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Systematic Lexicography

Author : Juri Derenick Apresjan
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This book unites lexicography with theoretical linguistics. The two fields tend to ignore each other: lexicographers produce dictionaries, linguists grammars. As a result grammars and dictionaries are often discordant and sometimes glaringly incompatible. In Systematic Lexicography Juri Apresjan shows the insights linguistics has to offer lexicography, and equally that the achievements and challenges of lexicography provide a rewarding field for linguistic inquiry. The author presents the vocabulary of a language as a complicated system reflecting a specific view of the world. He does so within an integrated theory of language, in which grammatical and lexical meanings, and the conceptualizations underlying them, blend and interact. Each lexeme, he argues, is a point of intersection of various lexicographic types classes of lexemes with shared semantic, syntactic, pragmatic or mental properties, that are sensitive to the same rules, and which should thus be uniformly described in the dictionary. When any lexeme is viewed against the whole set of linguistic rules, new facets emerge, and these reveal, he shows, key characteristics of words that dictionaries do not currently record. Professor Apresjan not only presents an original, unified theory of language, inspired by the Moscow school of semantics. He also works out its consequences and describes the problems he faced in applying it to the description of Russian. The reader will find that travelling with the author through Russian semantic space is both enlightening and entertaining. The books wealth of lexical facts, illuminated by systematic thought, give it unique character and importance: it will be of great interest to theoretical linguists and to all concerned with writing of dictionaries as well as to semanticists and students of Russian.

Multi disciplinary Lexicography

Author : Olga M. Karpova
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The present book is based on presentations made during the IXth International School on Lexicography, “Multi-disciplinary Lexicography: Traditions and Challenges of the XXIst Century”, at Ivanovo State University, September 8–10, 2011, and continues a series of collective monographs devoted to the theoretical and practical problems of lexicography, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2007, 2009 and 2010. The scope of topics discussed in four parts (Dictionary as a Cross-road of Language and Culture, Dictionary Use and Dictionary Criticism, Terminology and LSP Studies, and Projects of New Dictionaries) is rather wide and focuses on burning problems of European, Russian and world lexicography, as well as on projects of new dictionaries. This book will be of interest to theoreticians, practitioners, and students of linguistic faculties.

The Oxford Guide to Practical Lexicography

Author : B. T. Sue Atkins
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This is a down-to-earth, 'how to do it' textbook on the making of dictionaries. Written by professional lexicographers with over seventy years' experience between them, the book presents a step-by-step course for the training of lexicographers in all settings, including publishing houses, colleges, and universities world-wide, and for the teaching of lexicography as an academic discipline. It takes readers through the processes of designing, collecting, and annotating a corpus of texts; shows how to analyse the data in order to extract the relevant information; and demonstrates how these findings are drawn together in the semantic, grammatical, and pedagogic components that make up an entry. The authors explain the relevance and application of recent linguistic theories, such as prototype theory and frame semantics, and describe the role of software in the manipulation of data and the compilation of entries. They provide practical exercises at every stage. The Oxford Guide to Practical Lexicography draws on materials developed by the authors over more than twenty years of teaching courses for publishing houses and universities in the US, Japan, Hong Kong and China, South Africa, Australia, the UK, and Europe. It will be welcomed everywhere by lexicographers, teachers of lexicography, and their students. It is also fascinating reading for all those interested in discovering how dictionaries are made.

Lexical Analysis

Author : Patrick Hanks
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A lexically based, corpus-driven theoretical approach to meaning in language that distinguishes between patterns of normal use and creative exploitations of norms. In Lexical Analysis, Patrick Hanks offers a wide-ranging empirical investigation of word use and meaning in language. The book fills the need for a lexically based, corpus-driven theoretical approach that will help people understand how words go together in collocational patterns and constructions to make meanings. Such an approach is now possible, Hanks writes, because of the availability of new forms of evidence (corpora, the Internet) and the development of new methods of statistical analysis and inferencing. Hanks offers a new theory of language, the Theory of Norms and Exploitations (TNE), which makes a systematic distinction between normal and abnormal usage—between rules for using words normally and rules for exploiting such norms in metaphor and other creative use of language. Using hundreds of carefully chosen citations from corpora and other texts, he shows how matching each use of a word against established contextual patterns plays a large part in determining the meaning of an utterance. His goal is to develop a coherent and practical lexically driven theory of language that takes into account the immense variability of everyday usage and that shows that this variability is rule governed rather than random. Such a theory will complement other theoretical approaches to language, including cognitive linguistics, construction grammar, generative lexicon theory, priming theory, and pattern grammar.

Manual of Specialised Lexicography

Author : Henning Bergenholtz
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From 1990 1994 the Danish Research Council for the Humanities granted a research project entitled translation of LSP texts, which was initially split up into five part-projects, one of which has been concerned with LSP lexicography."The Manual of Specialised Lexicography" is one of the results of the research undertaken by this project. The primary purpose of the Manual is to contribute towards an improved basis for practical specialised lexicography, which has so far had but a small share in the explosive development that has taken place in general-language lexicography since the early 1970s. One implication of this is that only to a limited extent has it been possible to build upon existing findings.The Manual thus has the twofold aim of offering guidance and direction to authors of specialised dictionaries as well as contributing towards the further development of lexicographical theories.

Practical Lexicography

Author : Thierry Fontenelle
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This reader collects some of the best and most useful work in practical lexicography, focusing on the central issues and hottest topics in the field. An essential resource for all students and scholars of lexicography and lexicology as well as professional lexicographers.

