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The Maestro s Voice

Author : Roland Vernon
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New York, 1926. Rocco Campobello, the great tenor - one of the most revered entertainers in the world - collapses on stage. He emerges from this brush with death a changed man: a fallen, but enlightened colossus, Casting off the mantle of celebrity, he embarks on a journey into his dark and sinister past which takes him back to his impoverished early life and to the city that made him: Naples. There he is forced to confront the truth about himself, his ruthlessness and treachery and to address ghosts from his past that he now seeks to lay to rest. Magnificent, flamboyant, yet impoverished and decaying, Naples is a city caught in the throes of change. The old ways, embodied in the activities of the camorra, the Italian mafia, are fighting to survive in the face of the brutal new poltics of Mussolini and his Fascists. Don Graziani, head of one of the city's most respected - and fear - families, has much to lose if the great tenor's career falls apart. In league with Campobello's near-estranged wife, he conspires to re-launch the great voice in magnificent fashion. When persuasion fails, he reveals his true colours and resorts to brutal blackmail as the means to force the tenor to go along with their plans and return to the stage. Rediscovering his own integrity, Campobello is compelled to hatch a dangerous counter plot of his own in order to outmanoeuvre them all and reclaim his life as his own... The Master's Voice weaves a rich and evocative path through a world of celebrity glamour, stinging violence, musical supremacy and scarred psyches.

Maestro s Muse

Author : Scarlett Finn
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Jaycee Kirk is desperate. So when she gets an offer to make a shitload of money, she can't ignore her curiosity. Beckett Trent is damn sure he doesn't want a wife. The reclusive artist has to maintain his anonymity, but that makes it tough for him to have the one thing he wants more than anything else: a child. Jaycee can give him what he needs without complications; the last thing she wants to be is a mother. But the money? She can't refuse that. When she says yes, Beck believes his simple dream can become a reality. That is until she steps into his studio. There in that private space, the lines between life and art blur and simple becomes an abstract concept. Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over. KEYWORDS: Steamy, hot, slowburn, contemporary surrogacy romance, alpha artist maestro, inspired by muse, colleagues, workplace romance, obsessive forbidden love, secret romance, passion, desire, flamin’ hot, sexual chemistry, wealthy single father requires surrogate to fulfill dream of having children, insemination pregnancy, independent heroine, female protagonist, hidden identity hero, strong, security, bouncer, bodyguard, artist, dual identity, addicted to each other, codependent, obsession with each other, true passion, forever love, mature, 18+, heroine driven, opposites attract, affair, obsessive love, forbidden love, emotional, kissing books, slow burn, HEA, Happily ever after, twins, pregnant, wealthy hero, addiction, inspiration, muse, maestro's, maestro, codependent, addicted to love, sexy, family, love, love books, emotional journey, strong heroine, captivating romance, mesmerizing, sparks, sexual chemistry, chemistry, loyalty, swoon, protective, possessive, jealous, jealousy, romance, romantic, heartwarming, heart-warming, sassy, hot, hot romance, co-workers, workplace romance, colleagues, single father.

The Sacred Language of the Abaku

Author : Lydia Cabrera
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In 1988, Lydia Cabrera (1899–1991) published La lengua sagrada de los Ñáñigos, an Abakuá phrasebook that is to this day the largest work available on any African diaspora community in the Americas. In the early 1800s in Cuba, enslaved Africans from the Cross River region of southeastern Nigeria and southwestern Cameroon created Abakuá societies for protection and mutual aid. Abakuá rites reenact mythic legends of the institution’s history in Africa, using dance, chants, drumming, symbolic writing, herbs, domestic animals, and masked performers to represent African ancestors. Criminalized and scorned in the colonial era, Abakuá members were at the same time contributing to the creation of a unique Cuban culture, including rumba music, now considered a national treasure. Translated for the first time into English, Cabrera’s lexicon documents phrases vital to the creation of a specific African-derived identity in Cuba and presents the first “insider’s” view of this African heritage. This text presents thoroughly researched commentaries that link hundreds of entries to the context of mythic rites, skilled ritual performance, and the influence of Abakuá in Cuban society and popular music. Generously illustrated with photographs and drawings, the volume includes a new introduction to Cabrera’s writing as well as appendices that situate this important work in Cuba’s history. With the help of living Abakuá specialists in Cuba and the US, Ivor L. Miller and P. González Gómes-Cásseres have translated Cabrera’s Spanish into English for the first time while keeping her meanings and cultivated style intact, opening this seminal work to new audiences and propelling its legacy in African diaspora studies.

