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Striving Towards Wholeness

Author : Barbara Hannah
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This title is an analysis of the psychic processes that move people to strive for wholeness of personality. Through a series of case studies - the biographies of Robert Louis Stevenson, the Bronte sisters and others - the author aims to broaden the concepts of analytical psychology.

Jung s Quest for Wholeness

Author : Curtis D. Smith
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Here is a unique analysis of Carl Jung's thought from the perspective of the history of religions. Using a religious and historical approach, the author identifies the religious goal or ultimate concern of Jung's psychological system, and traces the evolution of that goal throughout his Collected Works. This book focuses on the historical development of a key component of Jung's thought--the quest for wholeness--and shows how it functions as the ultimate concern of his psychotherapeutic system. The relationships among many of Jung's important concepts, such as his "complex" theory, the individuation process, archetypal symbolism, therapeutic concerns, alchemy, and Eastern religions, are given a new sense of order and significance when viewed in this historical light. Rather than presenting a haphazard array of seemingly endless topics, this work emphasizes the continuity underlying Jung's early and later writings. The evolution of Jung's work is divided into three distinct phases: developmental, formative, and elaborative. Whereas the developmental period consists of the time prior to the creation of Jung's ultimate concern, it was during the formative phase that Jung began to consolidate the contours of his newly emerging system. During the elaborative phase, Jung expanded and clarified his ultimate concern and pattern of ultimacy. This book shows that the evolution of Jung's thought moved from a concern with psychic fragmentation, to individual wholeness, and then to cosmic unity.

Zen and the Art of Wholeness

Author : Charles McCauley
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As a spiritual seeker, you are on a quest for truth. This journey to find your truth has many names: becoming whole, self-actualized, enlightened, individuated, or authentic. All roads lead to the same destination: your essence, being, true nature, or original face. Here you will find your source of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. In our Western culture, our need for wholeness expresses itself through its greatest obstacle - the tension between survival and meaning. Resolving this tension is a large part of finding happiness and fulfillment in life. We need to achieve a harmonious balance between the objective goal-oriented world and the subjective intuitive world - a union between the mind and the heart. Much like the Zen tradition of pointing the way, author Charles McCauley points the way for you to navigate your unique quest for wholeness. He guides you on a spiritual and psychological journey that is, above all, a personal experience. By using a unique synthesis of Eastern and Western spiritual and psychological wisdom that addresses contemporary issues, Zen and the Art of Wholeness leads you towards discovering and fully experiencing the whole life you were born to have.

Gurdjieff Was Wrong But His Teaching Works

Author : Orest Stocco
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Gurdjieff was wrong but his teaching the story of one man's remarkable journey of self-discovery which dispels the Gurdjieffian premise that man is not born with an immortal soul. With his own quest, Orest Stocco illustrates that we are all born with a spark of divine consciousness; but not until we take evolution into our own hands, which Gurdjieff's teaching helped him to do, will we realize our true self.

Women and the Psychosocial Construction of Madness

Author : Marie Brown
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Women and the Psychosocial Construction of Madness focuses on the gendered experience of madness within patriarchal power structures. Spanning disciplines like mad studies, psychoanalysis, sociology, and critical theory, this collection explores the interaction between the social and the psyche as it relates to marginalized women’s mental health.

Blake Deleuzian Aesthetics and the Digital

Author : Claire Colebrook
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Drawing on recent theories of digital media and on the materiality of words and images, this fascinating study makes three original claims about the work of William Blake. First, Blake offers a critique of digital media. His poetry and method of illuminated printing is directed towards uncovering an analogical language. Second, Blake's work can be read as a performative. Finally, Blake's work is at one and the same time immanent and transcendent, aiming to return all forms of divinity and the sacred to the human imagination, stressing that 'all deities reside in the human breast,' but it also stresses that the human has powers or potentials that transcend experience and judgement: deities reside in the human breast. These three claims are explored through the concept of incarnation: the incarnation of ideas in words and images, the incarnation of words in material books and their copies, the incarnation of human actions and events in bodies, and the incarnation of spirit in matter.

