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Scarab Seals from a Middle to Late Bronze Age Tomb at Pella in Jordan

Author : Fiona V. Richards
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The Anra Scarab

Author : Fiona Richards
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The potential of the scarab seal is still neglected by many archaeologists. They are primarily considered for chronological purposes, and so their capacity as an historical document is under-rated, as is their value as an archaeological tool. Luckily, more recent studies are beginning to assess the archaeological and historical value of scarabs, and in particular design scarabs, revealing them as potential indicators of cultural interaction, and it is within this genre that the anra (identified always bya sequence of hieroglyphs which includes the letters n and r) scarab is considered in this extensive study. The aim of this work is to try and establish the status, function, meaning, and significance of the anra scarab, and possibly offer something new with regard to the nature of the relationships that existed between the countries of Africa and the Levant during the latter part of the Middle Bronze Age.

The Anra Scarab

Author : Fiona Virginia Richards
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Scarabs Chronology and Interconnections

Author : Daphna Ben-Tor
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Rise of the Hyksos

Author : Anna-Latifa Mourad
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Manetho's obscure reference to a race of invaders has been a constant source of debate and controversy. This book assesses the rise to power of the Hyksos, exploring the preliminary stages that enabled them to gain control over a portion of Egyptian territory and thus to merit a small mention in Manetho's history.

Egyptian Iconography on Syro Palestinian Cylinder Seals of the Middle Bronze Age

Author : Beatrice Teissier
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Overturning Certainties in Near Eastern Archaeology

Author : Çiğdem Maner
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This volume presents thirty-five chapters on archaeology, archaeometry, art history, and epigraphy of the Ancient Near East in honor of Professor K. Aslıhan Yener.

The Oxford Handbook of Egyptology

Author : Ian Shaw
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The Oxford Handbook of Egyptology offers a comprehensive survey of the entire study of ancient Egypt from prehistory through to the end of the Roman period. It seeks to place Egyptology within its theoretical, methodological, and historical contexts, indicating how the subject has evolved and discussing its distinctive contemporary problems, issues, and potential. Transcending conventional boundaries between archaeological and ancient textual analysis, the volume brings together 63 chapters that range widely across archaeological, philological, and cultural sub-disciplines, highlighting the extent to which Egyptology as a subject has diversified and stressing the need for it to seek multidisciplinary methods and broader collaborations if it is to remain contemporary and relevant. Organized into ten parts, it offers a comprehensive synthesis of the various sub-topics and specializations that make up the field as a whole, from the historical and geographical perspectives that have influenced its development and current characteristics, to aspects of museology and conservation, and from materials and technology - as evidenced in domestic architecture and religious and funerary items - to textual and iconographic approaches to Egyptian culture. Authoritative yet accessible, it serves not only as an invaluable reference work for scholars and students working within the discipline, but also as a gateway into Egyptology for classicists, archaeologists, anthropologists, sociologists, and linguists.

Approaches to the Analysis of Production Activity at Archaeological Sites

Author : Anna K. Hodgkinson
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Proceedings of a workshop held in Berlin, 2018, focusing on manufacturing activities identified at archaeological sites. New excavation techniques, ethnographic research, archaeometric approaches, GIS, experimental archaeology, and theoretical issues associated with how researchers understand production in the past, are presented here.

Anra Scarab

Author : Fiona Richards
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