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The Animals Among Us

Author : John Bradshaw
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'A pioneering study ... richly, empathetically and affectionately respectful of the human-animal bond' Sunday Times Why do humans love animals? The bestselling author of In Defence of Dogs and Cat Sense gives us the answers. Keeping pets is expensive, time-consuming, and seemingly irrational - so why do so many of us have an animal in our lives? Modern-day pet-keeping has been justified for many reasons, from the potential therapeutic role pets can play, to their appealing 'cuteness'. But pet-keeping is much more than just a simple pastime. It is part of the broader history of humanity's relationship with animals - a relationship that comes from deep within our nature. As John Bradshaw reveals in this highly original new work, our connection with animals is one of the very things that makes us human. In The Animals Among Us, Bradshaw takes us to the heart of Anthrozoology, a new science dedicated to discovering the true nature and depth of the human-animal bond. Following the thread of our affection for animals, from today's pet lovers all the way back to our ancient ancestors, Bradshaw reveals how animals have always been an integral part of our lives: indeed, they have shaped the evolution of our minds and our bodies. The ways in which we relate to animals today stem ultimately from our evolutionary journey from hominid to Homo sapiens. An affinity for animals drove our evolution as humans. Now, as increasing numbers of species are under threat, John Bradshaw shows us that pet-keeping can act as a bridge between the domestic and the wild, even aiding conservation. If we lose the animals among us, he warns, we risk losing an essential part of ourselves.

The Animals Among Us

Author : John C. McLoughlin
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"An appreciation of inquilines--the beasts that share our bed and board"--Jacket subtitle.

Darwin in der Stadt Die rasante Evolution der Tiere im Gro stadtdschungel

Author : Menno Schilthuizen
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Echtzeitevolution: ein neuer Blick auf das geheime Leben der Städte Amseln sind größer, dicker und lauter als ihre Artgenossen draußen im Wald und haben jede Scheu vor Menschen, Hunden und Katzen verloren. Regenwürmer kommen bestens zurecht in verdreckter Innenstadterde. Motten fliegen nicht mehr ins Licht. Gras gedeiht prächtig auf zinkdurchsetztem Boden. Und Kojoten warten an Ampeln. Tiere legen ererbte Verhaltensweisen ab. Man kann Evolution in Echtzeit beobachten, und das mitten in der Stadt. Das ist das große Wunder, das in diesem Buch gewürdigt wird.

Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen

Author : Maurice Sendak
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Der kleine Max lässt sich ganz allein zum Land der wilden Kerle treiben. Er wird der Wildeste von allen und sie machen ihn zu ihrem König. (ab 4)

The Dog by the Cradle the Serpent Beneath

Author : Erika Ritter
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Evaluates the contradictory attitudes that people have about animals, exploring such disparate facts as a belief that pets are part of a family in spite of high meat consumption, in a report that draws on interviews with philosophers, farmers, and other commentators. Original.

Zoological Mythology Or The Legends of Animals by Angelo De Gubernatis

Author :
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Reprinted Pieces and the Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices

Author : Charles Dickens
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History and Pathology of Vaccination

Author : Edgar March Crookshank
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Vol. 2 contains reproductions of original title pages of ten of the essays. Bibliographical footnotes.

Agriculture of Maine

Author : Maine. Board of Agriculture
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The Perfect Horse

Author : William Henry Harrison Murray
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