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The Collector s Bach

Author : Nathan Broder
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A discography with brief biographical sketch.

J S Bach the Breitkopfs and Eighteenth century Music Trade

Author : George B. Stauffer
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From 1727, when Johann Sebastian Bach turned to Bernhard Christoph Breitkopf for a printed text sheet for his "Trauer-Ode" (Cantata 198), to 1787, when Carl Philipp Emanuel Back engaged Bernhard's son, Johann Gottlob Immanuel, to print the last volume of his Clavier-Sonaten für Kenner und Liebhaber, the Bachs and the Breitkopfs enjoyed close professional ties—ties born of the growing trade in the eighteenth century between music composers and music printers. The Breitkopf firm, which began in 1719 as a book-printing operation, gradually became one of the most important publishing houses in central Europe. It owned an extensive inventory of music manuscripts, from which copies could be produced on request; it issued the first music catalogs with printed incipits; it developed one of the first viable methods of printing music from movable type. Bach Perspectives examines the publishing activities of the Breitkopf firm as seen through its commerce with the Bach family. The volume begins with an introductory essay that surveys Breitkopf’s business in Leipzig and the firm’s contribution to the wider world of music publishing. The articles turn to the specific connections between the Bachs and the Breitkopfs, the importance of Breitkopf’s music catalogs, the identification and dating of music manuscripts in Breitkopf’s extensive inventory, and the architecture of the buildings in which the Bach and Breitkopf families lived.

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Studies

Author : Annette Richards
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A collection of the latest work by distinguished scholars on C. P. E. Bach.

The Goebel Collector s Guide

Author : Werner Moderhack
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The fascinating world of Goebel is brought to you by two of the world's foremost authorities, Werner Moderhack and Ray Wagner. This book, Goebel: The Collector's Guide, is printed in full color and is the most comprehensive and completely researched guide ever published on Goebel products. It is published witth the approval and cooperation of Goebel Porzellanfabrik, Rodental, Germany. Contents include: Value and Identification Guide; Listings of Goebel Artists and Sculptors; Trademark History, Goebel History; Many protoypes and other rare pieces; and Madonnas which include figurines, wall hangings, plaques, busts and grave markers. Every category is as complete as research and expertise will permit. Plus Works of major atists such as Lore (Blumenkinder), Kathe Kruse, Normal Rockwell (Original), Schaubach, Nasha, Huldah, Staehle and many others.

J S Bach and the German Motet

Author : Daniel R. Melamed
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The motets of J.S. Bach are probably the most sophisticated works ever composed in the genre. Nevertheless, Daniel Melamed maintains, the view that they constitute a body of work quite separate from the German motet tradition is mistaken. He finds that these works are indeed rooted in the conventions of the time, particularly in matters of musical construction, performing forces and type of text and that an appreciation of the contemporary conception of the motet sheds light on how and why Bach chose to use the form.

The Temple of Fame and Friendship

Author : Annette Richards
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"This book examines the renowned portrait collection assembled by C. P. E. Bach, J. S. Bach's second son. Containing nearly 400 objects from oil paintings to engraved prints, Bach's collection is a remarkable artifact of eighteenth-century music culture. Taken together, the portraits provide a vivid panorama of music history and culture as well as the sensibility and humor of the time in which they were made. Most importantly, Richards argues, the collection sought to establish music as an object of aesthetic, philosophical, and historiographical value-as an art with a history. Richards makes the collection come alive, showing readers what it was like to tour the portrait gallery and to experience music in a room whose walls were packed with art. She uses the collection to analyzes the "portraitive" aspect of Bach's music, engaging with the influential theories of Swiss physiognomist Johann Caspar Lavater. She also explores the collection as a way to cultivating and preserving friendship, connecting this to the culture of remembrance that resonates in Bach's domestic music. Richards shows how the new music historiography of the late eighteenth century, rich in anecdote, memoir, and verbal portrait, was deeply indebted to portrait collecting and its negotiation between presence and detachment, fact and feeling"--

Bach in Berlin

Author : Celia Applegate
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Bach's St. Matthew Passion is universally acknowledged to be one of the world's supreme musical masterpieces, yet in the years after Bach's death it was forgotten by all but a small number of his pupils and admirers. The public rediscovered it in 1829, when Felix Mendelssohn conducted the work before a glittering audience of Berlin artists and intellectuals, Prussian royals, and civic notables. The concert soon became the stuff of legend, sparking a revival of interest in and performance of Bach that has continued to this day. Mendelssohn's performance gave rise to the notion that recovering and performing Bach's music was somehow "national work." In 1865 Wagner would claim that Bach embodied "the history of the German spirit's inmost life." That the man most responsible for the revival of a masterwork of German Protestant culture was himself a converted Jew struck contemporaries as less remarkable than it does us today—a statement that embraces both the great achievements and the disasters of 150 years of German history. In this book, Celia Applegate asks why this particular performance crystallized the hitherto inchoate notion that music was central to Germans' collective identity. She begins with a wonderfully readable reconstruction of the performance itself and then moves back in time to pull apart the various cultural strands that would come together that afternoon in the Singakademie. The author investigates the role played by intellectuals, journalists, and amateur musicians (she is one herself) in developing the notion that Germans were "the people of music." Applegate assesses the impact on music's cultural place of the renewal of German Protestantism, historicism, the mania for collecting and restoring, and romanticism. In her conclusion, she looks at the subsequent careers of her protagonists and the lasting reverberations of the 1829 performance itself.

An Introduction to Bach Studies

Author : Daniel R. Melamed
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This volume is a guide to the resources and materials of Bach scholarship, both for the non specialist wondering where to begin in the enormous literature on J. S. Bach, and for the Bach specialist looking for a convenient and up to date survey of the field. It describes the tools of Bach research and how to use them, and suggests how to get started in Bach research by describing the principal areas of research and citing the essential literature on each piece and topic. The authors emphasize the issues that have engaged Bach scholars for generations, focusing on particularly important writings; on recent literature; on overviews, collections of essays and handbooks; and on writings in English. Subjects covered include bibliographic tools of Bach research and sources of literature; Bach's family; Bach biographies; places Bach lived and worked; Bach's teaching; the liturgy; Bach source studies and the transmission of his music; repertory and editions; genres and individual vocal and instrumental works; performance practice; the reception and analysis of Bach's music; and many others. The book also offers explanations of important and potentially confusing topics in Bach research, such as the organization of the annual cantata cycles, pitch standards, the history of the Berlin libraries, the structure of the critical commentary volumes in the Neue Bach Ausgabe, and so on. This book opens up the rich world of Bach scholarship to students, teachers, performers, and listeners.

The collector s Bach

Author : Nathan Broder
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Bach Handel Scarlatti 1685 1985

Author : Peter Williams
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1985 celebrated the 300th anniversary of the births of Bach, Handel and Scarlatti. This volume covers all three composers and contains essays from an international team of scholars. Some essays make a contribution towards a better understanding of one or other composer, but at least half of them are concerned with ideas connecting two or even all three of them. The essays are concerned with many aspects of the music - technical, chronological, critical, speculative, theoretical and (importantly) practical - and the distinguished contributors have often endeavoured to ask questions rather than jump to conclusions. Every essay makes fresh points and can open up new avenues for players and (in the broadest sense) students, especially in the present climate of wishing to return to 'authentic conditions of performance'.