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Sustaining Conflict

Author : Katherine Natanel
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Sustaining Conflict develops a groundbreaking theory of political apathy, using a combination of ethnographic material, narrative, and political, cultural, and feminist theory. It examines how the status quo is maintained in Israel-Palestine, even by the activities of Jewish Israelis who are working against the occupation of Palestinian territories. The book shows how hierarchies and fault lines in Israeli politics lead to fragmentation, and how even oppositional power becomes routine over time. Most importantly, the book exposes how the occupation is sustained through a carefully crafted system that allows sympathetic Israelis to “knowingly not know,” further disconnecting them from the plight of Palestinians. While focusing on Israel, this is a book that has lessons for how any authoritarian regime is sustained through apathy.

Sustaining Domestic Budget Deficits in Open Economies

Author : Farrokh Langdana
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In recent times the US economy has been characterised by burgeoning budget and current account deficits and increasing amounts of foreign capital inflows. For the UK too, the budget deficit remains a central weakness in the economy. In the light of these problems this book presents a consistent economic framework for analysing the effects and implications of large bond-financed deficits. The author uses an open-economy rational expectations model to explore to what extent governments can simply 'roll-over' debt by issuing more bonds without any help from the monetary authority. He examines too, the impact of foreign capital on the sustainability of domestic budget deficits the behaviour of exchange rates and the possible effects of fiscal and monetary policies. This model is placed in the context of the major economic orthodoxies and their competing stances and also of American monetary history from Truman to Reagan and the crash of 1987. Focusing attention on a major problem in macroeconomics and for the chancellors of a number of economies, the book makes an important contribution to the understanding of this complex area.

Sustainable Water Engineering

Author : Susanne Charlesworth
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Sustainable Water Engineering introduces the latest thinking from academic, stakeholder and practitioner perspectives who address challenges around flooding, water quality issues, water supply, environmental quality and the future for sustainable water engineering. In addition, the book addresses historical legacies, strategies at multiple scales, governance and policy. Offers well-structured content that is strategic in its approach Covers up-to-date issues and examples from both developed and developing nations Include the latest research in the field that is ideal for undergraduates and post-graduate researchers Presents real world applications, showing how engineers, environmental consultancies and international institutions can use the concepts and strategies

Learning and Sustaining Agricultural Practices

Author : Karen Haydock
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This book describes a participatory case study of a small family farm in Maharashtra, India. It is a dialectical study of cultivating cultivation: how paddy cultivation is learnt and taught, and why it is the way it is. The paddy cultivation that the family is doing at first appears to be "traditional." But by observation and working along with the family, the authors have found that they are engaging in a dynamic process in which they are questioning, investigating, and learning by doing. The authors compare this to the process of doing science, and to the sort of learning that occurs in formal education. The book presents evidence that paddy cultivation has always been varying and evolving through chance and necessity, experimentation, and economic contingencies. Through the example of one farm, the book provides a critique of current attempts to sustain agriculture, and an understanding of the ongoing agricultural crisis.

Buddhist approach to responsible consumption and sustainable development

Author : Thich Duc Thien
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EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND This is a great academic solace to see the Volume on Buddhist Approach to Responsible Consumption and Sustainable Development which covers Sub-Theme Five of UNDV 2019 Academic Conference. REVIEW OF CONTENTS The World of Today is suffering from the crisis of consumerism. The first paper on a Buddhist Perspective on Overconsumption and Its Negative Effects towards Society and Environment deals with it specifically in the reference of consumption beyond requirements which is generally termed as overconsumption. Such human tendency leads to negative impact on the entire force of nature and the environment. How the Buddhist principles guide us to live a better life where there is least effect on the environment and society is well explained in this paper. The second paper in this volume, entitled Attaining a Sustainable Society through the Teachings of the Khandhaka of the Theravāda Vinaya Piṭaka is a vivid example of the benefits which one can derive from our ancient Pali literature. While studying the Theravada Vinaya Pitaka, the author explores the specific words of the Buddha in the Khandhaka which hint at the possibility of sustainability and development going together without harming other societal components. Though the Vinaya being a Pitaka for monastics, it still is highly useful for the laity as well. The paper, Buddhist Ethics in the Establishments of Green Tourism is a unique academic contribution. Here, the writer states that the Buddha’s life and principles make us learn a lot as how green methods must be applied in our day-to-day life. The damage being caused by the genre called DEVELOPMENT needs to be controlled and for this, the words of Master exhibits his proximity to protect nature, humanity and the world order.