The Housewife Assassin s Husband Hunting Hints

Author : Josie Brown
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IN THE 12TH NOVEL OF THE HOUSEWIFE ASSASSIN SERIES: There is only one way for housewife assassin Donna Stone to save her husband and mission leader, Jack Craig, from torture and termination: become a traitor and act as a double agent for the terrorist organization known as the Quorum.


Author : Nick Sagan
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“GRIPPING . . . the kind of book you simply don’t want to stop reading.”—Neil Gaiman He calls himself Halloween. He is a unique student attending a most prestigious boarding school—the Idlewild Immersive Virtual Reality Academy. While his body sleeps, his mind interacts with those of his fellow students under the tutelage of the enigmatic artificial intelligence known as Maestro. An inexplicable energy surge has damaged the IVR and fragmented Halloween’s mind. Convinced this anomaly was deliberately triggered to kill him, Halloween is desperate to recover his memories—only to discover a devastating revelation about his true existence. “Idlewild builds, not just in tension but in what it demands from the reader, ending up as a dark exploration of hidden realities.”—The Guardian “Sagan provides plenty of suspense and perfectly captures the angry adolescent solipsism that makes kids into hackers and superheroes.”—Entertainment Weekly

The Bad Maestro

Author : Alberto Zambenedetti
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Often referred to as a master of erotica, Venetian director Tinto Brass is a deeply political man who has made no mystery of his anarchic inclinations. His long career has often been divided into two periods: the first twenty years (1958-1976), during which he practiced an innovative and eclectic mix of filming experimentation and political engagement; and the next thirty (1976-2008), which crystallized his reputation and were his most commercially successful years. The focus of this book are the films that return to the events of World War II, beginning with his nazisploitation milestone Salon Kitty (1976) and ending with his 2003 "return to form" Senso '45. While many of these titles have been understood as Brass's progressive abandonment of the path of "good" or "quality" filmmaking for "cheap" erotica (albeit with the auteur trademark), they also contain many of the director's most sophisticated reflections on Italian and European history.

Dancing Paws of Magic

Author : Maria McArdle
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“This children’s book is a delight! How can I get front row tickets?” – Francesca Watson, The Cat Deep in the countryside near Plucker’s Bottom stands Pluckerslea Hall, an English stately home dating back to the thirteenth century. Visiting furless folk are unaware of the secret tunnels that run beneath, and the music rooms, dormitories, dance studios and theatre fitted out for occupants of a much smaller stature. The occupants are cats! Cats wearing tights, tutus, make-up and wigs, and cats performing in ballets like Coppelia and Swan Lake. But when a beautiful gypsy cat warns of impending doom and trouble comes from the ruthless Bruiser Bumfluff, his fiendish crows and the cut-throat Black Treacle Farm Gang, the cats stop dancing, leaving their ballet master, Erico Poochetti the Shih Tzu, in tears. The future looks bleak for the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company as an evil being plots revenge, lurking in the shadows and watching their every move. Can the ghostly presence of a magical Irish Lepremogg restore the cats’ amazing dancing paws of magic? Inspired by the books of Pamela Brown, Noel Streatfield and Gladys Malvern, the second book in Maria McArdle’s Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company series tells of a friendship between animals that would otherwise be enemies and their fears and determination to preserve their magical way of life. Dancing Paws of Magic contains a number of Maria’s own beautiful illustrations and will be enjoyed by children aged 9-11 years with a love of dancing, theatre and cats, as well as fans of her first book, Introducing the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company.

