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The Dead Yard

Author : Ian Thomson
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Named the Dolman Travel Book of the Year, The Dead Yard paints an unforgettable portrait of modern Jamaica. Since independence, Jamaica has gradually become associated with twin images--a resort-style travel Eden for foreigners and a new kind of hell for Jamaicans, a society where gangs control the areas where most Jamaicans live and drug lords like Christopher Coke rule elites and the poor alike. Ian Thomson's brave book explores a country of lost promise, where America's hunger for drugs fuels a dependent economy and shadowy politics. The lauded birthplace of reggae and Bob Marley, Jamaica is now sunk in corruption and hopelessness. A synthesis of vital history and unflinching reportage, The Dead Yard is "a fascinating account of a beautiful, treacherous country" (Irish Times).

The Dead Yard

Author : Adrian McKinty
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Mercenary Michael Forsythe works to infiltrate an Irish terrorist sleeper cell on behalf of the FBI, an endeavor that is challenged by the loss of his only ally and his deepening feelings for the enemy's daughter.

The 80 Yard Run

Author : Theron Hopkins
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Traces the author's visits with promising high-school football teams throughout the course of a season during which he evaluated the sources of high-school football's relevance to its players, coaches, and fans. 12,500 first printing.

The House by the Church Yard

Author : Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
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We are going to talk, if you please, in the ensuing chapters, of what was going on in Chapelizod about a hundred years ago. A hundredyears,tobe sure, is a good while; but though fashions have changed, some old phrases dropped out, and new ones come in; and snuff andhairpowder, and sacques and solitaires quite passed away—yet men and women were men and women all the same—as elderly fellows, like yourhumble servant, who have seen and talked with rearward stragglers of that generation—now all and long marched off—can testify, if they will. In those days Chapelizod was about the gayest and prettiest of the outpost villages in which old Dublin took a complacent pride. The poplars which stood, in military rows, here and there, just showed a glimpse of formality among the orchards and old timber that lined the banks of the river and the valley of the Liffey, with a lively sort of richness. The broad old street looked hospitable and merry, with steep roofs and many coloured hall-doors. The jolly old inn, just beyond the turnpike at the sweep of the road, leading over the buttressed bridge by the mill, was first to welcome the excursionist from Dublin, under the sign of the Phœnix. There, in the grand wainscoted back-parlour, with 'the great and good King William,' in his robe, garter, periwig, and sceptre presiding in the panel over the chimneypiece, and confronting the large projecting window, through which the river, and the daffodils, and the summer foliage looked so bright and quiet, the Aldermen of Skinner's Alley—a club of the 'true blue' dye, as old as the Jacobite wars of the previous century—the corporation of shoemakers, or of tailors, or the freemasons, or the musical clubs, loved to dine at the stately hour of five, and deliver their jokes, sentiments, songs, and wisdom, on a pleasant summer's evening. Alas! the inn is as clean gone as the guests—a dream of the shadow of smoke.

Kingston Noir

Author : Colin Channer
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“Subverts the simplistic sunshine/reggae/spliff-smoking image of Jamaica at almost every turn . . . with a rich interplay of geographies and themes.” —Los Angeles Times From Trench Town to Half Way Tree to Norbrook to Portmore and beyond, the stories of Kingston Noir shine light into the darkest corners of this fabled city. Joining award-winning Jamaican authors such as Marlon James, Leone Ross, and Thomas Glave are two “special guest” writers with no Jamaican lineage: Nigerian-born Chris Abani and British writer Ian Thomson. The menacing tone that runs through some of these stories is counterbalanced by the clever humor in others, such as Kei Miller’s “White Gyal with a Camera,” who softens even the hardest of August Town’s gangsters; and Mr. Brown, the private investigator in Kwame Dawes’s story, who explains why his girth works to his advantage: “In Jamaica a woman like a big man. She can see he is prosperous, and that he can be in charge.” Together—with more contributions from Patricia Powell, Colin Channer, Marcia Douglas, and Christopher John Farley—the outstanding tales in Kingston Noir comprise the best volume of short fiction ever to arise from the literary wellspring that is Jamaica. “Thoroughly well-written stories . . . fans of noir will enjoy this batch of sordid tales set in the sweltering heat of the tropics.” —Publishers Weekly “An eclectic and gritty mélange of tales that sears the imagination . . . Kingston Noir proves its worth as a quintessential piece of West Indian literature—rich, artistic, timeless, and above all, draped in unmistakable realism.” —The Gleaner (Jamaica)

