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Television Program Master Index

Author : Charles V. Dintrone
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Television history has become one of the hottest areas of research in popular culture. Because the field is relatively new and so wide-ranging, no matter what one is researching much of the relevant material will be found scattered through numerous other works, frustrating scholarly progress. This work makes the television researcher's job easier by providing a single index to 341 books that include information on 1,002 shows. Most of the books deal exclusively with television, though some autobiographies, biographies, Congressional hearings, and works on communication and the media are also indexed. For a show to be included, it must have been carried on NBC, CBS, ABC or Fox and must have been a series. Shows on PBS are generally not included, though exceptions have been made for Sesame Street and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Laughter in the Living Room

Author : Michael Tueth
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For more than fifty years some very funny people have been entering American homes through television's big picture window. From Lucy and Uncle Miltie, to Archie Bunker and Marge Simpson, certain comic stars of television history have become not just cultural icons, but friends of the family. This comprehensive study of the most successful television comedies - including domestic sitcoms, workplace comedies, variety shows, late-night comedy, animated comedy, and more - reveals that, unlike the comedy found in film, on stage, in comedy clubs and concert halls, television's presentation of comic characters and stories must negotiate a relationship with the more privatized and value-laden environment of each American home that it enters.

Star Struck An Encyclopedia of Celebrity Culture

Author : Sam Riley
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This balanced examination looks at America's pervasive celebrity culture, concentrating on the period from 1950 to the present day. • 86 entries by 30 contributors are alphabetically organized by topic • A timeline section covers events connected with the development of our celebrity culture and will be especially useful to younger readers who have not lived through the entire period covered by the book • An extensive bibliography of works dealing with celebrity is provided to encourage further reading and examination of the topic

Building Diverse Communities

Author : Trevy Ann McDonald
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An examination of how various methodological approaches can promote a sense of community within and outside the academy. It focuses on the strategies used, then demonstrates how researchers can put the theory into practice. It also highlights how community can be guided via public channels.

Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny
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Appalachian Journal

Author :
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A regional studies review.

The Mid Atlantic Almanack

Author :
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Framing Class

Author : Diana Elizabeth Kendall
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"Framing Class is the first book to use the sociological imagination in analyzing how popular culture frames social class in the United States and the effect that framing has on our opinions on this vital topic. This book shows how the media frame class to favorably portray the lifestyles of the upper classes while negatively stereotyping the working class and poor, perhaps contributing to the ever-widening chasm between the haves and the have-nots in the United States."--BOOK JACKET.

The Interactive President

Author : David Michael Ryfe
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The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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American Studies

Author :
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American Studies International

Author :
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Television Studies

Author : Gary Burns
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Burns and Thompson help to remedy the lack of a forum for current research on television by bringing together some of the best recent research in television studies. In compiling these 13 papers, the editors maintain a balance of timely interest and lasting relevance. After an introductory debate primarily seeking a definition of `Television Studies,' the contributors study texts of current TV dramatic and comic series, such as Dallas and Cheers, as well as current trends in nonfiction TV, such as network and local news coverage. In a final essay, conventional wisdom about `the audience' is refuted.

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture

Author :
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Sociological Abstracts

Author : Leo P. Chall
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Watching M A S H Watching America

Author : James H. Wittebols
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It has been said that M*A*S*H was a show set in the 1950s which reflected the shifting values of the 1970s and early 1980s. Hawkeye Pierce, Radar O'Reilly, Trapper John McIntyre, Sherman Potter, Margaret (Hot Lips) Houlihan, B.J. Hunnicutt, Frank Burns, Charles Emerson Winchester, Max Klinger -- these and the many other characters who populated the MASH 4077 used the Korean War as a backdrop to comment on many of the social issues of their day. Using a unique blend of comedy and drama, the show's first three seasons (1972-1975) focused on the anti-Vietnam War sentiment that consumed much of America. As Vietnam ended, M(*)A(*)S(*)H moved on to concentrate on other contemporary issues -- the women's movement, the rise of the religious right in American politics, the new narcissism that marked the early 1980s, the heightened awareness of underage or excessive alcohol use, and the increased emphasis on family in American life. How the series presented these issues and its success in doing so are the subjects of this critical study. An episode listing -- brief plot outline, casts and credits, air dates, and titles -- is also provided.

Favorite Programs in Television Comedy

Author : Mitchell Fay
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Television News Research

Author : Denis McQuail
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Television Research

Author : Ronald L. Jacobson
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This directory consists of an alphabetical ordering of television-related categories. For each category, a brief conceptual overview is presented, followed by a list of relevant research or lecture topic suggestions and a bibliography of selected print sources (mostly books). Users should appreciate the directory as a reference tool intended solely as as guide to studying television and not as an end in itself. As such, the categories herein are not necessarily mutually exclusive; nor are the overviews, topic suggestions, and bibliographies meant to be comprehensive. Instead, this publication is intended to inform broadly, to stimulate critical thinking, and to serve as a catalyst for further inquiry. An Additional Sources section is included at the end of the directory. General reference books, relevant indexes and databases, scholarly journals, popular magazines, newspapers, and trade publications are listed. Libraries and museums containing special television-related collections are also noted. There always seems to be new print publications and electronic databases that provide access to television-related content. Please consider this directory as but one entry point to television research. Users are encouraged to solicit the expertise of a professional librarian in order to access the most relevant sources available on topics of interest.

The Cumulative Book Index

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A world list of books in the English language.