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The Blood of Cain

Author : T. L. Gray
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The Blood of Cain

Author : G. P. Geoghegan
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(MV) - THE BLOOD OF CAIN - is a different type of Christmas story that takes place in a Bosnia Concentration Camp in December of 1993. A cruel and heartless Commadante runs the Kilsinka Concentration Camp during the Bosnia war. He shows no mercy in his desire to exterminate the undesirables of the world. With sadistic delight, he terminates the innocent, helpless and 'nonessential' people. He loves playing God controlling the lives of men, women, children and religious as well as complete families with reckless, meticulous, cold-blooded abandonment until he meets a young innocent girl who wants nothing more than to free her 'daddy' from the merciless grip of the tyrant who holds him in bondage. She proves to become his greatest obstacle and threat eventually terminating his role as the Commadante while taking possession of her beloved father then...

Cain s Blood

Author : Geoffrey Girard
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When teen clones of infamous serial killers escape from a secret government facility, former Army Ranger Shawn Castillo enlists the help of a lovingly raised teen clone of Jeffrey Dahmer to track down the escapees, who are targeting a major city with a mysterious chemical weapon. A first novel. 60,000 first printing.

From the Blood of Cain

Author : Kevin James Sweeney
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THERE IS A GATE. THE GATE LEADS TO MANY REALMS. ONE REALM, THE LAND THEY ONCE CALLED NOD, OTHERS SIMPLY CALLED IT LIMBO IT IS WHERE TIME BEGAN, BUT TURNED FOUL. THE GATE IS KEEPS OUR WORLD SAFE FROM THIS FORCE OF EVIL. HE EXISTS.THE BIBLE TELLS US SO. HIS STORY IS SPOKEN, BUT ONLY HALF HAS BEEN REVEALED. MANY CIVILIZATIONS HAVE FALLEN UNDER HIS WRATH. AGAIN, HE AWAKENS. AGAIN, HE SEEKS THE ONE, FOR TIME GROWS NEAR. ONLY ONE CAN KEEP THE GATE CLOSED. ONLY ONE IS NEEDED TO OPEN THE GATE, AND ALLOW HIM TO ENTER. ONLY ONE CAN STOP THE TRUEST EVIL FROM RETURNING TO OUR WORLD. ONLY ONE. THE ONE, WHO IS "FROM THE BLOOD OF CAIN." "FROM THE BLOOD OF CAIN" A novel, written by Kevin James Sweeney, that introduces us to Cain and his story. Cain is the monster of our past. Cain is the monster of our millennium. In a twisted thriller, the deception within one family, and the dark powers of an elder cult beckons evil. A seemingly typical teenager named, Ramsey, enjoys his normal teenage life until all hell breaks loose. Ramsey is forced to fight for his life against forces beyond his understanding. His world, as he knew it, is shattered in a matter of moments. Ramsey runs away but fear follows him. His journey for reason, truth, and self-discovery begins. Cain is also searching. He seeks the one. Cain's powers are strong but they are not complete. Only the one can give him the power to pass through the gate. Ramsey must not be found. Ramsey must fight to end the evil that thrives within. Partially based on interesting elements of history and religious truths, as fantasy meets special effects within our modern world and the realms of mystery.

The Blood of Abel

Author : Mark Harold McEntire
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While much has been said about peace in the Bible, and about God and violence, war, and retribution in the Old Testament, this book looks at how violence is the undercurrent of the plot of the Hebrew Bible.

Spurgeon on the Blood of Christ

Author : Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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The sermons in this book focus on C.H. Spurgeon's teaching on Jesus Christ and on His great sacrifice. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, Christians experience the power that results in purification, sanctification and atonement. As you read these sermons on the blood of Jesus, prayerfully presented to us from the Word of God and the Spirit-inspired mind and pen of Charles H. Spurgeon, you will gain knowledge, spiritual understanding and a deeper love for God, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Flying Serpents and Dragons

Author : R. A. Boulay
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A highly original work that deals a shattering blow to all our preconceived notions about our past and human origins. Worldwide legends refer to giant flying lizards and dragons that came to this planet and founded the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China. Who were these reptilian creatures? What was the real reason for mans creation? Why did Adam lose his chance at immortality in the Garden of Eden? Who were the Nefilim who descended from heaven and mated with human women? Why did the serpent take such a bad rap in history? Why didnt Adam and Eve wear clothes? What were the crystals or stones that the gods fought over? Why did the ancient Sumerians call their major gods USHUMGAL, which means literally great fiery, flying serpent? What were the boats of heaven in ancient Egypt and the sky chariots of the Bible? This book tells it all.

The General Baptist repository and Missionary observer afterw The General Baptist magazine repository and Missionary observer afterw The General Baptist magazine

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The Penny Pulpit

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Lucifer Father of Cain

Author : Zen Garcia
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The esoteric knowledge presented here, represents what are in my belief, some of the most carefully guarded, heavily veiled, and least understood secrets of biblical wisdom traditions. Many have stumbled upon this knowledge without necessarily grasping just what the full implications this knowledge means for unlocking and deciphering the riddles of our Holy Bible as bestowed upon us by our Father Yahweh through the line of prophets and even His only begotten Son Yahushuah Savior Messiah. The secret that unlocks all things biblical is knowledge that Cain was a child of Eve and Lucifer and not the first born son of Adam. Understanding that there are two blood lines upon the planet and that these two bloodlines have been warring with one another since the inception and dawning of humanity upon this world will help one to decipher this critical theme as it plays out through the totality of all available scripture, from the fall to soon coming judgment.