Invisible Ball of Dreams

Author : Emily Ruth Rutter
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Although many Americans think of Jackie Robinson when considering the story of segregation in baseball, a long history of tragedies and triumphs precede Robinson's momentous debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers. From the pioneering Cuban Giants (1885-1915) to the Negro Leagues (1920-1960), black baseball was a long-standing staple of African American communities. While many of its artifacts and statistics are lost, black baseball figured vibrantly in films, novels, plays, and poems. In Invisible Ball of Dreams: Literary Representations of Baseball behind the Color Line, author Emily Ruth Rutter examines wide-ranging representations of this history by William Brashler, Jerome Charyn, August Wilson, Gloria Naylor, Harmony Holiday, Kevin King, Kadir Nelson, and Denzel Washington, among others. Reading representations across the literary color line, Rutter opens a propitious space for exploring black cultural pride and residual frustrations with racial hypocrisies on the one hand and the benefits and limitations of white empathy on the other. Exploring these topics is necessary to the project of enriching the archives of segregated baseball in particular and African American cultural history more generally.

The Night of Wishes

Author : Michael Ende
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From the author of The Neverending Story, a book that reminds us that “magic—be it good or bad—is no simple matter.” It's New Year’s Eve at the Villa Nightmare but Beelzebub Preposteror is in no mood for celebration. As the Shadow Sorcery Minister,Preposteror has a duty to perform a certain number of evil deeds in service to the Minister of Pitch Darkness. But this year, to his horror, he’s nowhere near meeting that quota. Preposteror has all but given up when who should make an unexpected visit but his aunt, the witch Tyrannia Vampirella. She has come with a diabolical proposal that just might be the solution to Preposterer’s dilemma: together they will brew the fabled Notion Potion, “one of the most ancient and powerful evil spells in the universe,” and their every evil wish will be granted. The only thing that stands in their way is a most unlikely team—a cat named Mauricio di Mauro and a raven known as Jacob Scribble, who have just hours to thwart the plans of their sorcerer masters and save the world from destruction.

The Metropolitan

Author :
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British Leyland

Author : James Taylor
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In 1968, British Leyland brought together many of Britain's motor manufacturers, with the intention of creating a robust unified group that could equal the strength of the big European conglomerates. But this was not to be. There have been many books about the politics and the business activities of British Leyland, but British Leyland - The Cars, 1968-1986 looks exclusively at the cars that came from the company, both the models it inherited and those it created. The eighteen years of the corporation's existence saw a confusing multitude of different car types, but this book resolves these confusions, clarifying who built what, and when. The book takes 1986 as its cut-off point because this was the year that the old British Leyland ceased to exist and what was left of the car and light commercial business was renamed the Rover Group. The book includes: Production histories and technical specifications of every major model; The special overseas models; Appendices on engines, code names, and factories; Buying guidance on the models built in Britain. This is the most comprehensive book so far to focus on the cars from British Leyland between 1968-1986 and it provides an overview of each model's production history, together with essential specification details. It is profusely illustrated with 178 colour and 63 b&w photographs.


Author : Alberto Breccia
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Fantagraphics collects the graphic novel Perramus ― winner of an Amnesty International prize ― in English for the first time. This graphic novel follows the existential odyssey of a political dissident. When he voluntarily loses his memory, he's dubbed "Perramus" from the brand of his raincoat. During his absurdist travels, he teams up with the gruff Cannelloni; a foreign aviator dubbed "The Enemy" by despot Mr. Whitesnow; and the blind author "Borges" (based on the real-life literary figure), who comes to be a guide. This motley crew journeys to outlandish locales where they encounter a variety of eccentric characters ― including a director of trailers for films that will never exist; a guerilla fbeforce of circus folk, clowns, and puppeteers; a tin-pot dictator with a vast fortune built on an empire of excrement; and Ronald Reagan. This highly anticipated collection is an act of resistance in and of itself ― it was created while Argentina's military dictatorship was still in power. Perramus is a cartooning tour de force, with a revolutionary message that remains vital to this day.

