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Survival Geeks

Author : Neil Googe
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Survival Geeks, a media-savvy sci-fi adventure! A parody of contemporary geek culture, for fans of Fanboys and Scott Pilgrim. When Sam wakes up in the house of a group of sci-fi fans, she becomes their reluctant new housemate... after the house turns out to be a piece of misfiring trans-dimensional technology! The house takes them to places where no two-up two-down terraced house has gone before, from steampunk worlds to Lovecraftian elder gods. Armed only with their wits (and Star Wars trivia) the group of misfits must survive in whatever horrifying dimension or alternate reality they find themselves hurled into! An affectionate parody of the most popular geek cultures, this quirky comedy adventure features steampunks, dark lords and cuddly Lovecraftian horrors.

Wilderness Secrets Revealed

Author : André-François Bourbeau
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A lifetime of wilderness adventures and the resulting insights relating to nature’s intricacies as experienced by a master in the art of primitive wilderness survival. "Fire! Wake up! The shelter is on fire!" His students affectionately call him "Doc Survival." He’s Quebec’s Indiana Jones in a forest setting. Searching for the treasures of the wilderness has been his life-long quest; with passion as his only guide, he has dared to penetrate the forest on its own terms, facing increasingly difficult challenges in the hope of becoming nature’s confidant, of learning her secrets. Professor emeritus André-François Bourbeau holds a Guinness World Record for voluntary wilderness survival in the boreal forest. Herein lies his path and his stories, unadulterated: gritty and often comical mistakes punctuated by inspiring successes. What remains of this lifetime of experimentation is one man’s everlasting love of the wilderness and its intricacies, a rousing reflection on our own human priorities, and need for deep connection with the environment and other fellow beings.

Fake Geek Girls

Author : Suzanne Scott
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Reveals the systematic marginalization of women within pop culture fan communities When Ghostbusters returned to the screen in 2016, some male fans of the original film boycotted the all-female adaptation of the cult classic, turning to Twitter to express their disapproval and making it clear that they considered the film’s “real” fans to be white, straight men. While extreme, these responses are far from unusual, with similar uproars around the female protagonists of the new Star Wars films to full-fledged geek culture wars and harassment campaigns, as exemplified by the #GamerGate controversy that began in 2014. Over the past decade, fan and geek culture has moved from the margins to the mainstream as fans have become tastemakers and promotional partners, with fan art transformed into official merchandise and fan fiction launching new franchises. But this shift has left some people behind. Suzanne Scott points to the ways in which the “men’s rights” movement and antifeminist pushback against “social justice warriors” connect to new mainstream fandom, where female casting in geek-nostalgia reboots is vilified and historically feminized forms of fan engagement—like cosplay and fan fiction—are treated as less worthy than male-dominant expressions of fandom like collection, possession, and cataloguing. While this gender bias harkens back to the origins of fandom itself, Fake Geek Girls contends that the current view of women in fandom as either inauthentic masqueraders or unwelcome interlopers has been tacitly endorsed by Hollywood franchises and the viewer demographics they selectively champion. It offers a view into the inner workings of how digital fan culture converges with old media and its biases in new and novel ways.

US Black Engineer IT

Author :
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Geek Monthly

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Survival Strategy

Author : Anders Raynor
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Relentlessly chased by Taar’kuun fleets, what’s left of the human Alliance seeks respite on the remote planet Neo. The inhospitable high-gravity world, with its toxic atmosphere and hostile fauna, pushes the humans to their limit. Some dream of freeing their worlds from Taar’kuun occupation, others yearn to find Earth. The dire situation can’t quell internal divisions. The first murder in Nean history is kept under wraps, and the investigation team works secretly to uncover a plot threatening the very survival of mankind. Yet there is hope. Humanity’s refusal to give up will bring new allies as they struggle against the overwhelming power of the Taar’kuun Galactic State. But can the Alliance be truly victorious if they betray their ethical principles?

The Baldies Survival Guide

Author : Tim Collins
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The Baldies' Survival Guide is a welcome call to arms for anyone who has suffered ridicule for their combover or started to think of Danny DeVito as a role model. This book will help you say no to Rogaine and hello to being a Shiny Happy Person. Remember, say it loud: 'I'm bald and proud!'

The Geek Gap

Author : Bill Pfleging
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Addressing the corporate culture clash between technology "geeks" and business "suits," this unique, insightful read is also a practical guide to working together more effectively.

Freaks and Geeks

Author : Paul Feig
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"The first volume of Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Scripts collects the first nine shooting scripts (episodes 1-9), including deleted scenes and dialogue, of the Emmy Award-winning series, including the pilot episode directed by Jake Kasdan. With an introduction by creator Paul Feig, the book features individual commentary from the writers of each episode, plus a scrapbook of behind-the-scenes materials, photos, memos, and notes."--BOOK JACKET.

Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks

Author : Brian Jepson
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A quick and dirty reference to taming the UNIX side of Mac OS X, for UNIX developers, Java developers, and UNIX system administrators interested in using Mac OS X "Tiger" to satisfy their everyday computing needs but require some assistance acclimating themselves to the familiar, yet foreign, UNIX environment found in the Mac. Original. (Advanced)

Home Networking Survival Guide

Author : David Strom
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Get clear, easy-to-follow advice for setting up your own home network using this step-by-step guide. Learn to network your computer to your printer, connect your PC to your stereo, share Internet access, and much more with this jargon-free manual. Filled with fun, survival-themed icons, you'll easily navigate through each chapter and find helpful information on basic concepts, potential problems, troubleshooting, and future developments, for a variety of home networking topics.

