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Thatcher s Children

Author : Jane Pilcher
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The authors of this book examine the political issues surrounding childhood including law making, social policy, government provision & political activisim. It will be a highly pertinent text for students and teachers in higher education.

Thatcher s Children

Author : Jane Pilcher
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That childhood is a social construction is understood both by social scientists and in society generally. The authors of this book examine the political issues surrounding childhood, including law making, social policy, government provisions and political activism.; This text examines current social and political issues involving childhood. It looks at the impact of the "New Right" who talk of family values, parent power in schools, irresponsible provision of contraception to young girls and the increase in child violence as a result of mass media. It also considers the response of the caring professions and the "Modern Left" who campaign, amongst other things, for the establishment of children's rights.

Thatcher s Theatre

Author : D. Keith Peacock
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The Thatcher administration of 1979 to 1990 had a profound and apparently lasting effect on British drama and theatre. This book examines the effect of Thatcherite ideology and policies on British theatre of that period. It begins by defining "Thatcherism" and illustrating its cultural influence. It then examines the consequences of the imposition of Thatcherite policies through the agency of the Arts Council of Great Britain. Having established this political and cultural environment, the book considers in detail the effect on the subject-matter and dramatic and theatrical discourse of left-wing drama and on the subsidized political theatre companies which proliferated during the 1970s. Attention is then given to the development of "constituency theatres," such as Women's and Black Theatre, which assumed an oppositional cultural stance and, in some cases, attempted to develop characteristic theatrical and dramatic discourses. The volume concludes with a look at the effect of Thatcherite economic policy and ideology on new writing and performance.

Drama and the Postmodern

Author :
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Making Thatchers Britain

Author : Ben Jackson
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Situates the controversial Thatcher era in the political, social, cultural and economic history of modern Britain.

Negotiating Childhoods

Author : Sam Frankel
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This book investigates how constructed representations of the child have and continue to restrict children’s opportunities to engage in moral discourses, and the implications this has on children’s everyday experiences. By considering a moral dimension to both structure and agency, the author focuses on the nature of the images that are used to represent the child and how these sit in contrast to the active and meaning-driven way in which children negotiate their everyday lives. The book therefore argues that ‘morality’ provides a filter to understand the backdrop for interaction, as well as offering a focus for engaging with the individual as a social agent, acting and reacting in the world around them. Negotiating Childhoods will be of interest to students and scholars of sociology, childhood studies, criminology, social work, culture and media studies and philosophy.

A Communication Perspective on Margaret Thatcher

Author : Janet L. Fallon
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This book looks at British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher from 1975 through 1991, during which Mrs. Thatcher was Conservative Party Leader and then Prime Minister. Janet Fallon emphasizes her rhetorical appeals to enact a vision of social, economic, and political change in Britain.

Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress. It is published daily when Congress is in session. The Congressional Record began publication in 1873. Debates for sessions prior to 1873 are recorded in The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States (1789-1824), the Register of Debates in Congress (1824-1837), and the Congressional Globe (1833-1873)

Thatcher s Spy

Author : Wilie Carlin
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Early one morning in March 1985, as he climbed the six steps of Margaret Thatcher's prime-ministerial jet on the runway of RAF Aldergrove, little did Willie Carlin know the role Freddie Scappaticci played in saving his life. So began the dramatic extraction of Margaret Thatcher's key undercover agent in Sinn Fein - Willie Carlin, aka Agent 3007. For 11 years the former British soldier worked alongside former IRA commander Martin McGuinness in the republican movement's political wing in Derry. He was MI5's man at McGuinness' side and gave the British State unprecedented insight into the IRA leader's strategic thinking. Carlin worked with McGuinness to develop Sinn Fein's election strategy after the 1981 hunger strike, and the MI5 and later FRU agent's reports on McGuinness, Adams and other republicans were read by the British Cabinet, including Margaret Thatcher herself. When Carlin's cover was blown in mid-1985 thanks to one of his old MI5 handlers being jailed as a Soviet spy, Thatcher authorised the use of her jet to whisk him to safety. Incredibly, it was another British 'super spy' inside the IRA's secretive counter-intelligence unit, the 'nuttin' squad', who saved Carlin's life. The Derry man is perhaps the only person alive thanks to the information provided by the 'jewel in the crown' of British military intelligence - Freddie Scappaticci aka "Stakeknife . In Thatcher's Spy, the Cold War meets Northern Ireland's Dirty War in the remarkable real-life story of a deep under-cover British intelligence agent, a man now doomed forever to look over his shoulder. . .