Sustainable Thinking

Author : Aaris Sherin
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Sustainable Thinking explores how values and sustainability can reshape the way design management is practised and applied. The book discusses how designers can combine innovative creative thinking with analytical problem-solving skills to produce outputs that are business ready and ethically driven. Examples from a wide range of practitioners who work within the field of sustainable design are examined through case studies, and engaging activities suggest ways for students and practitioners to explore introducing sustainable thinking into their work.

Translation Series

Author : Pali Text Society
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Sustaining Thought

Author : Leslie Shipman
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Delicious meals served at the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe. Laid out by the seasons of the academic year, beginning with the hearty tastes of autumn and ending with summer's largesse, this cookbook (and a few fresh ingredients) will allow you to enjoy a taste of SAR's riches.

Sustainable Economics

Author : Keith Skene
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This book marks a milestone in Economics publishing. Sustainable Economics is *the* subject of the moment, as businesses across the globe face up to peak oil prices, climate instability, increasingly complex environmental legislation and the challenge of adapting to a new business landscape. Sustainable Economics: Context, Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century Practitioner debugs the language of sustainable development. It explores the strengths and weaknesses of the many and diverse schools of thought. The book enables the modern business student and practitioner to disentangle the complex, often convoluted debate relating to sustainability, and it provides the tools necessary to lead their organizations through the murky waters of current times and prepare for the challenges of the future. Eschewing the linear – take, make and waste – approach of current business and manufacturing thinking, this book revisits the ecological models underpinning recent economic sustainability theory, and re-examines the consequences of modern ecological thought upon business strategies relating to sustainability. A chapter is also dedicated to the "circular economy", already in common parlance at policy levels in the UK, and notably in China and other developing countries.Packed with the most recent research papers, Sustainable Economics is an essential resource for the 21st-century business practitioner and legislator.The book is supported with a large array of teaching and learning material, for both formal and informal use, ranging from role play to data analysis which are available on request with the purchase of this book.

Vick s Monthly Magazine

Author :
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Reunion Assembly Reporter

Author : Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. General Assembly
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Managed aquifer recharge for sustaining groundwater supplies for smallholder coffee production in the central highlands of Vietnam

Author : Pavelic, Paul
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Dream Quest A Seeker s Guide to Finding the Purpose of Being

Author : Justan Mann, PhD
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Dream Quest reveals a series of vivid lucid dreams that foretell the future and delve into the nature of being. The dreams happened as described, although they are presented within the context of a fictionalized trek that is set on the slopes of New Hampshire's Mount Major. Alexander and his companions Verity and Futura eventually find refuge from the night's chill within Madame Leonedria's grotto. Therein, his dreams about the future, human nature, and reality are discussed in depth. Alexander felt both cursed and blessed by these remarkable events, for the gift that allowed him to find a metaphysical path to God's door slowly began consuming his mind. Indeed, the condition that sparked his visions degenerated Alexander's brain, and his memories are now fading. However, the experiences were recorded long ago, and they leave a message that might change your life. This is far more than a book about spirituality or morality. This is a quest for purpose.

Wisdom to a Sustainable Journey

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Wisdom to a Sustainable Journey talks about the responsibility of the present generation and the adoption of sustainable practices to pass on to posterity, to grow and prosper through a quality life. It is about all sustainable practices which had resulted in the innovation and enhancement of the wellbeing of humankind. On reading this book, the global youth and others will know how to understand and appreciate the purpose of being here and to be healthy in every aspect that is beneficial to society and nature. In a nutshell, the book is about helping humankind to practice spirituality and adopt sustainable approaches for a better society.

Sustaining Social Work

Author : Robbie Duschinsky
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Social work is a profession under strain, and practitioners report finding the role increasingly challenging. What can sustain social work in these times? How can social workers sustain themselves in the role? How can they derive confidence and meaning from what they do? In addressing these questions, Sustaining Social Work is a source of understanding and support for professionals struggling with the tensions of practice. Accessible and engaging , it explores the fallout that results from social workers experiencing these tensions, including feelings of powerlessness, responsibility, optimism and cynicism. Drawing on ideas from social theory and the social sciences, it puts forward a model of sustainable social work that will help practitioners not just cope but flourish – even in the context of ongoing crises. An enlightening, uplifting read in a difficult and uncertain time for the profession, Sustaining Social Work addresses the challenge of finding sustenance and consolation within day-to-day practice, enriching it beyond the short-term.

The Complete Poetical Works of William Wordsworth

Author : William Wordsworth
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Homiletic Review

Author :
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Masonic Voice Review

Author :
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The Lives and Lessons of the Patriarchs Unfolded and Illustrated

Author : John Cumming
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Light at Evening Time or Narratives of missionary labour amongst the sick The preface signed A B C

Author : A. B. C.
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