a faraway place. They are not strangers, but have been estranged for many years. Theirs is an uneasy reunion. For Jason, it is an undesirable encounter—for time does not heal all wounds. For Kathy, it may be an opportunity for redemption, to right past wrongs. Conditions arise that compel Jason and Kathy to work together in isolation. Then forces arrive that threaten their very existence and rends them apart—sending them on individual journeys for survival. Theirs was an unexpected and uneasy meeting. So, how will it be for them? Well, there will be heartache and happiness, loss and love, tears of sorrow and tears of joy. Are you ready to fall in love with a cast of characters you will not soon forget? If so, read this story and escape into a sometimes funny, sometimes sad adventurous journey of the imagination.

The Story Circle El Circulo de Cuentos

Author : Diane Gonzales Betrand
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Monster storms closed the school for three days. ¿Carpets bubbled with mud. Green slime swallowed books.¿ And when the children returned, the new bookshelves in the classroom were empty. ¿What will we do for story circle?¿ they ask. With the kids sitting around her on the new rug, the teacher tells a story about a boy who loved to fly. Afterwards, she asks them what pictures they imagined. Each one sees something different: wings like yellow sunbeams, a pond that looks like a green button and cloud horses running in the blue sky. Soon, all the children are excitedly raising their hands to tell their own stories. Acclaimed children¿s book author Diane Gonzales Bertrand returns with another charming book about the joys of telling stories and using one¿s imagination. The short text combined with fanciful illustrations will spark conversations with children and spur them to write and illustrate their own stories.

The Circle of Hanh

Author : Bruce Weigl
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“A tender and courageous and truly haunting memoir—one of the very best to emerge from the American war in Vietnam. I loved this book.” —Tim O’Brien, author of The Things They Carried In this piercingly honest memoir, renowned poet Bruce Weigl explores the central experience of his life as a writer and a man: the Vietnam War, which tore his life apart and inspired his poetic voice. Weigl knew nothing about Vietnam before enlisting in 1967, but he saw a free ride out of a difficult childhood among volatile people. The war completely changed his life; there was a before and then an irrevocable after. In the before, Weigl pretended to be dead in mock battles with his friends; in the after, he watched as a boy from his unit whispered to Vietnamese corpses while caring for their inert bodies as if they were dolls. Weigl returned from Vietnam unprepared to cope with civilian life. He turned to alcohol, drugs, and women in an attempt to escape his confused purgatory, but only found himself alone, watching other people’s lives from the shadows. Eventually finding his way back into the world, Weigl drew solace from poetry and, later, from a family. Yet, it is not until his harrowing journey back to Hanoi, to adopt a Vietnamese daughter, that Weigl finds redemption. This act of personal humanity and recompense to a nation he helped to destroy lies at the heart of his memoir. The Circle of Hanh is a “moving, singular, and highly readable” chronicle of a haunted life and, ultimately, a stunning work of healing (Kirkus Reviews, starred review).

The Circle Way

Author : Christina Baldwin
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Meetings in the round have become the preferred tool for moving individual commitment into group action. This book lays out the structure of circle conversation, based on the original work of the authors who have standardized the essential elements that constitute circle practice.

Organizing Inclusion

Author : Marya L. Doerfel
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Organizing Inclusion brings communication experts together to examine issues of inclusion and exclusion, which have emerged as a major challenge as both society and the workforce become more diverse. Connecting communication theories to diversity and inclusion, and clarifying that inclusion is about the communication processes of organizations, institutions, and communities, the book explores how communication as an organizing phenomenon underlies systemic and institutionalized biases and generates practices that privilege certain groups while excluding or marginalizing others. Bringing a global perspective that transcends particular problems faced by Western cultures, the contributors address issues across sub-disciplines of communication studies, ranging from social and environmental activism to problems of race, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability. With these various perspectives, the chapters go beyond demographic diversity by addressing interaction and structural processes that can be used to promote inclusion. Using these multiple theoretical frameworks, Organizing Inclusion is an intellectual resource for improving theoretical understanding and practical applications that come with ever more diverse people working, coordinating, and engaging one another. The book will be of great relevance to organizational stakeholders, human resource personnel and policy makers, as well as to scholars and students working in the fields of communication, management, and organization studies.


Author : Teresa Brand
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The Circle the Spiral

