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Swimming with the Spit

Author : Leigh Boucher
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You Can Fill a Swimming Pool with Your Spit

Author : Debbie Foy
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'Truth or Busted' takes popular notions and ideas and examines where the idea came from, how or why it has become well known, and finally whether it really is true or false. This title looks at statements like: 'Sitting too close to the TV will damage your eyes' or 'A human bone is 4 times stronger than concrete'. Each statement is evaluated and then awarded a truth or busted stamp at the end of each entry.

Wild Swimming Hidden Beaches

Author : Daniel Start
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The fully revisied second edition of Wild Swimming Coast now includes even more for walkers, swimmers and explorers: Full national coverage of Britain's most beautiful beaches Lagoons, sea caves and amazing places to snorkel. New 1:10,000 Ordnance Survey mapping Best beach cafes, local food, pubs and campsites Where to sea kayak, coasteer and swim with dolphins Best activities with children and families This revised and expanded edition of the best-selling coastal classic features the same winning formula of stunning photography, engaging travel writing and practical guidance. It is set to continue as the definitive guide to Britain's secret beaches and hidden coastline.

Swimming in Puddles

Author : Clint Lowe
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Want a meaningful life? This innovative story reveals brave methods that will help you build a confident personality and an abundant life. Joey is a young man struggling through life when he meets Art, an old wise boxing trainer, who challenges him to work at his gym and learn to fight for a meaningful life. Joey apathetically begins scrubbing Art's gymnasium and carting sloppy spit buckets. Gradually Joey is sparked into attempting to start his own business and into trying to woo a girl at the local grocers. Both dreams fail. With Joey defeated and depressed, can he fight hard to change his emotions, mentality, and actions to start the business, win the young girl's affections, and create an abundant life? ***** Everyone should read it for the important life lessons it contains – Reviewer ***** A life guide that will help you achieve better things – Reviewer ***** I love the fact how it's a fictional story but also a self-help book – Reviewer

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Estonia Latvia and Lithuania

Author : Howard Jarvis
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This full-color DK Eyewitness Travel Guide is the ultimate companion to the rugged and romantic Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. There are hundreds of color photographs and illustrations, as well as unique cutaways and detailed floor plans of all the must-see sights. Special features include in-depth examinations of the history, cultural heritage, traditional festivals, and local cuisine of the three Baltic States; illustrated maps of the region's national parks, including Estonia's Soomaa National Park and Lithuania's Aukstaitija National Park; and explorations of medieval architecture in Tallinn, Arts Nouveau architecture in Riga and Baroque architecture in Vilnius. These cosmopolitan cities are laid out for you with beautiful street-by-street mapping, and there are driving tours of Lake Peipsi and the Livonian Coast for those eager to see the breathtaking countryside. With practical information and hundreds of restaurant, hotel, shopping, and nightlife reviews, this DK Eyewitness Travel Guide will make your trip to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania both effortless and memorable.

Duels in the Pool

Author : Matthew De George
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An individual sport at its core, swimming is defined by iconic rivalries such as those between Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett, Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, and Jenny Thompson and Dara Torres. Spanning nearly 100 years, this book highlights the best of these contests, including individual showdowns, team battles, friendly competitions, and heated political rivalries. From their early beginnings through the highlights of their careers, this book follows the top athletes in the sport and the rivals who pushed them to the pinnacle of swimming. Exhaustively researched, Duels in the Pool includes original interviews and rich details, shining a light on some of the sport’s finest athletes and the rivalries that propelled them to greatness. This book will appeal not only to sports historians and researchers but also to fans of swimming at every level.

Letter to the Father Brief an den Vater

Author : Franz Kafka
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Franz Kafka wrote this letter to Hermann Kafka in November 1919; he was then thirty-six years old. Max Brod relates that Kafka actually gave it to his mother to hand to his father, hoping that it might renew a relationship that had disintegrated into tension and frustration on both sides. Kafka's probing of the abyss between them spared neither his father nor himself, and his cry for acceptance has an undertone of despair. He could not help seeing the lack of understanding between father and son as another moment in the universal predicament depicited in so much of his work. Probably realizing the futility of her son's gesture, his mother did not deliver the letter, but returned it to Kafka instead. Kafka died five years later, in 1924, of tuberculosis.

Annual Report of the Fishery Board for Scotland

Author : Scotland. Fishery Board
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Annual Report of the Fishery Board of Scotland

Author : Fishery Board for Scotland
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Annual Report of the Fishery Board for Scotland for the Year Ended

Author : Fishery Board for Scotland
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Swimming Day

Author : Sharhonda Wilson
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Swimming Day is a fun family book designed to build vocabulary and provide a better understanding of onomatopoeia. While reading, you will find examples of onomatopoeia and some vocabulary words you may not be familiar with. You hear onomatopoeia consistently on a daily basis, although you may not have known the exact terminology for the sounds. It's a good idea to use context clues to assist you in figuring out any unfamiliar words listed in the book. A glossary is located at the end of the book to provide any further support of the vocabulary words used. Onomatopoeia: The formation or use of words such as buzz or murmur that imitate sounds associated with objects or actions they refer to.

