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The Accidental War

Author : Walter Jon Williams
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Blending fast-paced military science fiction and space opera, the first volume in a dynamic trilogy from the New York Times bestselling author of The Praxis, set in the universe of his popular and critically acclaimed Dread Empire’s Fall series—a tale of blood, courage, adventure and battle in which the fate of an empire rests in the hands of a cadre of desperate exiles. It’s been seven years since the end of the Naxid War. Sidelined for their unorthodox tactics by a rigid, tradition-bound military establishment, Captain Gareth Martinez and Captain the Lady Sula are stewing in exile, frustrated and impatient to exercise the effective and lethal skills they were born to use in fighting the enemy. Yet after the ramshackle empire left by the Shaa conquerors is shaken by a series of hammer blows that threaten the foundations of the commonwealth, the result is a war that no one planned, no one expected, and no one knows how to end. Now, Martinez, Sula, and their confederate Nikki Severin must escape the clutches of their enemies, rally the disorganized elements of the fleet, and somehow restore the fragile peace—or face annihilation at the hands of a vastly superior force.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

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The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is the premier public resource on scientific and technological developments that impact global security. Founded by Manhattan Project Scientists, the Bulletin's iconic "Doomsday Clock" stimulates solutions for a safer world.

The Accidental Guerrilla

Author : David Kilcullen
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A Senior Counterinsurgency Advisor to General David Petraeus, Kilcullen's vision of war dramatically influenced America's decision to rethink its military strategy in Iraq. Now, Kilcullen provides a remarkably fresh perspective on the War on Terror.

The Vietnam War Files

Author : Jeffrey P. Kimball
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Using excerpts from formerly secret files, presents commentary on Nixon and Kissinger's management of the Vietnam War, their efforts to end it, and discusses "madman theory" and the "decent-interval" option.

Accidental Nuclear War

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The Accidental President

Author : Harris I. Baseman
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When an explosion rips through the home of Gulf War veteran Clarence Davenport, Secret Service Agent John Wallace and White House aide Molly Pemberton are certain that Davenport, the assassin who killed President Butler, had killed himself. President Silver, the former Education Secretary who became President when Davenport killed all other legal successors to the Presidency, informs the nation that the crime of the century has been solved and that the perpetrator is dead, only to have to admit, days later, that Davenport had escaped. National outrage at Davenport's escape escalates, fueled by Senator Jeb Davies' political ambition and his hatred of Ben Silver. Davenport, the world's most sought after fugitive, with no other place to go, is recruited by Saudi expatriates opposed to the Royal Family and ends up in an Al Qaeda training camp where he devises another plan to kill President Silver and attack the United States. Silver tries to stave off the rising tide of impeachment and at the same time combat the increasing risk of a terrorist attack that will destroy the Presidency and fundamentally change the Unites States unless he can avoid impeachment and intercept the threat. " timely as this evening's news " -Melannie Lauers, Cape Cod Times(on After Kamisiyah) " an intriguing insight " -Mathew Call, Newton Tab (on After Kamisiyah)

The Accidental Immigrant

Author : Jerzy Glowczewski
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From the Author Having spent nearly ten years writing my memoirs, originally in Polish, I hope that with this English edition they will reach a wider circle of readers. They span more than eighty years of turbulent world historyand when is such history not turbulent?--and include details which may not be familiar to many readers. Those acquainted with the epoch I am describing may wander, before picking up the book, whether it is yet another retelling of an often described drama, the subject already of myriad historical classics. I would say, yes, but it is a retelling with a twist. This book is, above all, a tale of exceptional good fortune, which, in contrast to the experiences of many others of my generation, has been my oddly lucky lot. I have lived on the edge of a precipice, yet have somehow managed to miss the worst fate. I have been steps away from death, a refugee fleeing deportation, starvation, and death camps. While fighting on two fronts during World War II, I had been shot at innumerable times; while in combat, I have without a doubt caused the death of others. After the wars end, living under a Soviet-imposed communist regime, I was spared torture and prison. And I did not choose emigration, but circumstances forced meand my wife and daughterto accept it. Luckily, we found ourselves in Americaland of promise. Ironically, however, we arrived here during a difficult period of social upheaval and racial unrest. Political conflict, assassinations, bombings, and the tragedy of an interventionist war in Indochina formed the backdrop of our new life in our adopted country. Later, working in the Middle East, I witnessed the early seeds of the conflict that now besieges us all. Looking back, I can hardly believe that through it all my luck held out, and that I was able to write my memoirs in the peace and quiet of my own home. And I trust that you will enjoy reading them--the story of an incorrigible optimist.

The Accidental Conservative

Author : Jim Riggins
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In the early nineties, Jim Riggins became a conservative on a bet. He didnt expect to enjoy the ruse but did. Years later, he found himself in the White House working for George W. Bush. Life was good for the GOP, but thanks to the Right's fealty to authority, the party stumbled. As a result, a plan to win back the hearts and minds of America was devised. Along with chicken-hawks like El Rushbo, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity and, of course, Sarah Palin, Forty-Three enlists in the Army after his two terms. He does so at the direction of Dick Cheney who also orders Jim to enlist and run interference for the former president. But theres a problem. Americans are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq. Then Vietnam attacks a neighbor and provides the group a warzone where Americans arent dying. Trained up, the flock deploys to Vietnam Part II where Charlie attacks its vehicle and throws its members into a POW camp. Starved and sick, the group is forced to survive in the jungle under the ideological Colonel Mai. But the group can go home if it agrees to do one thing.

The Accidental City

Author : Lawrence N. Powell
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Chronicles the history of the city from its being contended over as swampland through Louisiana's statehood in 1812, discussing its motley identities as a French village, African market town, Spanish fortress, and trade center.

Competitive Arms Control

Author : John D. Maurer
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The essential history of the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) during the Nixon Administration How did Richard Nixon, a president so determined to compete for strategic nuclear advantage over the Soviet Union, become one of the most successful arms controllers of the Cold War? Drawing on newly opened Cold War archives, John D. Maurer argues that a central purpose of arms control talks for American leaders was to channel nuclear competition toward areas of American advantage and not just international cooperation. While previous accounts of the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) have emphasized American cooperative motives, Maurer highlights how Nixon, National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, and Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird shaped negotiations, balancing their own competitive interests with proponents of cooperation while still providing a coherent rationale to Congress. Within the arms control agreements, American leaders intended to continue deploying new weapons, and the arms control restrictions, as negotiated, allowed the United States to sustain its global power, contain communism, and ultimately prevail in the Cold War.