Author : Eva Rask Knudsen
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In Aboriginal and Māori literature, the circle and the spiral are the symbolic metaphors for a never-ending journey of discovery and rediscovery. The journey itself, with its indigenous perspectives and sense of orientation, is the most significant act of cultural recuperation. The present study outlines the fields of indigenous writing in Australia and New Zealand in the crucial period between the mid-1980s and the early 1990s - particularly eventful years in which postcolonial theory attempted to 'centre the margins' and indigenous writers were keen to escape the particular centering offered in search of other positions more in tune with their creative sensibilities. Indigenous writing relinquished its narrative preference for social realism in favour of traversing old territory in new spiritual ways; roots converted into routes. Standard postcolonial readings of indigenous texts often overwrite the 'difference' they seek to locate because critical orthodoxy predetermines what 'difference' can be. Critical evaluations still tend to eclipse the ontological grounds of Aboriginal and Māori traditions and specific ways of moving through and behaving in cultural landscapes and social contexts. Hence the corrective applied in Circles and Spirals - to look for locally and culturally specific tracks and traces that lead in other directions than those catalogued by postcolonial convention. This agenda is pursued by means of searching enquiries into the historical, anthropological, political and cultural determinants of the present state of Aboriginal and Māori writing (principally fiction). Independent yet interrelated exemplary analyses of works by Keri Hulme and Patricia Grace and Mudrooroo and Sam Watson (Australia) provided the 'thick description' that illuminates the author's central theses, with comparative side-glances at Witi Ihimaera, Heretaunga Pat Baker and Alan Duff (New Zealand) and Archie Weller and Sally Morgan (Australia).

Story Dash

Author : David Hutchens
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Storytelling is a way for us to connect to others. But for businesses and managers, it can also be a powerful tool to help organizations grow and thrive. A leader’s role is to create engagement and belief so that people will act. And there’s no more powerful way to grab attention, be remembered, and engage action than by telling stories—about who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Today, “storytelling” is a hot topic in organizations… but most leaders still struggle to act upon it. How do we find and tell our stories quickly, in an environment of urgency where we can hardly pause to catch our breath? For more than a decade Hutchens has tested his method of rapid and strategic story development with innovation teams in Silicon Valley, across global Fortune 100 leadership teams, and more. Hutchens has honed a unique process that is active, potent, and strategically focused . . . and also a lot of fun. In Story Dash, Hutchens shares a repeatable process to find, develop, and deploy your “narrative assets”—that is, your urgent core stories that hold value. Even better, he will help you do it FAST; often in less than a day. Story Dash will help you to: • Access your natural capacity for storytelling • Find your stories—and figure out which ones to tell • Build your narrative so it lands with unforgettable impact • Find your own voice of authentic leadership • Bring more of who you are to your teams and your markets Fully illustrated and written in a clear, sharp voice, Story Dash shares the fastest way to find lots of stories that will create action around the work you care about most.

Sit Tight and I ll Swing You a Tail

Author : Gregory A. Denman
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This book provides teachers in elementary through middle school with a fresh, thoughtful, and highly practical approach to using authentic story literature in their classrooms

The Circle of Life

Author : James David Audlin
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Full Circle

Author : Judith C. Radasch
File Size : 43.25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A story of spiritual healing and of the restoration of physical and mental health, Full Circle narrates the story of author Judith C. Radasch's life, chronicling her fascinating and eventful journey. Beginning with her birth in 1943, Radasch shares the details of her life--the good, the bad, and the ugly. She tells how she healed miraculously from the trauma of childhood rape and provides tantalizing glimpses of Harvard Business School, the '80s Wall Street market rally, temporary insanity, and true love. Full Circle tells a personal story about the power of science and faith working in concert to bring about miraculous healing as those two threads became fully integrated late in Radasch's life. Praise for Full Circle "A compelling account of the strength and determination that led a nine-year-old victim of rape through decades of single motherhood to educational and career achievements beyond one's imagination to peace and happiness in retirement." --Dan Stickler, Judy's Companion and Husband in Retirement and the Beneficiary of Her Healing "Judy shares her compelling story of personal growth and healing with a rare openness. Persistence, risk taking, mental acuity, and a steadily positive spirit lead her through profound fears to genuine fulfillment." --Joy Waldman Pendergast, Artist, Businesswoman, Friend

A Circle Unbroken

Author : Sollace Hotze
File Size : 33.59 MB
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Captured by a roving band of Sioux Indians and brought up as the chief's daughter, Rachel is recaptured by her white family and finds it difficult to adjust, as she longs to return to the tribe.

Developing Early Maths Through Story

Author : Marion Leeper
File Size : 42.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Stories and rhymes put maths into context and demonstrate concepts in ways meaningful to children. They make maths more relevant, fun and accessible to children, sparking their imagination while developing their mathematical thinking. Developing Early Maths through Story is the new guide to help practitioners feel more confident about teaching early mathematics. Ideal for use with 3-5 years old, the book will encourage young learners to exercise mathematical concepts, both outdoors and indoors, and show practitioners how to help their children and develop their skills creatively. The book contains 14 chapters, on numbers 0 to 13, each including: * A brief outline of a traditional story * EYFS Learning objectives * Resources needed * Suggestions for younger children and babies * Scope for outdoor activities and for using natural materials * Further activities, games and extension questions * Suggestions for using ICT * Assessment opportunities. Ideal for parents and carers who want to explore or extend the learning of maths at home with their children in a very accessible and enjoyable way.

Newsletters in Print

Author :
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Using Circle Time to Learn About Stories

Author : Craig Deed
File Size : 82.29 MB
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By combining the traditional classroom activity of reading stories with circle time, these activities provide students with opportunities to practise listening, expressing ideas, asking questions, using imagination, making predictions, experimenting with thinking & learning strategies & collaborating with other students.