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The Case Against Fluoride

Author : Paul H. Connett
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Argues that the fluoridation of the American water system is both unnecessary and dangerous.

The Case against Fluoride

Author : Paul Connett
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When the U.S. Public Health Service endorsed water fluoridation in 1950, there was little evidence of its safety. Now, six decades later and after most countries have rejected the practice, more than 70 percent of Americans, as well as 200 million people worldwide, are drinking fluoridated water. The Center for Disease Control and the American Dental Association continue to promote it--and even mandatory statewide water fluoridation--despite increasing evidence that it is not only unnecessary, but potentially hazardous to human health. In this timely and important book, Dr. Paul Connett, Dr. James Beck, and Dr. H. Spedding Micklem take a new look at the science behind water fluoridation and argue that just because the dental and medical establishments endorse a public health measure doesn't mean it's safe. In the case of water fluoridation, the chemicals that go into the drinking water that more than 180 million people drink each day are not even pharmaceutical grade, but rather a hazardous waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry. It is illegal to dump this waste into the sea or local surface water, and yet it is allowed in our drinking water. To make matters worse, this program receives no oversight from the Food and Drug Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency takes no responsibility for the practice. And from an ethical standpoint, say the authors, water fluoridation is a bad medical practice: individuals are being forced to take medication without their informed consent, there is no control over the dose, and no monitoring of possible side effects. At once painstakingly documented and also highly readable, The Case Against Fluoride brings new research to light, including links between fluoride and harm to the brain, bones, and endocrine system, and argues that the evidence that fluoridation reduces tooth decay is surprisingly weak.

Fluoride Drinking Ourselves to Death

Author : Barry Groves
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Fluoride is more toxic than lead, yet it is routinely added to the drinking water of Ireland and Britain. In Fluoride: Drinking Ourselves to Death?, Barry Groves presents an array of convincing and persuasive arguments that dismantle the commonly held belief that the fluoridation of water is beneficial to our health. The fluoridation of water has been used for the prevention of tooth decay for over fifty years. During this time little research has been done to ascertain whether it works. The chemicals used are classified as toxic industrial waste, yet no study has ever been conducted into their safety for human consumption. At the same time, research has uncovered serious side effects including death, cancer, skeletal fluorosis, osteoporosis, dementia, lowered IQ, kidney damage and even increased dental decay. Fluoride is only slightly less toxic than arsenic and all the evidence points incontrovertibly to the harm caused by fluoride to human, plant and animal life. Yet it is routinely added to the drinking water of five million people in Britain and more than two and a half million people in Ireland. Strongly opposed throughout the world, water fluoridation is far less widely accepted than its proponents would have us believe. Only two percent of the people of Western Europe have their water fluoridated — almost all of them within Britain and Ireland. Despite this, dental organisations lobby governments to compel everyone to ingest fluoride, whether they want it or not and without regard to possible harm. The vast majority of dentists maintain that the fluoridation of water is not debatable. In this book, Barry Groves assembles evidence to refute every single argument made by the dental establishment in favour of fluoridation. This carefully researched and persuasively written book demonstrates that the case for fluoridation of water is based on poor science and dogmatic ignorance rather than on any scientifically proven benefit to public health. His conclusions are truly alarming for everyone concerned with their own health, that of their families and of society in general. Fluoride: Drinking Ourselves to Death?: Table of Contents Introduction Water Fluoridation Fluoride and Water Safety Cancer and Fluoride Safe Limit for Fluoride Research into Fluoride Fluoridation and High Infant Mortality Fluoride as a Cumulative Poison Fluoride Kills People at Risk from Fluoride EPA Scientists and Fluoride Support for Fluoridation Diminishes in America The Totality of Fluoride The Ethics and Legality of Fluoridation Dental Fluorosis The Dose Makes the Poison Fluoride-Related Bone Problems, Part One Fluoride-Related Bone Problems, Part Two The Death of Science The Poor and Fluoride Toxicity Sugar and Truth Decay Money Down the Drain The History of Water Fluoridation, Part One Arsenic and Old Lies The History of Water Fluoridation, Part Two Dentrifrice — or Rodenticide? Europe Against Fluoride Skeletal Fluorosis The Public and Fluoride Legislating for Fluoride Fluoride Not an Essential Nutrient Fluoride and Controversy The UK Review: The Final Word on Fluoride? Are You at Risk? Conclusion Appendix: Scientific Opposition to Fluoride

The Fluoride Wars

Author : R. Allan Freeze
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A lively account of fluoridation and its discontents Since its first implementation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1945, public drinking water fluoridation and its attendant conflicts, controversies, and conspiracy theories serve as an object lesson in American science, public health, and policymaking. In addition to the arguments on the issue still raging today, the tale of fluoridation and its discontents also resonates with such present concerns as genetically modified foods, global warming response, nuclear power, and environmental regulation. Offering the best current thinking on the issue, The Fluoride Wars presents a witty and detailed social history of the fluoridation debate in America, illuminating the intersection of science and politics in our recent past. This reader-friendly assessment explores the pro- and anti-fluoridation movements, key players, and important events. Full of amusing and vivid anecdotes and examples, this accessible recounting includes: A careful and non-condescending look at the hard science, popular science, pseudo-science, and junk science involved A look at fluoride issues including dosage, cost, financial and funding interests, fluorosis, and problems of risk-cost-benefit analysis The back-and-forth drama between pro- and anti-fluoridation factions, with all its claims, counterclaims, insults, acrimony, and lawsuits Case studies of various cities and their experiences with municipal water fluoridation initiatives Fluorophobia and popular conspiracy theories involving fluoride The colorful characters in the debate including activists, scientists, magicians, and politicians A richly and considerately told tale of American science and public life, The Fluoride Wars offers an engrossing history to both interested general readers and specialists in public health, dentistry, policymaking, and related fields.

Inquiry Into Water Fluoridation in the ACT

Author : Australian Capital Territory. Legislative Assembly. Standing Committee on Social Policy
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Fluoridation and Truth Decay

Author : Gladys Caldwell
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Water Fluoridation

Author : Frank J. McClure
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Parliamentary Papers

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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