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The Caregiver s Survival Handbook

Author : Alexis Abramson
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A practical handbook for women confronting the problems of caring for an aging parent explains how to deal with the changing parent/child roles, foster aging parents' independence, get help from other family members, find time for oneself, and balance work, family, and caregiving responsibilities. Original.

The Caregiver s Survival Handbook Revised

Author : Alexis Abramson
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Being a caregiver can be rewarding but demanding work-and more than 40 million adult children find themselves experiencing the double duty of caring for their elders as they try to carry on a life of their own. The mission of this book is to help caregivers figure out how to look after aging loved ones, provide for other family members, and attend to their own career-without losing themselves in the process. In this supportive, reassuring, and practical guide, Doctor Alexis addresses the most pressing concerns, including such issues as how to: * Get all family members to pitch in * Let go of feelings of guilt * Avoid conflict with an aging loved one * Foster independence in the elderly * Balance the demands on one's own time and resources "I have encountered few people who have the knowledge, experience, and passion that Alexis possesses for serving older persons. Alexis has accomplished a lot and has gained a well-deserved national reputation as an authority on issues affecting older persons." -Horace B. Deets, former executive director of AARP


Author : Mario McComb
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If you need answers to questions concerning how to handle your aging parents this book will help. It's about lessons learned. Taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer's, Dementia, or Parkinson's, is difficult on the best days. This book makes a great gift for caregivers or anyone struggling to understand these awful diseases. It contains real-world solutions to common problems like: -wandering -hallucinations -safety -hygiene -dressing -medications -anger-management -and much more.

Love Laughter and Mayhem

Author : Cindy Keith
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Stories taken from real life situations teach how to interact better with any person having dementia, the importance of the caregiver caring for their own needs and how to capture the love and laughter as well as manage the mayhem one might encounter while caregiving.

The Medical Malpractice Survival Handbook E Book

Author : ACLM
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Reduce your risk of costly litigation! Written in easy-to-understand language by a team of medical doctors who are also attorneys at law, this handbook addresses the issues surrounding the growing incidence of medical malpractice. It examines the scenarios that can result in a malpractice suit, the best actions to take during the course of litigation, and the most effective ways to minimize your legal liabilities. Access the expert guidance of top professionals across medical and legal fields in an easy-to-read format. Review the legal aspects of nearly every medical topic that impacts health care professionals. Quickly see how to minimize your legal liabilities with the aid of "Golden Rule" boxes. Understand the different types of malpractice suits and the physician's position and defense in each. See how concepts apply to specific scenarios through abundant case studies. Explore specific legal considerations for each medical specialty.

The Elder Law Handbook

Author : Peter J. Strauss
File Size : 83.66 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Offers information on making health care decisions, planning for emergencies, health insurance, estate planning, and housing needs

The Baby Boomers Survival Handbook for the 21st Century

Author : Samuel J. Tucker
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A number of studies reveal that up to 90% of health problems can be initially dealt with at home, bypassing the cost and inconvenience of a visit to the doctor. It is also true with other areas of your life, if you can develop effective coping strategies. The Baby Boomers Survival Handbook For The 21st Century provides a blue print for survival in the most important areas of ones life; mental, physical, financial, social and spiritual.

The Nurse s Survival Handbook

Author : Barbara Acello
File Size : 30.95 MB
Format : PDF
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This book is a useful adjunct to the practicing nurse. Designed to be a quick reference guide rather than a comprehensive source of information, the emphasis is placed on information for which the nurse is responsible, but may not have committed to memory. It provides information useful in assessment, clinical practice, infection control, basic emergency care, and caring for clients from many different cultures. Sections on clinical referrals, the Internet, and professional networking enhance the nurse's personal and professional growth. The easy-to-use thumb tab format makes locating information quick and effortless. This book is a "must Have" for nurses practicing in today's health care environment.

Parent Survival Manual

Author : Eric Schopler
File Size : 63.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This practical guide offers effective solutions to various behavior problems such as aggression, communication, perseveration, play and leisure, eating and sleeping, and toileting and hygiene.

