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The Cats House

Author : Bob Walker
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My Life in the Cat House

Author : Gwen Cooper
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Celebrate the human-feline bond with all its joys, mysteries, and life-changing moments. Gwen Cooper—author of the blockbuster bestseller Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned About Love and Life With a Blind Wonder Cat—returns with the ongoing adventures of her much-beloved, world-famous fur family. Ideal for new readers and longtime fans alike, this memoir told in eight purr-fect cat stories is filled with all the humor and heart Gwen’s devoted readership has come to know and love. Raised in a dog-loving family, Gwen never pictured herself as a “cat person.” But from the very first feline she adopted—an adorable five-week-old rescue kitten, slow to learn how to trust after life on the streets—Gwen was smitten. Eventually one rescue kitten became five, and all the ups and downs of a life with cats are lovingly depicted here: From the obsessive cat who teaches himself to play fetch and demands it morning, noon, and night from his hapless human mom; to the crafty white beauty who raises outside-the-litter-box thinking to the level of an art form; to the routine vet trip that turns into a hijinks-filled misadventure on the streets of Manhattan with three (VERY cranky!) felines in tow. And Homer, the Blind Wonder Cat himself, returns triumphant in new tales of life and love after worldwide fame. Sure to be treasured by cat lovers everywhere, My Life in a Cat House will leave you laughing out loud, shedding an occasional tear, and hugging your own cat a little bit closer. Read and rejoice!

Madam Alto s Cat House

Author :
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Offers information on cats. Includes health and care tips, quotes about cats, online photographs and graphics, a history of the cat, and links to related sites.

The Cat Speech by Mr P A Taylor in the House of Commons Against the Government Flogging Bill June 14th 1875

Author : Peter Alfred Taylor
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Chicken Soup for the Soul The Magic of Cats

Author : Amy Newmark
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You'll recognize your own cat in this entertaining collection of stories about the surprising, amusing, heartwarming, and even magical things that our cats do. They come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, but one thing is for sure - our cats are magical, beloved members of our families. These 101 heartwarming, humorous and completely true stories about our feline friends are sure to touch every cat lover's soul. You'll be left with a renewed love, affection and appreciation for your cat and all the magical moments she provides. And royalties from the book will support the nation's oldest animal welfare organization, American Humane.

The Cats of Sanctuary House

Author : Mary Winifred
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The Cats of Sanctuary House tells the stories of the many lost and stray cats who have come to live in a unique courtyard community at Sanctuary House in rural Maryland. The cats have arrived here for many reasons, and all too often they are thin, ill, unkempt, or starving. Each day, as they have for the past twenty years, the Sanctuary's doors are cheerfully opened to newcomers by Sister Mary Winifred, a superb caregiver, and a patient and keen observer. Sister Mary lovingly recounts the stories of each cat with exceptional objectivity and sensitivity, letting their feline behaviors and interactions create the plots of these tales. The result is a wonderful collection of portraits that reveal the amazing diversity of cats, and lessons about universal values and behaviors that will warm your heart. The Cats of Sanctuary House insightfully portrays a joyful place where cats live to chase butterflies, and where a favorite treat, like a slice of cheese, is seldom overlooked. Sister Mary cares for their physical needs, yet she provides them, and you, much more in this thoughtful, endearing book.

The House of Thirty Cats

Author : Mary Calhoun
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Sarah befriends Miss Tabitha Hinshaw, who occupies an enchanting old house, along with 30 cats. But, the happiness is threatened when a neighbor complains about the cats.

Turn Your Home Into a Cat House

Author : Steve McCrea
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THis book will give you some ideas about how to make your home better suited for placeswalkwayshigh view pointsboxesThe key is your attitude.Happy building.There are four users of this Cat House who give you a tour.

Cats in the House

Author : Don Halstead
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Cats in the House By: Don Halstead Do you ever wonder what your cat is thinking? How he sees our world? Well, wonder no longer! Pipin the Tuxedo cat is here to walk you through a day in the life…, no holds barred! Especially when it comes to the truth about his sister, Emma the Maine Coon cat. (She’s kind of an oddball, but what big sister isn’t?) At the end of the day, you might be surprised how normal all the abnormal things your cat does are…at least from their perspective!

Stories about Cats

Author : Elizabeth Surr
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Author : Linda McCarter Bridge
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Text and photos depict feline characteristics and habits as observed in the first two months of two kittens' lives.

The Book of Cats

Author : Publications International Ltd.
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Learn everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite feline friend with The Book of Cats! Discover more than 300 articles, poems, and short stories across 14 engrossing chapters. Read about popular breeds, training tips and tricks, cat care, famous cats, fictional cats, and more! The title includes dozens of absorbing entries about cats on the big and small screens, such as Tom and Jerry, Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, Tom Puss, and Keyboard Cat. Padded Hardcover, 632 pages.

The Best Little Cat House in Maryland

Author : Bob And Kathy Rude
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It was the pathetic mews of a hungry mother cat, scrounging in a dumpster to feed her kittens that first caught Bob and Kathy Rude's attention. They found the hungry cat and several more hungry felines while helping out at the family restaurant one summer. The chance meeting between the hungry strays and two government computer programmers led to the creation of Rude Ranch Animal Rescue, one of the United States' hardest working No-Kill Animal Sanctuaries. Read on to meet these original Rude Cats and find what can go right and wrong when you try to help a few stray animals and inadvertently start an animal sanctuary.

The House of the Cats

Author : Maggie Pearson
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A fascinating and magical collection of little known folk tales from all over Europe

TJ and the Cats

Author : Hazel Hutchins
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At first reluctant to care for his grandmother's cats while she is away on vacation, TJ eventually grows a heart for the animals and in the end, the entire family learns some important lessons.

Frank Leslie s Popular Monthly

Author : Frank Leslie
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A House Full of Cats

Author : Kitty Higgins
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Miss Durbin and her dog share their living space with 204 cats, who fill the hall, the closets, and even the well.

The House of Cats

Author : John Hampden
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Fifteen traditional tales of magic and morals from the various regions of Italy.

Wide Awake

Author :
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The Cat

Author : Frank Townend Barton
File Size : 57.54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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