The Parenting Survival Kit

Author : Aleta Koman
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Offers advice on such parenting issues as attachment and bonding, child development, child care, communication, discipline, financial planning, health, bereavement, play, schedules, sibling rivalry, sleep, stress, and self-esteem.

Client Server Survival Guide

Author : Robert Orfali
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The #1 Client/Server book, now completely updated and expanded! "It's savvy, informative, and entertaining as anything you are likely to read on the subject. Client/server isn't one technology but many- remote SQL, TP, message-oriented groupware, distributed objects, and so on. Like the proverbial blind man feeling the elephant, most of us have a hard time seeing the whole picture. The authors succeed brilliantly in mapping the elephant."-John Udell, Byte, "Winner, JOLT Product Excellence Award."-Software Development "The scope and depth of topics covered in the Guide, with its straightforward and often humorous delivery, make this book required reading for anyone who deals with computers in today's corporate environment."-Bob Gallagher, PC Week "Absolutely the finest book on client/server on the market today. It's got great advice, and is well written and fun to read."-Richard Finkelstein The critics agree-this is the best source for anyone looking to understand and make informed decisions about client/server technology. In this Third Edition of their award-winning book, authors Orfali, Harkey, and Edwards combine detailed technical explanations with their unique brand of offbeat humor, clever cartoons, controversial soapboxes, and witty quotes to inform, educate, and entertain. This information-packed Survival Guide takes you on a sweeping tour of the world of client/server. From operating systems and communications, to application servers that incorporate database, transaction processing, groupware, and objects, to the Internet and the World Wide Web and their role in the new generation of client/server and object management, this book covers it all. In their other lives: Robert Orfali and Dan Harkey head San Jose State University's Client/Server and Distributed Objects Master's program and lab. Dan also works for IBM as a distributed objects consultant. Jeri Edwards is Vice President of Strategy and Product Planning at BEA Systems. Wiley Computer Publishing Timely. Practical. Reliable. Visit our Web site at

The Secret Survival Manual

Author : J. Brent Bill
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Telecommunications Survival Guide

Author : Pete Moulton
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This work is an introduction to the telecommunications industry. It is designed to help with understanding of new telecom technologies and relates them to products that can be used to save costs and expand business. It contains real world telecom examples.

The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide

Author : Chris Gore
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Format : PDF
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Learn the secrets of Sundance, Telluride, Slamdance and over 300 film festivals world-wide in this comprehensive and eye-opening guide. Packed with information, this book reveals how to get a film accepted and what to do after acceptance, from putting together a press kit to putting on a great party to actually closing a deal. Includes chapters on The Players (festival directors, agents, PR pros, acquisition experts and others), The Parties (the single most important event at a festival besides your own screening), and The Politics (networking, how a juror thinks, self-promotion). Also contains complete directory listings of hundreds of film festivals, cross-referenced indices, plus resource appendices for screening rooms, affordable video dub facilities, agents for independent film makers, attorney, public relations firms and travel agents.

The Engineering Student Survival Guide

Author : Krista Donaldson
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Attrition in the Engineering disciplines at all Universities is a huge problem. This text, in its first edition, promised to educate all interested in the Engineering area as a whole. Educators and students bought this book because of their great interest in seeing engineers thrive and made it wildly successful. In this edition more information about engineering careers and the discipline generally is to be included. This practical approach is edging out the voluminous, traditional introduction to engineering books. In this second edition of The Engineering Student Survival Guide, Chapter 2 has been heavily revised with a completely new section entitled, "Ten Tricks of the Old-Timers (Upperclassmen)". Much of the information pertaining to the time before a freshman's first class begins has been deleted. This book is part of the B.E.S.T. (Basic Engineering Series and Tools) Series, which consists of modularized textbooks offering virtually every topic and specialty likely to be of interest to engineers. All the texts boast distinguished authors and the most current content. The goal of this series is to provide the educational community with material that is timely, affordable, of high quality, and flexible in how it is used.

The Community Bank Survival Guide

Author : Douglas V. Austin
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The rapid pace of change in the banking industry is impacting the manner in which community banks conduct their business. The community bank, long a tradition in banking, is faced with several obstacles it must address head-on in order to survive. The Community Bank Survival Guide calls upon community banks to abandon ``tradition'' and look to the future--now--to impact the way each institution conducts its business--from the procedures and policies in place to the equipment in used by the employees. This book describes techniques for survival and devotes coverage to the importance of developing leadership in the community bank and in the surrounding community. Changing the culture to one that is more sales and marketing driven--perhaps the most important change necessary for survival--is covered in great detail. The Community Bank Survival Guide includes strategies for: Designing tactics and techniques for increasing asset base and profitability; Highlighting community involvement as key to an institution's mission; Addressing the imperatives of change; Evolving the culture of an institution's staff to one that is more market savvy; Disclosing and communicating director liabilities and responsibilities.

Iowa Myths and Other Survival Tales

Author : Laura McCoid
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook

Author : David de Rothschild
File Size : 67.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook is the official companion volume to Live Earth concerts, 24 hours of nonstop concerts broadcast from around the world on July 7, 2007. The book presents 77 essential skills for stopping climate change—and for living through it. It is a fun, compelling, and sly deconstruction of a survival guide, think Boy Scout Handbook crossed with WorldChanging atop the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, that offers equal parts tongue-in-cheek suggestions, practical advice, factual information, and bluesky dreaming of ways to save the world. Each skill is presented on a spread featuring a bright, full-color instructional illustration, a brief introduction to the skill and its core ideas, a set of instructions, spin-off ideas, and scientific and environmental facts. The book also includes a resource guide that provides useful resources for the ecoconscious reader.