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Author : Wendy Orent
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A history of the plague documents its outbreaks from the early Roman Justinian plague, to the Black Death, to more recent occurrences, identifying the conditions that can precipitate an epidemic and offering a sobering prognosis for its potential as a bioterrorist weapon. 30,000 first printing.

The Future of Medicine and Health Care

Author : Dr. Walter J. Urban
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Some doctors have died because they went against “the powers that be” in modern medicine. I am not afraid. The evolution of alternative health care will continue until it becomes mainstream... with your help. This book can help you stop suffering the symptoms of disease and actually save your life. It will lead you to the truth about the limitations of doctors, as well as their benefits. Needless suffering and deaths happen due to inadequate practices regarding prescription drugs, misdiagnoses, and improper treatment. Holistic health care teams are the future of medicine. One professional does not have all the answers about the cause, diagnosis and treatment of your condition. Individual health care professionals tend to give patients the idea that they can cure disease. The reality is that no doctor can do what the body does itself. ONLY THE BODY HEALS ITSELF. In order to do that, your body needs the right tools. This book will help point you in the right direction.

Global Innovation Index 2019 Creating Healthy Lives The Future of Medical Innovation

Author : World Intellectual Property Organization
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The Global Innovation Index 2019 provides detailed metrics about the innovation performance of 129 countries and economies around the world. Its 80 indicators explore a broad vision of innovation, including political environment, education, infrastructure and business sophistication. The GII 2019 analyzes the medical innovation landscape of the next decade, looking at how technological and non-technological medical innovation will transform the delivery of healthcare worldwide. It also explores the role and dynamics of medical innovation as it shapes the future of healthcare, and the potential influence this may have on economic growth. Chapters of the report provide more details on this year’s theme from academic, business, and particular country perspectives from leading experts and decision makers.

Future Medicine

Author : Michael Howard Cohen
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Future Medicine is an investigation into the clinical, legal, ethical, and regulatory changes occurring in our health care system as a result of the developing field of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Here Michael H. Cohen describes the likely evolution of the legal system and the health care system at the crossroads of developments in the way human beings care for body, mind, emotions, environment, and soul. Through the use of fascinating and relevant case studies, Cohen presents stimulating questions that will challenge academics, intellectuals, and all those interested in the future of health care. In concise, evocative strokes, the book lays the foundation for a novel synthesis of ideas from such diverse disciplines as transpersonal psychology, political philosophy, and bioethics. Providing an exploration of regulatory conundrums faced by many healing professionals, Cohen articulates the value of expanding our concept of health care regulation to consider not only goals of fraud control and quality assurance, but also health care freedom, integration of global medicine, and human transformation. Future Medicine provides a fair-minded, illuminating, and honest discussion that will interest hospice workers, pastoral counselors, and psychotherapists, as well as bioethicists, physicians and allied health care providers, complementary and alternative medical providers (such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, massage therapists, homeopaths, and herbalists), and attorneys, hospital administrators, health care executives, and government health care workers. Michael H. Cohen is Director for Legal Programs, the Center for Research and Education in Complementary and Integrative Medical Therapies, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School.

The Culture for the Future of Healthcare Architecture

Author : Romano Del Nord
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The Doctor s Rescue Mission Mills Boon Medical Air Rescue Book 2

Author : Marion Lennox
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The disaster. A tidal wave has swept across Petrel Island. Houses are destroyed, people injured, homeless...or worse. The rescuers. Dr. Grady Reece leads an Air-Sea Rescue team to help the isolated community...and finds dedicated doctor Morag Lacy in charge.

Light Medicine of the Future

Author : Jacob Liberman
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Light: Medicine of the Future challenges the modern myth that the sun is dangerous to our well-being and claims that technological advancements, such as most fluorescent lighting, sunglasses, tanning lotions, and our indoor lifestyles, may be more harmful than helpful. Integrating scientific research, clinical experience, and his own insights, Dr. Jacob Liberman has worked effectively with more than 15,000 individuals, from the learning disabled and physically/emotionally traumatized to business executives and Olympic athletes. The book discusses the use of light in the treatment of various cancers, depression, stress, visual problems, PMS, sexual dysfunction, learning disabilities, and the human immune system.

