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The Sunday Magazine

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Heroes to Remember

Author : Brandon Sanders
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This is the story of men who faced incredible odds and defended our nation in the most horrible war the world has ever known. Interviews, diaries, first person accounts, and letters sent home to the front detail the heroism of those tragic days gone by.

America s Heroes

Author : James H. Willbanks
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This book features the stories of 200 heroic individuals awarded the Medal of Honor for their distinguished military service while fighting for their country, from the Civil War to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. * Provides 200 biographical essays of Medal of Honor recipients and 10 sidebars with additional information about the Medal of Honor and its recipients * Contains contributions from more than 50 distinguished scholars and historians * Includes a complete alphabetical listing of individuals who have received the nation's highest military award for valor * An extensive bibliography provides additional resources * Topic finders make it easy to identify entries from a particular war, home state, or branch of service

World War II The Last War Heroes

Author : Stephen Bull
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The companion volume to the groundbreaking TV series, this book tells the story of the physical, emotional and psychological journey of Allied soldiers from the beaches of Normandy to the ruins of Berlin. In their own words these brave men from Britain, the United States, Canada and Russia tell us what it was like to face the bullets, bombs, mortars, mines and artillery shells of Nazi Germany. Interviews with over 80 soldiers who fought in the conflict, totalling 150 hours, provide a new perspective on the experiences of 1944–45. Building on the high-speed, multi-camera filming of World War II weapons and munitions shown in the TV series, this book brings the terrifying reality of the war to life. Technical descriptions and the experiences of the men in the field explain the dramatic power and effect that this weaponry had on the battlefield, from the sinister simplicity of the deadly AP mine through to the immense firepower of the 88mm gun, giving the modern historian a unique insight into the last days of the war for the troops on the frontline. This is not a history of generals, of armies manoeuvring and strategic objectives. It is a book about the ordinary men put into incredible situations, deprived of sleep and food, and in constant fear of death on the long road to victory.

Twelve Texas Aggie War Heroes

Author : James R. Woodall
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Following on the success of Texas Aggie Medals of Honor, James R. Woodall now returns with a new book that focuses on the military service by graduates of Texas A&M University from World War I to Vietnam. Of the tens of thousands of Aggies who served in the nation’s military, Woodall has selected twelve individuals who stand out as singular examples of bravery and heroism. Twelve Texas Aggie War Heroes tells each serviceman’s story in a concise, engaging manner. Some subjects, such as Earl Rudder and James Hollingsworth, will be familiar to readers. But Woodall also introduces us to less familiar but no less notable men as well, from A. D. Bruce’s march from the trenches of France and the crossing of the Rhine in World War I to Bob Acklen’s three tours in Vietnam. In addition to the twelve chapters focusing on these remarkable individuals, Woodall provides an extensive set of appendixes that include the relevant citations for each serviceman as well as larger lists of Aggies who were awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, or Air Force Cross.

Hometown Heroes

Author : I. Michael Koontz
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Heroes of the Army

Author : Bruce Jacobs
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Tells the stories of twenty men who won the Medal of Honor, from the Civil War to the Korean War

The Hero of Brittany

Author : François Paul Emile Boisnormand de Bonnechose
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Yesterday s Heroes

Author : Kenneth N. Jordan
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YESTERDAY'S HEROES contains all 433 Medal of Honor citations such as this excert: ... Although machinegun bullets kicked up the dirt at his heels, and 88mm shels exploded within 30 yards of him, Pfc. Dutko nevertheless made his way to a point within 30 yards of the first enemy machinegun and killed both gunners with a handgrenade. Although the second machinegun wounded him, knocking him to the ground, Pfc. Dutko regained his feet and advanced on th 88-mm gun, firing his Browning automatic from the hip. When he came within 10 yards of this weapon he killed its 5-man crew with 1 long burst of fire. Wheeling on the machinegun which had wounded him, Pfc. Dutko killed the gunner and his assistant. The third German machine gun fired on Pfc. Dutko from a position 20 yards distant wounding him a second time as he proceeded toward the enemy weapon in a halr run. Along with the citations are Official Communiques from the front, and newspaper accounts of various battles. Yesterday's Heroes is a dramatic look at the courage of the American soldier in World War II. Kenneth Jordan is also the author of Heroes of Our Time: 239 Men of the Vietnam War Awarded the Medal of Honor 1964-1972, and Forgotten Heroes: 131 Men of the Korean War Awarded the Medal of Honor 1950-1953 (both titles are available from Schiffer Publishing Ltd.).

War in Korea

Author : Francis Trevelyan Miller
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History of World War II

Author : Francis Trevelyan Miller
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Bibliographie du D partement de La Manche

Author : Adrien PLUQUET
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Sir William Wallace the Scottish hero a narrative of his life and actions

Author : John Selby Watson
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Hunting the Snark

Author : Robert Peters
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The Image of the Hero in the Works of Maurice Barr s and Pierre Drieu La Rochelle

Author : Robert Soucy
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Zareeba Purpose

Author : William T. Rochelle
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Louis Simpson

Author : Ronald Moran
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World War Two Hometown and Home Front Heroes

Author : Margaret G. Bigger
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History from life experience. 77 people who left the Carolinas' Piedmont to join the military, trained in the Piedmont or remained to do something significant for the war effort tell their stories of courage, fear, sacrifice and humor during World War II.

Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society

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Pictorial History of the Second World War Unsung heroes your Service Forces in action

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