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Teaching and Learning Team Sports and Games

Author : Jean-Francis Gréhaigne
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Written as a resource for both pre-service and in-service educators, this theory-to-practice book focuses on the foundations and applications of constructivism applied to the teaching and learning of invasion sports and games.

Teaching Games and Sport for Understanding

Author : Shane Pill
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This new book brings together leading and innovative thinkers in the field of teaching and sport coaching pedagogy to provide a range of perspectives on teaching games and sport for understanding. Teaching Games and Sport for Understanding engages undergraduate and postgraduate students in physical education and sport coaching, practicing teachers, practicing sport coaches, teacher educators and coach developers. The contributions, taken together or individually, provide insight, learning and opportunities to foster game-based teaching and coaching ideas, and provide conceptual and methodological clarity where a sense of pedagogical confusion may exist. Each chapter raises issues that can resonate with the teacher and sport practitioner and researcher. In this way, the chapters can assist one to make sense of their own teaching or sport coaching, provide deeper insight into personal conceptualisations of the concept of game-based teaching and sport coaching or stimulate reflections on their own teaching or coaching or the contexts they are involved in. Teaching games and sport for understanding in various guises and pedagogical models has been proposed as leading practice for session design and instructional delivery of sport teaching in PE and sport coaching since the late 1960s. At its core, it is a paradigm shift from what can be described as a behaviourist model of highly directive instruction for player replication of teacher/coach explanation and demonstration to instructional models that broadly are aimed at the development of players self-autonomy as self-regulated learners –‘thinking players’. This innovative new volume both summarises current thinking, debates and practical considerations about the broad spectrumof what teaching games for understanding means as well as providing direction for further practical, pragmatic and research consideration of the concept and its precepts and, as such, is key reading for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of physical education and sport coaching as well as practicing teachers and sport coaches.

Teaching Games for Understanding in Physical Education and Sport

Author : Joy Butler
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An introduction to teaching games for understanding / Linda Griffin [and others] -- Problem-based learning to enhance tactical awareness in target games / James Mandigo -- Teaching and assessing striking/fielding games / Connie Collier and Judy Oslin -- The progressive games approach to teaching expertise in volleyball / Theresa Maxwell -- Teaching invasion games for understanding : games sense in field hockey / Louisa Webb -- Preservice teachers' responses to TGfU in an Australian university : "no room for heroes" / Richard Light -- A constructivist approach to a major's club : helping P.E.T.E students transition to professionals / Barbara McCahan [and others] -- Physical education teachers' conceptions about teaching TGfU in Portuguese schools / Isabel Mesquita and Amandio Graca -- Comparing assessment of preservice teaching practices using traditional and TGfU instructional models : data from Australia and the United States / Eileen Sullivan and Karen Swabey -- Teaching games for understanding : a paradigm shift for undergraduate students / Michele Sweeney, Amy Everitt and James Carifio -- Teaching tactical concepts with preservice teachers / Kath Howarth and Jeff Walkuski -- The construction of student tactical knowledge in badminton / Nathalie Mahut [and others] -- Authentic assessment in games education : an introduction to team sport assessment procedure and the game performance assessment instrument / Jean-François Richard and Linda Griffin -- Linking games for understanding with dynamical systems of skill acquisition : old milk in new bottles or have we really got a new research agenda in physical education and sport? / Tony Rossi -- Beyond technical vs. tactical : extending the games-teaching debate / William Strean and Enrique Garcia Bengoechea -- Teaching and coaching using a 'play practice' approach / Wendy Piltz -- Teaching team sports and games : extending the debate to the youth sport domain / Enrique Garcia Bengoechea and William Strean -- Reflections and projections / Joy Butler [and others].

Routledge Handbook of Sports Performance Analysis

Author : Tim McGarry
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Sport performance analysis techniques help coaches, athletes and sport scientists develop an objective understanding of actual sport performance, as opposed to self-report, fitness tests or laboratory based experiments. For example, contemporary performance analysis enables elite sports people and coaches to obtain live feedback of match statistics and video sequences using flexible internet systems, systems that have become an indispensible tool for all those involved in high performance sport. The Routledge Handbook of Sports Performance Analysis is the most comprehensive guide to this exciting and dynamic branch of sport science ever to be published. The book explores performance analysis across the four main contexts in which it is commonly used: support for coaches and athletes; the media; judging sport contests, and academic research. It offers an up-to-date account of methodological advances in PA research, assesses the evidence underpinning contemporary theories of sport performance, and reviews developments in applied PA across a wide range of sports, from soccer to track and field athletics. Covering every important aspect of PA, including tactics, strategy, mechanical aspects of technique, physical aspects of performance such as work-rate, coach behaviour and referee behaviour, this is an essential reference for any serious student, researcher or practitioner working in sport performance analysis, sport coaching or high performance sport.