Understanding Teaching and Learning in Primary Education

Author : Mike Carroll
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This textbook gives you guidance and insights into the knowledge, values and commitments necessary to succeed in the primary classroom, supported by links to theory and research literature and realistic scenarios you may encounter as a new teacher. Fully updated throughout, key features of this second edition include: · A new chapter on inclusive education · Newly expanded coverage of digital learning, engaging with educational research and the role of the primary teacher · New ‘View from Practice’ examples · Cross-referenced links to the Teachers’ Standards in England and the GTCS Professional Standards in Scotland and where they are covered within the book This is essential reading for professional studies modules on primary initial teacher education courses, including university-based (PGCE, PGDE, BA QTS, BEd), school-based (SCITT, School Direct) and employment-based routes into teaching.

Dismantling Canada

Author : Brooke Jeffrey
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Stephen Harper is the first prime minister to represent the new Conservative Party, and the first to declare that his goals include nothing less than changing Canada by entrenching conservative values and replacing the Liberals as the country’s natural governing party. After nine years of a closed-door governing style, his agenda is no longer hidden. As Brooke Jeffrey outlines in compelling detail in Dismantling Canada, Harper’s agenda is driven by a desire to impose order and tradition at home, and to take firm stands on emerging issues abroad. With only thirty-nine per cent of the popular vote in 2011, his government appears to have gone a surprisingly long way towards achieving those objectives, with little or no concerted public opposition. Illuminating the importance and influence of British and especially American right-wing conservatives on Harper’s strategies, the book explains how he has achieved so much through a combination of stealth, pragmatism, and ruthless determination. Providing fascinating insight into the origins of a new conservative vision for the economy, federalism, and domestic and foreign policies, Dismantling Canada explores Harper’s successes and failures, and evaluates the likely outcome of his long-term agenda to change Canada into a country most Canadians would not recognize.

The Lingering Dead

Author : J.N. Duncan
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She cracks the FBI's toughest supernatural crimes, from Chicago's windy streets and beyond, into the next world. But a malevolent force now has her reputation--and her team--in its sights. . . Jackie Rutledge has faced down everything from the darkest sorcery to uber-vengeful revenants. But heading up the Bureau's special paranormal unit is presenting unexpected challenges. Handling otherworldly egos and politics has never come easy to this loner agent. And opening up to her sexy vampire lover, Nick, is as unnerving as her unwanted new ability to slip between the realms of the living and the dead. . . Now an insidious power holding helpless ghosts in thrall is using any means necessary to discredit Jackie and split her team apart for good. The only chance she has means baiting the terrifying Deadworld being stalking her dreams, hunting her every step--and growing ever more hungry for her ultimate sacrifice. . . Praise for Deadworld "The perfect dark fantasy." --Kat Richardson "Bloody, delicious, twisted." --Lilith Saintcrow, New York Times bestselling author of the Jill Kismet, Hunter series "Duncan's deftly subtle debut creeps up on you like a ghost in the night." --Mark Henry, author of Happy Hour of the Damned "One hell of a debut novel in what could be the most promising urban fantasy series to hit the shelves this year."