Striving for Wholeness in Education Perspectives from Accredited Islamic Schools in the United States

Author : Isra Brifkani
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This qualitative grounded theory study presents evidence-based perspectives from accredited Islamic schools in the United States. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with a randomized purposeful sample of principals from accredited Islamic schools (n = 20 principals) stratified across four regions of the United States (Northeast, South, Midwest, and West). Additionally, document analyses of a randomized sample of accredited Islamic school mission and vision statements (n = 50 schools) was completed. This study explored wholeness in education, its representations in Islamic educational thought, and how wholeness in education is addressed in accredited Islamic schools in the United States. The research questions addressed the educational beliefs, practices, challenges, and aspirations from the perspectives of accredited Islamic schools in the United States. An extensive review of literature indicated that the Islamic worldview of education is holistic in nature and aims to nurture students as whole beings. The research findings suggest that accredited Islamic schools in the United States strive for wholeness in education, but may not be unified in their understanding of the components and implementation of this wholeness. Furthermore, academic excellence and spiritual education are two areas of high importance for accredited Islamic schools. The principals in this study expressed the need and importance of a shared vision for Islamic schools and for more collaboration to occur among these schools. Overwhelming evidence from the data indicates that Islamic schools in the United States strive to nurture their students to contribute positively to the community at large as American Muslim citizens. Islamic schools in the United States continue to face challenges, such as financial stability and negative perceptions. The interviewed principals were optimistic about the growth of Islamic schools and the positive contributions that these schools can make to the United States and the world.

Selected Poetry

Author : Goethe
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'Shall I embrace you, must I let you go? Again you haunt me: come then, hold me fast!' Goethe viewed the writing of poetry as essentially autobiographical and the works selected in this volume represent over sixty years in the life of the poet. In early poems such as 'Prometheus' he rails against religion in an almost ecstatic fervour, while 'To the Moon' is an enigmatic meditation on the end of a love affair. The Roman Elegies show Goethe's use of Classical metres in homage to abcient Rome and its poets, and 'The Diary' , supressed for more than a century, is a narrative poem whose eroticism is unusually combined with its morality. Arranged chronologically, David Luke's verse translations are set alonjgside the German orginals to give a picture of Goethe's poetic development. This edition also includes an introduction and notes placing the poems in the context of the poet's life and times.


Author : Penny McFarlane
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Providing a new and proven way forward for practitioners who want to help children, but who do not have recourse to a qualified therapist, this book covers: tried and tested practical activities to use with children simple explanations of how and why dramatherapy works informative case studies that show activities being used in practice a useful list of further reading, centres for training and qualifications.

Help your Child or Teen Get Back On Track

Author : Kenneth Talan
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Help Your Child or Teen Get Back on Track offers specific self-help interventions and a wide-ranging, practical discussion of the types of professional help available for a child or adolescent with emotional and behavioral problems. The book covers topics that would be discussed during a consultation with a child psychiatrist. The first section offers practical guidance and ideas to help parents understand their child's problems and learn to distinguish between normal disruption and that which warrants professional treatment. The second section of the book includes useful information for those parents who are considering, seeking, or already involved with professional help for their child. Essential reading for parents who are worried about a child or adolescent with emotional and behavioral problems, this book is also a useful resource for social workers, psychologists, school counselors, pediatricians, and adult psychiatrists.

Envy Competition and Gender

Author : Leyla Navaro
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Envy, Competition and Gender provides a unique perspective on gender difference in relation to envy and competitiveness, reframing and de-demonizing these difficult emotions and revealing their potentially creative power. Incorporating perspectives from psychology, psychiatry, social work, sociology and education, this book provides a comprehensive overview of theories and ideas on the links between gender, envy and competition. The book is divided into three sections, covering the individual and development, therapeutic implications and therapeutic applications in broader social and cultural contexts. Individual and group case stories are included throughout to illuminate discussion of crucial issues such as: men, masculinity, and competition gender differences in envying and being envied the evolution of the female self envy and generativity: owning our inner resources envy in body transference and countertransference envy and desire revenge and retaliation. This interdisciplinary, multicultural and international perspective on envy and competition in relation to gender will be of great interest to all psychotherapists and related mental health professionals interested in investigating the positive potential of these powerful emotions.