The Game Centred Approach to Sport Literacy

Author : Sixto González-Víllora
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The Game Centred Approach (GCA) is the ideal framework for coaches and teachers to develop comprehensive tactical or technical lessons for any game, both in physical education and in extracurricular sport contexts. Learning about the pedagogical models included in this approach has never been easier thanks to this short introductory guide. The book helps the reader acquire the skills needed to design effective session plans, regardless of the sport that is being taught or coached. It introduces the core concepts underpinning the GCA model, complemented by practical examples of tasks and strategies for each game category and assessment instrument. This is essential reading for all educators, coaches or sports professionals who wish to improve their teaching or coaching to enhance their students and players’ physical literacy and sport competence. It is also invaluable reading for any student or researcher working in physical education, sport coaching or sport pedagogy.

Bewegung Spiel und Sport in Kindheit und Jugend

Author : Hans Peter Brandl-Bredenbeck
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Contemporary Developments in Games Teaching

Author : Richard Light
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The teaching of games is a central component of any physical education or youth sport programme. Contemporary Developments in Games Teaching brings together leading international researchers and practitioners in physical education and sports coaching to examine new approaches in games teaching and team sport coaching that are player/student-centred and inquiry-based. The book aims to bridge the gap between research and practice by exploring contemporary games teaching from pedagogical, policy and research perspectives. It offers interesting new commentary and research data on well-established models such as Teaching Games for Understanding (TFfU), Game Sense, Play Practice and the Games Concept Approach (GCA), as well as introducing innovative and exciting approaches emerging in East Asia, including Singapore and Japan. Representing the most up-to-date survey of new work in contemporary games teaching around the world, this book is invaluable reading for any student, researcher, in-service teacher or sports coach with an interest in games teaching or physical education.

Play Practice

Author : Alan G. Launder
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Play Practice: Engaging and Developing Skilled Players, Second Edition, provides an alternative to traditional sport instruction. This innovative and authentic approach to teaching sports combines contemporary theory with the experience of practical and reflective work in real sport environments. Coauthors Alan Launder and Wendy Piltz, both with wide-ranging experience as players, teachers, and coaches, expand and update the play practice approach they presented in the first edition and show how it can be used to help improve sport skills for players of all ages and abilities. This flexible model of sport pedagogy can be applied as a whole or one element at a time. It covers a wide range of team and individual sports, including archery, table tennis, flag football, snow skiing, cricket, and track and field. Plus, you’ll find a wealth of field-tested ideas for working with diverse learners in schools and communities. The second edition highlights the significance of key terms such as games sense, technique, resilience, and fair play. It also provides new information relating to the complexity of learning and addresses the difficulties beginners face in the learning process. The second edition of Play Practice integrates a thorough analysis of skilled performance with an understanding of the conditions under which people best learn. It also shows how the strategies of simplifying, shaping, focusing, and enhancing can help you create situations to maximize learning and positively influence the attitudes of learners. Over 130 illustrations and photos demonstrate specific approaches, ideas that can work for multiple sports, and ways to apply the approach with beginners through elite players. Summary sections in each chapter help you quickly identify and review key topics. And two bonus chapters about the origins, evolution, and theoretical bases for Play Practice are available free for download at Play Practice is based on the idea that an individual’s commitment to achieving mastery is a powerful motivator for learning. Learn to harness these motivators and create enjoyable practice situations in which learners young and old, whether resistant beginners or highly motivated professionals, are encouraged to strive for excellence.

Complexity in Games Teaching and Coaching

Author : Felix Lebed
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Shedding new light on sport pedagogy and the teaching and coaching of games, this book shows how complexity theory can be used to improve team sport performance, coach education, and young player development. The book draws together insights from both the humanities and behavioural sciences, including psychology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, history, and play theory into a new educational methodology for team sports. It shows how concepts from complexity theory underpin and inform team sport dynamics, including the uncontrolled nature of live human systems; the nature of complex systems and how this shapes student and young athlete learning; self-organization and its relation to decision-making in play; and mental self-regulation and motivation. It presents an innovative and sophisticated definition of sport pedagogy that can help teachers and coaches deepen their understanding of teaching and learning in team sports and help them develop more motivated, more effective, and more creative athletes.

Teaching Games for Understanding

Author : Linda L. Griffin
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Presents a comprehensive guide for teachers and coaches that details the history, theory, research, and practice of the Teaching Games for Understanding model, and how to incorporate it in both elementary and secondary curriculum.