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The American Public Library Handbook

Author : Guy A. Marco
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This reference work documents every aspect of the American public library experience through topical entries, statistics, biographies, and profiles.


Author : Lowell Arthur Martin
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Lowell Martin gives an overview of the notable events and underlying trends that either furthered or deterred the growth of libraries in 19th century America. The book is organized in chronological order.

Administration of the Public Library

Author : Alice Gertzog
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Combines theory and practical advice to address public library policies, procedures, resources, and human relations in a clear manner. "Expect future editions of this eminently readable, yet well-documented text." —LIBRARY JOURNAL

Equity and Excellence in the Public Library

Author : Bob Usherwood
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This important volume by one of the leading scholars in the field examines and discusses how library professionals can meet the demands of policy makers to open up the public library system without destroying its values. Based on a critical literature review, a survey of library professionals and consultations with other stakeholders, the book discusses the challenges involved in providing a service that prioritizes equity and social inclusion while at the same time attempting to promote and maintain quality, excellence and ethical standards. In assessing how those responsible for public libraries around the world go about this task the author advocates a service that is sensitive to difference and seeks to provide access to the best.

Reference Services Planning in the 90s

Author : Gail Z. Eckwright
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Here is a comprehensive look at planning for reference services in the 1990s. Full of practical as well as theoretical information, Reference Services Planning in the 90s gives readers a valuable overview of the "big picture" in current reference service. While some of the issues that faced librarians ten years ago are no longer significant, others remain--and an entirely new set of topics has arisen which needs to be addressed in light of recent developments in the field. Readers will find this book an important source of guidance and help as they negotiate their way through the current decade of reference services and beyond. Reference Services Planning in the 90s focuses on the issues that are important in reference work today. Chapters are practitioner-oriented and informational in nature. Some contain extensive bibliographies for future research. Among the many topics discussed are: reference service to rural library users and off-campus students and faculty the high cost of reference and the need for reassessment of service and delivery planning for online reference NREN and reference service education for reference/information service evaluation of reference service Library educators, library administrators of medium to large institutions, and reference librarians at all levels will find of wealth of practical knowledge in Reference Services Planning in the 90s. Individuals planning for reference service in academic and larger public libraries will find useful information in the areas of automation, education and staff development, evaluation, and service to specific populations. The book also serves as a helpful tool for those teaching reference services.

Free to All

Author : Abigail A. Van Slyck
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Familiar landmarks in hundreds of American towns, Carnegie libraries have shaped the public library experience of generations of Americans and today seen far from controversial. In Free to All, however, Abigail Van Slyck shows that the classical facades and symmetrical plans of these buildings often mask the complex and contentious circumstances of their construction and use.

Main Street Public Library

Author : Wayne A. Wiegand
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The United States has more public libraries than it has McDonald’s restaurants. By any measure, the American public library is a heavily used and ubiquitous institution. Popular thinking identifies the public library as a neutral agency that protects democratic ideals by guarding against censorship as it makes information available to people from all walks of life. Among librarians this idea is known as the “library faith.” But is the American public library as democratic as it appears to be? In Main Street Public Library, eminent library historian Wayne Wiegand studies four emblematic small-town libraries in the Midwest from the late nineteenth century through the federal Library Service Act of 1956, and shows that these institutions served a much different purpose than is so often perceived. Rather than acting as neutral institutions that are vital to democracy, the libraries of Sauk Centre, Minnesota; Osage, Iowa; Rhinelander, Wisconsin; and Lexington, Michigan, were actually mediating community literary values and providing a public space for the construction of social harmony. These libraries, and the librarians who ran them, were often just as susceptible to the political and social pressures of their time as any other public institution. By analyzing the collections of all four libraries and revealing what was being read and why certain acquisitions were passed over, Wiegand challenges both traditional perceptions and professional rhetoric about the role of libraries in our small-town communities. While the American public library has become essential to its local community, it is for reasons significantly different than those articulated by the “library faith.”

The Government of the American Public Library

Author : Carleton Bruns Joeckel
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Whitaker s Book List

Author :
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The American Public Library

Author : Arthur Elmore Bostwick
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