Night Swimming

Author : Laura Moore
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The deeper you dive, the sweeter the reward When college offered an escape, Lily fled her hometown of Coral Beach and never looked back. Now a marine biologist, she must return there on a job to preserve the reefs that give the town its name. But going back means dealing with her past, her family, and worst of all, Sean McDermott. As teens, while Lily passed through an especially awkward phase, Sean—attractive and self-assured—was her constant tormentor. Lily doubts that things will have changed. But Lily’s awkward phase is long over . . . and though she finds that Sean still makes her blood boil, it’s for very different reasons. As mayor, Sean knows how important it is to maintain the town’s natural beauty—and if the return of Lily Banyon is the price he has to pay, so be it. He can overlook her cold shoulder and give back as good as he gets. What’s harder to disregard is the fact that Lily has grown into a smart and beautiful woman, as passionate about saving Coral Beach as she once was about leaving it. While working closely together, it becomes obvious to Sean that if he and Lily can put the past behind them, they could have a passionate future. . . .

Swimming Studies

Author : Leanne Shapton
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Winner of the 2012 National Book Critics Circle Award, Autobiography Swimming Studies is a brilliantly original, meditative memoir that explores the worlds of competitive and recreational swimming. From her training for the Olympic trials as a teenager to enjoying pools and beaches around the world as an adult, Leanne Shapton offers a fascinating glimpse into the private, often solitary, realm of swimming. Her spare and elegant writing reveals an intimate narrative of suburban adolescence, spent underwater in a discipline that continues to inspire Shapton’s work as an artist and author. Her illustrations throughout the book offer an intuitive perspective on the landscapes and imagery of the sport. Shapton’s emphasis is on the smaller moments of athletic pursuit rather than its triumphs. For the accomplished athlete, aspiring amateur, or habitual practicer, this remarkable work of written and visual sketches propels the reader through a beautifully personal and universally appealing exercise in reflection.

Swimming with Sharks

Author : George Huang
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From bringing him coffee to getting him laid, it's up to new assistant and aspiring screenwriter Guy to satisfy every whim of the incendiary Buddy Ackerman, powerful movie producer and the boss from hell. Blinded by the promise of a fast track up the Hollywood ladder, Guy is about to find out that moviemaking is not for the faint-hearted. If he's going to rise to the top, then he'll need to play by Buddy's rules. And Buddy plays dirty. Swimming with Sharks, adapted from the George Huang film by playwright Michael Lesslie, is an incisive look into the cut-throat world of Hollywood. The play had its world premiere at the Vaudeville Theatre, London, on 5 October 2007.


Author : United States. Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
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Don t Say a Word A gripping psychological thriller from the author of The Good Mother

Author : A. L. Bird
File Size : 56.64 MB
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’A fast-paced, gripping thriller.’ B A Paris, bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors and The Breakdown 'Intense and brilliantly uncomfortable reading' Lisa Hall, bestselling author of Between You and Me

Aquatics Guide with Official Rules and Swimming and Diving Standards

Author :
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Bahram s Shorts

Author : Barry Ghabaei
File Size : 85.37 MB
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Never before have short stories taken such twist and turns. These are the stories of our future! Indulge yourself in 100 quirky, emotional, and humorous short stories - all unedited and raw!

Spit Against the Wind

Author : Anna Smith
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It's the long, hot summer of 1968. For ten-year-old Kathleen Slaven and her pals, the school holidays beckon. Into their run-down village in the west of Scotland arrives Tony, a real American kid, like the ones from the movies, ready to lead them into all kinds of adventure: gaining sweet revenge on their sadistic teacher Miss Grant on a trip to Ayr, discovering the unsettling secrets of 'Shaggy Island', and coming up with ways to outwit the people who screw up their lives - like the local parish priest Father Flynn. But the world they live in is a precarious one. And while they escape by playing at TV heroes and film stars, their mothers grow old before their time on broken promises, and fathers make a living in the coal mines or 'digging ditches, in the pissing rain', often boozing or gambling the wages away while their families go hungry. In an impoverished community, suffering and violence are never far from home. And even the optimism and escapism of their years cannot protect the children from the tragedies of life.

The Morning Otto Preminger Spit In My Face

Author : Conrad J. Doerr
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is a compilation of stories covering close encounters the author had with the famous and near-famous, covering many years of observing and sometimes meeting the greats; think Judy Garland, Josef Von Sternberg, Ed Sullivan, Eleanor Powell, Abbe Lane, Donald O’Connor, Anna May Wong, Debbie Reynolds, Ronald Reagan, Gloria Swanson, Michael Feinstein, Hedy Lamarr, Bob Hope, Bette Davis, et al. You’ll find no muck-raking, no exposes or tell-alls—just real life encounters told through an affectionate prism. Well, maybe Preminger was an exception.)