Wuthering Heights

Author : David Holbrook
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In this unconventional study, David Holbrook sets out to demonstrate that this novel is a dramatization of Emily Bronte's own tormented psyche. It draws on various sources in psychoanalytical thought to unravel the novel's dynamics. The author invokes the Jungian analysis offered by Dr Hannah Segal and others, and adds to these the insights of D.W. Winnicott, W.R.D. Fairbairn and R.D. Laing. He sees the novel as a dramatization of intrapsychic conflict within Emily's own soul and as belonging to a remarkable effort on her part to find harmony and fulfilment by engaging with the most savage proclivities within her, as they emerged from the sources of her Irish historical roots and her strange isolated life.

Cross currents of Jungian Thought

Author : Donald R. Dyer
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Catalog of the Kristine Mann Library of the Analytical Psychology Club of New York Inc Subject catalog

Author : Kristine Mann Library
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The Rhodesia Science News

Author :
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Progress in Psychotherapy

Author : Frieda Fromm-Reichmann
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The International Journal of Aging Human Development

Author :
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Mediaeval and Renaissance Serbian Poetry

Author : Predrag R. Dragić Kijuk
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The Smaller Infinity

Author : Patricia Monk
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The Knowledge That Leads to Wholeness

Author : Robert Lloyd
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The Knowledge that Leads to Wholeness is the first book to specifically illustrate how the major Gnostic myths underlie Jungs theory of individuation. It is a compelling and in-depth examination of a life-changing journey that begins with the author discovering the forgotten secrets of the Gnostics. These secrets are gradually unveiled as the author and his loyal dog, Gold, are initiated, each in their own way, to put the ancient knowledge into practice. Dr. Lloyd explores the esoteric side of Carl Jung and reveals the connections between Jungs pivotal theory of individuation, i.e. the journey to wholeness, and the powerful, visionary myths told by the pioneers of the psyche, the Gnostics. He details what happens to a person who is on the road to wholeness, how the person will change, and how a new divine-human identity will be born into the world as a result of undertaking this transformational odyssey. -KIRKUS DISCOVERIES Review - Did Carl Jungs principles of psychology have Gnostic origins? A Marine Corps Ph.D. explores the complex mystical possibilities. Lloyd splits his expansive hypothesis of the souls journey into three vital steps (preparation, undertaking and re-birth) in discovering Jungs path to wholeness. He credits Jung with saving his life by way of unlocking his imagination (the souls voice) and spiritual mindset. The author familiarizes readers with the Gnostic religious movement, practitioners of an intensely spiritual inner exploration, who believed that humans are not bound to experiences solely of the body and mind. His literary gift to Jung is these comparative ruminations, all exuding a great amount of imagination and provocative thought. Running parallel to the authors spiritually progressive interests is his adventuresome interaction with and imaginal dog named Gold, who discovers two seeds of knowledge. The first rediscovers the spark of divine life, whereby humans are one and the same with God, and the second amplifies Jungs individuation theory that the human ego must relate to the unconscious mind to achieve psychological health. Unerringly throughout his narrative, Lloyd grafts Gnostic myths with Jungian wisdom. He focuses on the psychic creator and king of the material world Demiurge in association with second-century Gnostic visionary Valentinus, whose tragic myth of Sophia tells of a restless female deity who travels outside of herself searching for wholeness rather than looking inward, and her ultimate repentance. Comparatively, Jung also writes of humans who restrict themselves to their five senses rather than tapping into the core strength of their imaginative visions where uncanny experiences might spring forth. As Lloyd (and Gold) survey principles of higher consciousness, the self, the transformative life-cycle process, and the concluding Syrian lyrical myth Song of the Pearl as they are juxtaposed against Jungs theories, the author also cites Gnostic challenges to contemporary religious beliefs as in the re-imagined genesis of Jesus of Nazareth. Most interestingly, Lloyd inserts Jung into his narrative to quiz his arbiters as to whether they have the desire to discover the mystery of their existence. Unfiltered hokum for some, but those who are open to it will find much-needed nourishment and direction for their searching souls. --Nielsen Business Media, 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 646-654-7277 fax 646-654-4706 [email protected] Visit