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Talking with Your Baby

Author : Alice S. Honig
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Talking with Your Baby addresses a neglected area in child development - how to help low literacy parents and parents for whom English is a second language enhance the language and development of their children at home and through daily routines. Writing for that audience, authors Alice Honig and Holly Brophy encourage early talking and word power, early language ability, and reading skills with babies and preschoolers.

Talking with Your Toddler

Author : Teresa Laikko
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A HANDY PARENT'S GUIDE THAT TURNS PROFESSIONAL LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT INTO CHILD'S PLAY Are you concerned that your child is not verbalizing? The solution may be as simple as a game. Talking with Your Toddler teaches you how to stimulate speech using everyday play. It makes learning to talk fun and engaging for your child. With proven therapies and easy-to-follow activities, Talking with Your Toddler makes an ideal home companion. - Tips to promote talking throughout the day - Hands-on games that teach new words - Tricks for turning drive time into talk time - Fun ways to promote further practice - Techniques for keeping kids engaged Written by experienced speech professionals, this book’s straightforward approach is equally useful for parents at home, teachers in the classroom or therapists in a clinic.


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The aim of this book is to allay the anxiety and fear of the pregnant mother and to aim at bringing a great personality on to this earth by virtue of her thoughts. We have initiated a technique of bonding with the baby in the womb. The whole process has been explained in this book. The first part deals with emotional aspects; 1.The concept and technique of Talking To The Baby In The Womb; 2.hope, courage and confidence; How Talking to the baby in the womb helps the expectant mother to face delivery confidently; to come out successfully with a healthy baby, even in the case of those who had miscarriages in the past, 3.The Role of husband in supporting wife during pregnancy. The second part deals with: Mental aspects; 4.Intelligence 5.Behavioral aspects of the baby; 6.Influence of music on the baby during pregnancy The third part deals with: 7.Physical aspects including physical dynamism and sporting aspects of the baby; 8.Vomiting in pregnancy; 9. Meditation and Yoga The fourth part deals with: Sensory aspects, 10.Taste (Healthy eating habit) Every mother irrespective of caste, colour, creed, religion, educated/ uneducated, rich/poor, with power/without power has got a capacity to imagine and visualize the qualities of the child she is going to have. This has been a power given by God/Nature to every woman to produce a child of highest caliber which she desires. Whole of the book explains of how to go about that.

Helping Your Baby Learn to Talk

Author :
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Building Your Baby s Brain

Author : Diane Trister Dodge
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Conversations with Your Child

Author : Justine Lambroschino LICSW
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Conversations with Your Child is a thoughtful approach to parenting. It offers suggestions on how to raise children through ongoing conversation, encouraging parents to be aware of themselves, their partners, and their children’s physical, cognitive, and developmental stages of growth.

Nurturing Your Baby s Soul

Author : Elizabeth Clare Prophet
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Refreshing spiritual teaching on conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Learn about the journey of the soul and the intimate connection between parent and child during pregnancy and even before conception. Shows how to convey beauty and virtue to a baby's soul through meditation on music and art.

Talking about My Baby

Author : Margot Early
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The Midwives This baby is hers! One night in Texas, midwife Tara Marcus finds a newborn baby abandoned in her car. A baby she desperately wants to keep. She takes the baby to her hometown in Colorado, hoping to adopt her. But adoption requires money. And it requires a better situation than Tara can offer. A husband, a home…. She needs a strategy, and the best one she can think of is marriage. Dr. Isaac McCrea, a newcomer to town, happens to be a widower with three kids. Surely he needs a wife! So what if he's a doctor—not exactly Tara's favorite species? So what if she falls in love with him despite her outrageous proposal? None of that matters. Only her baby matters. Her baby and his children.

Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby s First Years

Author : Walter J. Cook
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Research-based guidance on caring for little ones from the Mayo Clinic,#1 on US News & World Report’s 2020-2021 Best Hospitals Honor Roll. Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Years is a trusted and essential resource for new and experienced parents alike. In this fully reviewed and updated second edition, you’ll find practical guidance on caring for the new little one in your family; from birth to age three. Inside you’ll find: · Evidence-based advice on giving your baby the best nutrition and introducing your toddler to solids · Tips for forming healthy sleep habits · Strategies for dealing with fussiness and tantrums · Advice on establishing a secure bond with your child · Guidance on traveling, safety, pumping, and other concerns · Monthly updates on your child’s growth and development

Let s Talk about Your Baby

Author : Horace Kent Tenney
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