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The Cycling City

Author : Evan Friss
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As Evan Friss shows in his mordant history of urban bicycling in the late nineteenth century, the bicycle has long told us much about cities and their residents. In a time when American cities were chaotic, polluted, and socially and culturally impenetrable, the bicycle inspired a vision of an improved city in which pollution was negligible, transport was noiseless and rapid, leisure spaces were democratic, and the divisions between city and country blurred. Friss focuses not on the technology of the bicycle but on the urbanisms that bicycling engendered. Bicycles altered the look and feel of cities and their streets, enhanced mobility, fueled leisure and recreation, promoted good health, and shrank urban spaces as part of a larger transformation that altered the city and the lives of its inhabitants, even as the bicycle's own popularity fell, not to rise again for a century.

The Cyclist s Mind Goes Everywhere

Author : Louis Frouws
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Louis takes you on a cycling journey through Europe, mostly France: Six countries, 20/day, 38 stages, and averaging 100 km/day. His bike with luggage weighs 40 kg. His pannier bags contain everything necessary to travel, sleep, wear, navigate, photograph, cook and eat. He travels on unfamiliar roads through countryside, villages, towns and cities. Each day presents new adventures with challenging thoughts. He exposes his senses to wide-ranging input. Sometimes, he experiences something about everything, or everything about something. Louis wonders about reality and myth. How science and culture shapes the future. He wonders about large and small, the universe, photons and space-time. Should you think while cycling? Does energy produce continuity? Louis realizes that his bike is his best friend. Is gravity also a friend? Do you plan a cycle tour? The checklists may help you plan whatever physical or mental journey you desire. There is information about nutrition, bicycle functionality and self-reliance. Join the cycle of life. Smell the flowers, hear the birds and see the stars. Let speed-distance-time, echo in your mind! Lets ride together everywhere!

The Cycle of Corruption

Author : M. R. Irepo
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Irepo was born in Hope. He finished high school in Fidee, and also taught in an elementary school there. He later worked in Paradise City where he worked at the Ministry of Works and Survey for four years, before he left for France in 1967. In 1968 he moved to the USA where he enrolled in the RCA (Radio Corporation of America) School, a technical trade school in New York City. He then gained admission to Pace University in 1970, where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1973. Irepo has a dual Masters Degree from Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus), the first, a Masters in Business Administration (1974 and later in 1985 he received his Masters Degree in Economics from Fordham University (Bronx Campus) New York City. He went on to work for the Health and Hospital Corporation at the head office as an Assistant Systems Analyst New York City, before he was transferred to the Harlem Hospital Center as a Systems Analyst and later became a Coordinating Manager. Due to a budget crisis, he left to work for the Taxi and Limousine Commission of the City of New York as an Administrative Staff Analyst where he retired in October of 2009.

The Existence

Author : Theodore Ihejieto
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The Existence By: Theodore Ihejieto The Existence is a book of love and life that talks about the world as the existence of human beings, and tells human beings to understand that the world is the love and the life. It is a book of Planet Earth, which the Planet Earth gave to the author, because the author asked the Planet Earth for the book of the world. The author is a human being who lost faith in God and called on Planet Earth to do work and save human beings from evil and death in the world. This is a book of a human being who was challenged by evil and death in the world, and the human being called on his existence for help and protection. The author did not like to die in the world and told his existence that he did not want to die, because the author believed that Planet Earth has the power to save human beings in the world. The Existence is the faith, the hope, and the charity that God challenged human beings to find and tell the mountain of evil and death to move away from human beings.

Paradis du v lo

Author :
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Snatched Into Paradise 2 Cor 12 1 10

Author : James Buchanan Wallace
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In 2 Corinthians 12:1 10, Paul claims to have been snatched into paradise but then tells how he received a thorn in the flesh . Many recent scholars contend that Paul belittles ecstatic experiences such as the ascent to paradise. This monograph places 2 Corinthians 12:1 10 in the contexts of ancient ascent traditions as well as other accounts of extraordinary religious experience in Paul s letters, and it engages premodern interpretation of the ascent. This study argues that for Paul, extraordinary experiences such as the ascent enable self-transcending love for God and neighbors."

A Bike Across The Sea

Author : Steve Dyster
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With two artworks commemorating the tragic events at Lidice stowed in their bags, Steve and Mark set off on a cycling journey between the past and the future. In A Bike Across the Sea Steve also tells the story of a wartime atrocity and the extraordinary reaction that reverberated from Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire. Celebrating international friendship with a cycle ride into Europe’s heart, A Bike Across the Sea recounts a journey from Burslem to Lidice and beyond, and more.

Bike City Amsterdam

Author : Marjolein de Lange
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The book Bike City Amsterdam, How Amsterdam became the cycling Capital of the World , by Fred Feddes and Marjolein de Lange, is the first comprehensive inside history of sixty years of successful bicycle activism, policy and culture in Amsterdam. As any visitor knows, the bicycle is omnipresent in the streets of Amsterdam, in the rhythm of its people's lives, and in the city's image. To many outsiders, Amsterdam comes close to being a cyclist's paradise. It wasn't always that way. As in many other cities, bicyclists came under pressure due to the rapid increase of car traffic in the 1960s. It was through a unique combination of grassroots activism and municipal policy, supported by advantageous circumstances and driven by smartness and perseverance, that the bicycle managed to make an astounding comeback. Bike City Amsterdam recounts the story of this long-term transformation of a city that made way for the bicycle, while the bicycle in turn helped make the city liveable again. It highlights the accomplishments of the bicycle city, as well as its setbacks and its counterforces. Its story ranges from the everyday bicycling culture, to policy choices and street design, to the notorious battle for the Rijksmuseum bicycle passageway. Written from the inside, Bike City Amsterdam acknowledges the uniqueness of the Amsterdam bicycle city, but it does so without romanticizing, analyzing its success with a keen eye on all its imperfections. By telling a detailed case history of Amsterdam, it allows its international readers to distinguish the universal lessons from the local specifics, and to draw inspiration from both. Finally, it looks ahead to the next half century in which Amsterdam can contribute to tackling global urban issues as a 'bicycle laboratory'. More information on:

Paradise Lost

Author : John Milton
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First published in 1968, Alastair Fowler's annotated edition of Paradise Lost is acknowledged as the most authoritative guide to this major work. It is the only recent edition of Paradise Lost to be based on the text of the first (1667) edition, now widely accepted to be closer to Milton's intention than that of 1674.

Cycling the Canal de la Garonne

Author : Declan Lyons
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This guidebook presents a cycle ride along the Canal de la Garonne in the south of France. The 290km route is covered in 7 stages from bustling Bordeaux to the splendid rose city of Toulouse, with a 135km excursion from to Lacanau on the Atlantic coast. Optional side trips explore the countryside and historical towns and villages, including Agen, Moissac, Marmande and Montauban. Mainly flat and easy cycling, including 193km along the main canal towpath, this is an easy route suitable for lone cyclists, families, groups and those using e-bikes. It is perfect for those planning a cycling holiday, and for people boating on the canal or holidaying nearby who want to get out and explore. A detailed route description is accompanied by 1:50,000 maps, with fascinating information about the places encountered along the route and notes on the region's history and the building of the canal. The guidebook also contains practical information on travel, choosing the right bike and equipment, facilities and cycle shops.