Hawke s Green Beret Survival Manual

Author : Mykel Hawke
File Size : 21.31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The perfect home-reference book for both seasoned outdoorsmen and average citizens to learn comprehensive outdoor survival techniques. This practical survival guide from U.S. Special Forces Captain and outdoor survival expert Mykel Hawke includes illustrated instruction on: shelter and water food and fire tools and medicine navigation and signaling survival psychology Hawke's engaging style and matter-of-fact attitude-not to mention his incredible resume in the survival arena-elevates this book above its competition.

Survival Manual for Elders

Author : Melanie Adair
File Size : 55.69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Helps seniors and their caregivers successfully navigate the challenges of aging, make informed decisions, and focus on individualized goals of care to promote resiliency and maximum functional potential. A team of physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, therapists, chaplains, business and legal experts collaborate on topics such as dignity, health promotion, care choices, common symptoms, medication safety, cognitive and mental health concerns, illness complications, rehabilitation, and recuperation. Discussions of legal advance directives and healthcare finances are particularly helpful in clarifying the maze of choices facing seniors and their caregivers as they negotiate our US industrial, financial, and healthcare complex.

The Virtual Office Survival Handbook

Author : Alice Bredin
File Size : 69.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Whether you're working at home, on the road, or in any othernontraditional work arrangement, here's what you'll need to set up,survive, and thrive in the virtual office. Alice Bredin, theleading authority on the virtual office, gives you expert adviceon: * Getting there--choosing the right business idea, negotiating fortelecommuting, and selling your family on your new workstyle * Organizing yourself--structuring your environment, setting up avirtual office in your home or car, dealing with a satellite officesituation, choosing and finding the best technology * Maintaining your virtual office--staying in the loop when you'renot in an office, keeping in touch when you're on the road,generating business, finding free publicity, adopting the habits ofhighly successful virtual office workers, maintaining contact withthe office or customers, communicating effectively via technology * Surviving--creating and maintaining work/life balance, working athome with kids, avoiding overwork, making sure your accomplishmentsare recognized, learning to take vacations, staying away from thefridge, being a good boss to yourself Whether you are contemplating this new work arrangement, activelyin transition, or firmly entrenched in this workplace revolution,this comprehensive guide is your key to success in your new workingenvironment.

The In Law Survival Manual

Author : Gloria Call Horsley
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Offers advice on how to cope with the difficulties of in-laws, including divided loyalties, communication problems, meddling, holidays, new babies, and money

U S News World Report

Author :
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When Your Aging Parent Needs Care

Author : Candy Arrington
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In nearly a quarter of households in the US, someone is caring for an elderly parent. Authors Candy Arrington and Kim Atchley draw from their personal experiences to speak to and support those who face the challenges of caring for a parent. With compassion and guidance, Arrington and Atchley partner with readers to help a parent with limited mobility, memory, ability, and resources draw from the wisdom of Scripture for sustenance understand the elderly parent's perspective on giving up control, illness, and aging effectively organize forms, prescriptions, care, housing, and finances find personal balance by nurturing their own health, faith, and family What begins as a way to honor those they love becomes, for many, a confusing and stressful time. This resource of hope provides caregivers with the support and direction they need to be spiritually, physically, and emotionally prepared for what they face day by day.

Caregivers Practical Help

Author : Pennsylvania. Dept. of Aging
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Handbook of child and adolescent psychiatry

Author : Joseph D. Noshpitz
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A Caregiver s Survival Guide

Author : Kay Marshall Strom
File Size : 24.75 MB
Format : PDF
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When you are responsible for another person's physical needs, your own needs can take a back seat. After caring for her spouse, who for ten years suffered from a rare, debilitating disease, Kay Marshall Strom is able to bring a voice of experience and compassion to this important topic. Finding spiritual support ; Maintaining balanced relationships ; Deciding when living at home is no longer possible ; Working out the finances ; Understanding the impact on the whole family ; Dealing with the personal losses.

American Book Publishing Record

Author :
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Family Caregivers and Dependent Elderly

Author : Dianne Springer
File Size : 78.10 MB
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Much of the burden of caring for the elderly rests on members of their immediate family -- usually their children, who often have children of their own. Such a situation can create stress, since the aged may require special care that is time-consuming and wearing. Written by an academic and a practitioner, this is a manual for those who are the care-givers themselves, and for professionals who work with care-givers and who advise on the welfare of the ageing.