A Practical Guide to Lexicography

Author : P. G. J. van Sterkenburg
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This is a state-of-the-art Guide to the fascinating world of the lexicon and its description in various types of dictionaries.A team of experts brings together a solid Introduction to Lexicography and leads you through decision-making processes step-by-step to compile and design dictionaries for general and specific purposes. The domains of lexicography are outlined and its specific terminology is explained in the Glossary. Each chapter provides ample suggestions for further reading. Naturally, electronic dictionaries, corpus analysis, and database management are central themes throughout the book.The book also "introduces" questions about the many types of definition, meaning, sense relations, and stylistics. And that is not all: those afraid to embark on a dictionary adventure will find out all about the pitfalls in the chapters on Design."A Practical Guide to Lexicography" introduces and seduces you to learn about the achievements, unexpected possibilities, and challenges of modern-day lexicography.

Lexicography in Bengali

Author : Sucharita Bandyopadhyay
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The Methodist Review

Author :
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An Introduction to Lexicography

Author : Ram Adhar Singh
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Dictionaries An International Encyclopedia of Lexicography

Author : Rufus Gouws
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The basis for this additional volume are the three volumes of the handbooks Dictionaries. An International Encyclopedia of Lexicography (HSK 5.1–5.3), published between 1989 and 1991. An updating has been perceived as an important desideratum for a considerable time. In the present Supplementary Volume the premises and subjects of HSK 5.1–5.3 are complemented by new articles that take account of the practice-internal and theoretical developments of the last 15 years. Special attention has been given to the following topics: the status and function of lexicographic reference works, the history of lexicography, the theory of lexicography, lexicographic processes, lexicographic training and lexicographic institutions, new metalexicographic methods, electronic and, especially, computer-assisted lexicography.

Semantic Analysis of Verbal Collocations with Lexical Functions

Author : Alexander Gelbukh
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This book is written for both linguists and computer scientists working in the field of artificial intelligence as well as to anyone interested in intelligent text processing. Lexical function is a concept that formalizes semantic and syntactic relations between lexical units. Collocational relation is a type of institutionalized lexical relations which holds between the base and its partner in a collocation. Knowledge of collocation is important for natural language processing because collocation comprises the restrictions on how words can be used together. The book shows how collocations can be annotated with lexical functions in a computer readable dictionary - allowing their precise semantic analysis in texts and their effective use in natural language applications including parsers, high quality machine translation, periphrasis system and computer-aided learning of lexica. The books shows how to extract collocations from corpora and annotate them with lexical functions automatically. To train algorithms, the authors created a dictionary of lexical functions containing more than 900 Spanish disambiguated and annotated examples which is a part of this book. The obtained results show that machine learning is feasible to achieve the task of automatic detection of lexical functions.


Author : I. Y. Burkhanov
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Forgotten But Important Lexicographers John Wilkins and William Lloyd

Author : Fredric Dolezal
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Lexiographica. Series Maior features monographs and edited volumes on the topics of lexicography and meta-lexicography. Works from the broader domain of lexicology are also included, provided they strengthen the theoretical, methodological and empirical basis of lexicography and meta-lexicography. The almost 150 books published in the series since its founding in 1984 clearly reflect the main themes and developments of the field. The publications focus on aspects of lexicography such as micro- and macrostructure, typology, history of the discipline, and application-oriented lexicographical documentation.

It Jinsai s Gom Jigi and the Philosophical Definition of Early Modern Japan

Author : Jinsai Itō
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This volume presents the first unabridged translation of Ito Jinsai's (1627-1705) "Gomo jigi" (Philosophical Lexicography of the "Analects" and "Mencius," 1705). It portrays Jinsai as a Kyoto philosopher who articulated a worldview for townspeople in an age of samurai domination.

Lexicography in English

Author : Raven Ioor McDavid
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Lexicography Dictionaries compilers critics and users

Author : R. R. K. Hartmann
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Interlingual Lexicography

Author : Reinhard Rudolf Karl Hartmann
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Selection of 24 essays by the dictionary researcher Reinhard Hartmann on ‘Interlingual Lexicography’, a genre much neglected in the literature, including interdisciplinary approaches to translation equivalence, its analysis in contrastive text linguistics and its treatment in the bilingual dictionary, with particular attention to the user perspective, in English and German.

Translation and Lexicography

Author : Mary Snell-Hornby
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Translation and Lexicography includes a selection of papers presented at the 1987 European Lexicographers' Conference (EURALEX). The volume gives a comprehensive impression of new developments in the making and use of dictionaries for translation purposes, providing practical and theoretical approaches, general and in-depth studies.

Lexicography and the OED

Author : Lynda Mugglestone
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Lexicography and the OED: Pioneers in the Untrodden Forest sets out to explore the pioneering endeavours in both lexicography and lexicology which led to the making of the first English dictionary published by Oxford. Deliberately conceived as a new departure in English lexicography, the first OED, as James Murray stressed, was to be founded on an unequivocal return to first principles, both in the nature of its construction and in the evidence amassed for its compilation. It also produced, as this book shows, a host of problems: on the nature of Englishness, correctness, and general standards of language use, as well as in aspects of pronunciation, semantics, and syntax. Often making use of previously unpublished archive material, this collection of twelve essays provides both a range of perspectives from which the dictionary can be approached, and also explores the particular problems posed by the attempt to realize the pioneering acts of lexicography integral to the making of the dictionary.