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James Madison and the Creation of the American Republic

Author : Jack N. Rakove
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As the "father of the Constitution," James Madison's accomplishments are inseparable from the nation he helped create. From his early days in the state legislature of colonial Virginia to his two terms as president, Madison worked tirelessly alongside - and sometimes in opposition to - his political contemporaries to secure the future of a fledging United States. In this biography, author Jack N. Rakove examines both the life and legacy of this Founding Father, showing how the ideological foundation he helped build still supports our nation today.

Baptists and the American Republic

Author : Joseph Martin Dawson
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The American Republic Through reconstruction

Author : Richard Hofstadter
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The Growth of the American Republic

Author : Samuel Eliot Morison
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The Growth of the American Republic

Author : Samuel Eliot Morison, Henry Steele Commager
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The Making of the American Republic

Author : Charles Callan Tansill
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Rethinking America

Author : John M. Murrin
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For five decades John M. Murrin has been the consummate historian's historian. This volume brings together his seminal essays on the American Revolution, the United States Constitution, and the early American Republic. Collectively, they rethink fundamental questions regarding American identity, the decision to declare independence in 1776, and the impact the American Revolution had on the nation it produced. By digging deeply into questions that have shaped the field for several generations, Rethinking America argues that high politics and the study of constitutional and ideological questions--broadly the history of elites--must be considered in close conjunction with issues of economic inequality, class conflict, and racial division. Bringing together different schools of history and a variety of perspectives on both Britain and the North American colonies, it explains why what began as a constitutional argument, that virtually all expected would remain contained within the British Empire, exploded into a truly subversive and radical revolution that destroyed monarchy and aristocracy and replaced them with a rapidly transforming and chaotic republic. This volume examines the period of the early American Republic and discusses why the Founders' assumptions about what their Revolution would produce were profoundly different than the society that emerged from the American Revolution. In many ways, Rethinking America suggests that the outcome of the American Revolution put the new United States on a path to a violent and bloody civil war. With an introduction by Andrew Shankman, this long-awaited work by one of the most important scholars of the Revolutionary era offers a coherent interpretation of the complex period that saw the breakdown of colonial British North America and the founding of the United States.

Washington and the American Republic

Author : Benson John Lossing
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Law Labor and Ideology in the Early American Republic

Author : Christopher L. Tomlins
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This book presents a fundamental reinterpretation of law and politics in America between 1790 and 1850, the crucial period of the Republic's early growth and its movement toward industrialism. It is the most detailed study yet available of the intellectual and institutional processes that created the foundation categories framing all the basic legal relationships involving working people.

The Moral Foundations of the American Republic

Author : Robert H. Horwitz
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