Margaret Thatcher The Iron Lady Who Made History Biography 3rd Grade Children s Biography Books

Author : Baby Professor
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Margaret Thatcher served as the Prime Minister of the UK. She was dubbed as the Iron Lady because of her policies. What were these policies, you ask? Well, you have to open this book to find out. You will also read about Thatcher’s personal life from the pages of this book. Grab a copy today!

Education Training and the Future of Work I

Author : John Ahier
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A central claim of this volume is that public policy in education and training can only be properly understood if it is seen in relation to prevailing economic and employment conditions. It has become increaslingly apparent that the neo-liberal economic policies pursued by Western governments during the 1980s and 1990s have led to a growing world-wide 'work crisis'. Unemployment levels, particularly in Europe, remain persistently high, and for those in employment, job insecurity and long working hours have become the norm. The response of UK governments has been to promote 'flexibility' in employment practices while proclaiming the importance of improving skill levels through education and training. This volume challenges the adequacy of such an approach, and asks whether reliance on education and training reforms without additional political intervention in economic processes is capable of reversing current trends. Issues covered in this reader include: * the impact of globalization on employment trends * neo-liberal and neo-Keynesian approaches to employment policy * political reforms in education and training institutions * the impact of flexibilization on private life and the family. The two volumes in this series are readers for the Open University course Education, Training and the Future of Work, E837, a module of the MA in Education. The companion volume is Education, Training and the Future of Work II: Developments in Vocational Education and Training. John Ahier is Lecturer in Education at the Open University. Geoff Esland is Director of the Centre for Sociology and Social Research at the Open University and Course team Chair of E837.

Proceedings of the Delaware County Institute of Science

Author : Delaware County Institute of Science (Delaware County, Pa.)
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Pick Up Sticks

Author : Emma Lathen
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ePubl version. Second Home development in New England that intersects with the Appalachian Trail. Hijinks, carrying on, great fun, with wit and humor that only Emma Lathen can add to a mystery. Truly the American Agatha Christie.

Revolution Rock

Author : Amy Britton
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The ages of Thatcherism and New Labour are two of the most significant of the twentieth century, and more alike than they would care to admit. Out of these years of political turmoil have come many brilliant, often politically dissenting, British albums which have captured the landscape of the time. This is the story of those albums.

Maggie The First Lady

Author : Brenda Maddox
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Who was Margaret Thatcher? Her influence on politics is well documented - not least by Lady Thatcher herself. What no one has attempted before this book by award-winning biographer Brenda Maddox, is to present the personal story of the woman who has been described as 'the most significant Englishwoman since Elizabeth I'. Brenda Maddox traces the life of the grocer's daughter from Grantham who became the most successful Conservative Prime Minister of the twentieth century. Unprecedented access to people who knew her throughout her life, (some who have never spoken before) enables the author to paint a fully rounded portrait of a woman who - even after her death - is still both vilified and adored. Through the eyes of her contemporaries we begin to understand this extraordinary woman, whose shadow still falls accross British life.

The Thatcher Revolution

Author : Earl Aaron Reitan
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Earl A. Reitan examines the polices adopted by three revolutionary Prime Ministers, and insightfully illuminates the broader implications of the leaders' profound influence on British politics and society. Written clearly and concisely, The Thatcher Revolution is essential reading for anyone interested in the state and future of modern Britain.

Historic Colorado Mansions Castles

Author : Linda Wommack
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The discovery of gold and silver in Colorado's Rocky Mountains minted millionaires by the ton. The rough settlements of miners and ranchers quickly transformed into habitations more suitable for the newly wealthy class. William Newton Byers founded the Centennial State's first newspaper and built an Italianate-style palace with the proceeds, while Walter Scott Cheesman's Capitol Hill home later became the governor's residence. Stroll into the parlors and drawing rooms of oligarchs like August A. Meyer, Lyman Robison and James Joseph Brown. Visit Romanesque castles cut from native lava and country retreats designed by the country's foremost architects. Linda Wommack offers a tour of the finest mansions in Colorado, all proudly bearing the mark of the State and National Registers of Historic Preservation.