The Harmonicon

Author :
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Across the River and Into the Trees

Author : Ernest Hemingway
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In the fall of 1948, Ernest Hemingway made his first extended visit to Italy in thirty years. His reacquaintance with Venice, a city he loved, provided the inspiration for Across the River and into the Trees, the story of Richard Cantwell, a war-ravaged American colonel stationed in Italy at the close of the Second World War, and his love for a young Italian countess. A poignant, bittersweet homage to love that overpowers reason, to the resilience of the human spirit, and to the worldweary beauty and majesty of Venice, Across the River and into the Trees stands as Hemingway's statement of defiance in response to the great dehumanizing atrocities of the Second World War. Hemingway's last full-length novel published in his lifetime, it moved John O'Hara in The New York Times Book Review to call him "the most important author since Shakespeare."

Candles in the Darkness

Author : Leah McMichael
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Austria, 1938. After five months of Nazi rule, a young pastor’s self-sacrifice rocks the city of Villach. Eva, his wife, faces the mounting danger beneath the scrutiny of a reluctant Gestapo agent. As an adventure-ready Alpine guide searches for help for two Jewish orphans, Eva wonders: is God still watching? Still listening? The implications of her husband’s choice are far-reaching, and even the Gestapo must take sides. What happens when there is nowhere left to run?

Reckless Road

Author : Christine Feehan
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Refuel your passion with a new installment of the Torpedo Ink series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan. While Gedeon “Player” Lazaroff is one of Torpedo Ink motorcycle club’s roughest members, he’s also one of the calmest. Little rattles Player, except for the times his gift gets the better of him. When that happens, he has to just lie down in the dark and hope for the best. But on a night when he’s on the verge of losing it, he meets a woman who manages to soothe his fractured mind. Zyah is a striking, ethereal beauty who seduces him with every word and move. Their night together is one of pure, exquisite bliss. But when Player gets confused and thinks their intimate encounter was nothing more than a dream, his careless dismissal leaves her humiliated and angry. Now, Player will have to devote his every breath to convincing Zyah to give him a second chance. Because she might be the only one who can save him from himself.…

Dictionary of the English and Italian languages

Author : Giuseppe Baretti
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Masterpiece in The Making