Herbal Medicine Back to the Future Volume 4 Infectious Diseases

Author : Ferid Murad
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Herbal Medicine: Back to the Future compiles expert reviews on the application of herbal medicines (including Ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicines and alternative therapies) to treat different ailments. The book series demonstrates the use of sophisticated methods to understand traditional medicine, while providing readers a glimpse into the future of herbal medicine. This volume presents reviews of plant based therapies useful for treating different infectious diseases. The list of topics includes some niche reviews in this area including a review of the neem plant, the historical use of herbs in infectious disease therapy in Russia, and natural remedies from garlic, among other topics., The topics included in this volume are: - Improving anti-microbial activity of allicin and carvacrol through stabilized analogs and nanotechnology - Plant phenolics as an alternative source of antimicrobial compounds - Herbal medicine in Russia’s history: the use of herbal medicine for infectious diseases in Russia’s history - Azadirachta indica (neem) in various infectious diseases - Contribution of novel delivery systems in the development of phytotherapeutics This volume is essential reading for all researchers in the field of natural product chemistry and pharmacology. Medical professionals involved in internal medicine who seek to improve their knowledge about herbal medicine and alternative therapies for tropical and other infectious diseases will also benefit from the contents of the volume.

Our Medical Future

Author : Jeffrey A. Fisher
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A survey of what the future will bring to the health profession explores such medical trends as artificial organs, neuropharmacology, and separation of sex and reproduction through genetic engineering

Future of Health Care and the Elderly geriatric Medicine

Author : United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Aging. Subcommittee on Health and Long-Term Care
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Transgender Health and Medicine History Practice Research and the Future

Author : Dana Jennett Bevan Ph.D.
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This text starts with the history of transgender science and provides current, evidence-based information on theories and treatment procedures, concluding with projections of future scientific developments. • Offers comprehensive, evidence-based scientific information • Contains a glossary of key terms • Provides a resource list for reference

The U S Government and the Future of International Medical Research

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Subcommittee on Reorganization and International Organizations of the Government Operations Committee
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The U S Government and the Future of International Medical Research

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Government Operations
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The U S Government and the Future of International Medical Research

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Government Operations. Subcommittee on Reorganization and International Organizations
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Innovation Wars

Author : Scott Bales
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Innovation Wars confronts the emotions of innovation and explains how innovation isn’t really about new ideas, but about the people who execute them. The modern economy brings a multitude of challenges for organizations. Digital culture has taken over as a prime driver of consumer behavior, startups are continuously disrupting traditional industries, and organizations are going out of business as a rising number have announced intentions to launch innovation labs or partner with nimbler organizations. The economy has evolved into a battlefield, full of attempts, failures, and successes. Innovation Wars provides new business designs, new tools, and new frameworks for today’s leaders to steer their organization towards success. Technology guru Scott Bales looks at the models of successful organizations, mapping out a strategic roadmap to success with a fresh take on the nature of innovation. He guides business leaders through a journey of self-reflection on their way to experimentation and value proposition discovery. Readers are given practical tools they can apply in their current organization to reduce the guess work in strategy and market success. They learn to do things the likes of Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon have done time and time again: harness the power of their voice to find new ways to solve old problems and unlock market frustration.

Encyclopedia of the Black Death

Author : Joseph Patrick Byrne
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This encyclopedia provides 300 interdisciplinary, cross-referenced entries that document the effect of the plague on Western society across the four centuries of the second plague pandemic, balancing medical history and technical matters with historical, cultural, social, and political factors.

The Future of Medical Journals

Author : Stephen Lock
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Disease Maps

Author : Tom Koch
File Size : 90.13 MB
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The chapters in this book cover yellow fever, diseases in cities, John Snow's cholera, mapping symptoms, 'Asiatic Cholera', cancer as cholera, and much, much more.

The Fourth Procedure

Author : Stanley Pottinger
File Size : 52.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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As an attorney prepares to argue a life-and-death case before a hostile Supreme Court nominee, a Washington, D.C., medical examiner discovers evidence of an outrageous plot to extend the limits of the human body. A first novel. $250,000 ad/promo.

Health Psychology

Author : Deborah Fish Ragin
File Size : 89.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This textbook takes a truly interdisciplinary approach to studying health psychology. It examines five systems that affect individual health outcomes: individual, family/community, social/physical environment, healthcare systems, and health policy. While grounded in psychology, it incorporates perspectives from anthropology, biology, economics, environmental studies, medicine, public health, and sociology. The social ecological perspective on health psychology creates a depth of understanding of the diverse facets of health. This text also examines health from a global perspective by exploring the impact of infectious and chronic illnesses locally, regionally and globally. This new edition includes updated statistics and references throughout, a new chapter on psychoneuroimmunology, and significant changes and updates to the chapters on health care systems and risky health behaviors. It will be of particular interest to undergraduate students. For additional resources, consult, where instructors will find downloadable lecture slides, instructor manual, and testbank.