Author :
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Talking about moving into the unknown—moving out from the comfort zone—the showstopper is usually fear. I’ve learned since I was very young that, if I face that fear, I will find that fear is unreal, and it will subside. The fear is just like a shadow… a reflection of my own negative judgment, my own condemnation to myself… my lack of faith. When I was kid, I loved swimming. I loved being in the water. Not only for the coldness of the water, but also for the sense of freedom it conveys. Under the water, I felt so free. There’s no other noise—just myself alone…. I was an introvert kid, so, naturally, I enjoyed being alone in silence under water. It gave me peaceful feeling. But one day, my younger brother accidentally almost drowned me. He was practicing, and for some reasons, he suddenly panicked. He tried to get anything he could hold on to—which, that time, happened to be me, who was swimming next to him. He pushed me down so he could get up. But I wasn’t prepared. I was in shock. And I lost control. My panic didn’t help. All the water went inside through my nose and mouth. I couldn’t breathe. More water comes in when I tried to. Everything went dark. Luckily, my brother’s swimming coach saw it and he pulled me up. But since then, I had my own fear of water. I can still swim in the pool, but I could not love nor enjoy it as I did before the incident. This fear stopped me from swimming in the sea, in which the fear multiplied since I can’t see the bottom of it. It made me feel insecure. It made me feel that I would definitely drown. But I knew that this fear stopped me from growing. So, one day, I decided to face it. I went to Padang Bai, Bali, alone. I took certification of open water dive. I could easily learn all the theories. But when the test in the sea was starting… Well, it was the toughest. When the test first began, I got that cold feeling started to cripple up. I could feel my palms started to sweat although the water was cold. My heart picked up a pace, and that cold feeling transformed into anxiety. I remembered my drowning incident so vividly. That time, I could only feel the waves and the terror. I could feel the echo of that terror. Terror of losing my breath, of inhaling lots of water, of swallowing them… the coldness and the darkness I saw as I drowned…. But I convinced myself to relax. I told myself that I had my instructor there, and she would not let me drown. I reminded myself and got my mind to focus on the reason why I was there in the first place: to face my fear. So be it. As I jumped into the water, I felt that the anxiety was still there. I could feel my breath was racing fast as my heart picked up the pace. But when I started to see all the beautiful corals, fishes, and nudibranches, I forgot my fear. The fear just went away, evaporated… washed by the sea. I used to love climbing the rose apple tree at my parent’s house in Bandung. But during one of those climbs, a branch that I stepped on broke, and I almost fell down. Like me and swimming, this accident developed fear in me—fear of height. But the lesson I learnt from my scuba diving experience encouraged me to face my fear of height, so I went on to learn sky diving. The first time I was about to jump from the plane, I felt that my heart stopped beating for a while, but it was too late to back-off. I could only move forward and jump off. For seconds after I jumped, my breathing stopped. I felt as if half of my soul decided to stay on the plane. But the next second, I began to feel that sense of freedom. I could fly. Free from the fear. I have wings! It was an awesome feeling. I got addicted to sky diving. Something I never would’ve imagined before. As I developed as a person, more fears came to me. Nowadays, I’m still left trying to face the fear of being vulnerable to other human beings. I’m a very private person, and it’s very hard for me to share my personal experiences with others—not even to my best friends or family. Even in my darkest moments, I still find it hard to share with others, no matter how close our relationship is. Adding up to that, I feel like I can only find my strength only by contemplating all on my own. The fact that today I write my personal experiences here is something that I couldn’t imagine I would do before. I never had the confidence to become vulnerable. I’ve never had any experience in writing. But I want to face my fear of being vulnerable. By writing this book, I learn to become comfortable of being vulnerable. What finally triggered me to write this book was my kind-hearted friends who had been encouraging me to share my experiences in overcoming a challenge—a challenge that goes by the name “cancer”. They encouraged me to share the hope with others who are in the midst of challenges as well—whatever challenges they have in life. While I was inspired to face my fear of being vulnerable, what eventually moved me was the people who reached out to me, asking me to share the hope I experienced. And as I shared it to them, I could see that little twinkle in their eyes. It was such a blissful moment. I feel so blessed, and my faith to God is strengthened. Another friend, who I’ve never met before but also encouraged me to start sharing, is Gwen. She lives in Philippines, and she coincidentally read my story from the hospital in China. She contacted me through Facebook Messenger. Gwen told me that my story had inspired her to never give up in her battle with cancer. All of them have inspired and encouraged me to start writing and sharing. By beating my fear of being vulnerable, I could share hope with many more people out there. Therefore, I’m willing to become vulnerable, if it could help others to win their battles. I didn’t do this in vain. I’m not better than anyone. I just wanted to share because I have received so much love and abundance of blessings—so many and so much, that I can’t possibly keep it for myself alone. I need to share it with others, so others could also see and feel all the love and blessings God has bestowed upon us. I want people to experience His miracles, to never give up in realizing the masterpiece in them. This book is not my tool to preach my beliefs, and I don’t expect people to accept all my perspectives. I simply hope that my stories could at least help to provoke the mind to seek the truth, to seek our true self that will help us to experience God. Most of us today (myself included) knows only of “false truth”, believing and following as what is dictated by society, whereas it is not always necessarily the truth. Most of the time, it only introduces us to insecurity, making us superficial. We agree with society because we’re insecure to be different, afraid to be rejected. But once we try to seek the truth—our true self—we will see the hope. We are all a work of art, working our ways to become a masterpiece. Life is a vessel to realize the masterpiece in us. Not only the opportunities; the challenges as well. Challenges in life are not tragedy, not a condemnation; they are blessings. The challenges are there to help us realize the masterpiece in us. They’re a tool to bring out the best in us, turning our ordinary selves to become extra-ordinary. We learn and grow to become the best version of us through all the challenges we face. I hope this book can turn to be a blessing for the people who read it. Result from the book sold later on will be 100% donated to those in needs after deducted by the publisher fee, if any. Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu. May all beings be happy. May all my thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to the happiness of all beings.

Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine

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The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine

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