Thousand Yard Stare

Author : Pierce Kelley
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From its first adrenaline-pumping shot, "Thousand Yard Stare" races full-throttle into the nightmare world of George, a Vietnam vet who descends into the neverland of PTSD and takes the reader with him. Flush with detail, rich in research, Pierce Kelley's latest offering will be hauntingly familiar to all battle-worn soldiers -- and their families and friends. Part courtroom drama, part psychotherapy, "Thousand Yard Stare" is a timely book that deserves a good, hard look. Tom Mayer, Editor, Lake City Reporter "This is a real page turner. The Thousand Yard Stare draws attention to a subject many know about, but few care to discussPTSD. Pierce Kelley limns with detail the problems soldiers returning from combat can experience." Carolyn Risner, Editor, Williston Pioneer

Bone Yard

Author : Paul Johnston
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New Year's Eve, 2021, in the 'perfect city' of independent Edinburgh. The guards are less vigilant and a murderer strikes, leaving music tapes in the victims' bodies. Accompanied by sidekick Davie and on-off lover Katharine, Quint Dalrymple must penetrate to the most secret of places. What is the Bone Yard and why will no one even admit it exists? Meanwhile, the killings continue...

Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York

Author : New York (State). Legislature. Assembly
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Murder on the Ten Yard Line

Author : John Stephen Strange
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The Dead of Winter

Author : Rennie Airth
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"[Rennie Airth's] meticulously detailed procedural mysteries are beautifully written . . . well worth reading, and rereading."—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review Rennie Airth's The Death of Kings is now available from Viking. On a freezing London night in 1944, Rosa Novak is brutally murdered during a blackout. Scotland Yard suspects the young Polish refugee was the victim of a random act of violence and might have dropped the case if former police investigator John Madden hadn't been her employer. Madden feels he owes it to Rosa to find her killer and pushes the investigation, uncovering her connection to a murdered Parisian furrier, a member of the Resistance, and a stolen cache of diamonds. Delivering the atmospheric writing and compelling characters that have already established Rennie Airth as a master of suspense as well as style, this long-awaited third installment in the John Madden series is historical crime writing at its best.

The Road of the Dead

Author : Kevin Brooks
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From Kevin Brooks, a "thrilling, gritty story" (Kirkus) that "grabs and holds readers' attention from its very first chapter" (PW, starred review), now in a dynamic new Kevin Brooks paperback look. On a storm-ravaged night, a 19-year-old girl is kidnapped, raped, and killed. Three days later, her two younger brothers set out in search of her murderer. Cole, 17, is a dark-eyed devil who doesn't care if he lives or dies, while Ruben, 14, is a strange child who sometimes, inexplicably, experiences sensations above and beyond his own. This is the story of the boys' journey from their half-gypsy home on a London junk lot to the ghostly moors of Devon, where they hope and fear to find the truth about their sister's death. It's a long road, cold and hard and violent. It's THE ROAD OF THE DEAD.

Attracting Birds to Your Yard

Author : William J. Weber
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Easy-to-follow guide offers advice on how to attract the greatest diversity of birds: birdhouses, feeders, water and waterers, much more.

What s in Your Locker

Author : Michael Kast
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Teens examine everyday items found in their school locker that teach them more about themselves and God's compassion for their lives.

The Yard

Author : Alex Grecian
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A year after Jack the Ripper claimed his last victim, Victorian London is in the grip of a wave of crime and murder, with its citizens no longer able to trust the police to protect them. The newly formed Murder Squad of Scotland Yard, made up of just twelve detectives, battles in vain against the tide of violence and cruelty. When the body of a Yard detective is found in a suitcase, his lips sewn together and his eyes sewn shut, it becomes clear that not even the police are safe from attack. Has the Ripper returned - or is a new killer at large? Walter Day, the squad's newest recruit, is assigned the case and finds a strange ally in the Yard's first forensic pathologist, Dr Bernard Kingsley. Kingsley, a pioneer of groundbreaking forensic science, is convinced that strange new techniques such as finger printing are the key to finding the person responsible. With Kingsley's help, will Day find the murderer before it's too late? Or are the police once again helpless to stop a serial killer whose brutality knows no limits?

Winter Morgue

Author :
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Holiday Adventures for Kids

Author : Michael J. Larson
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Spice up your favorite holiday with a holiday story. The nine holiday stories in this book are designed to entertain and inspire the young reader. VALENTINE'S DAY Two children make a special valentine for Mom. EASTER Is that the Easter Bunny in the backyard? APRIL FOOLS' DAY They were April fooled in the outdoors. FOURTH OF JULY There were fireworks with the neighbors. HALLOWEEN A pumpkin's dream comes true. THANKSGIVING Let's have a good old-fashioned turkey stuffing! HANUKKAH Celebrate Hanukkah with brush pile candles. CHRISTMAS It was time to celebrate lumps of coal at the North Pole. NEW YEAR'S It was puppy love at first sight.

The Masters Yard Sale

Author : S. J. Riccobono
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Twenty-seven-year-old Sheila Culdeski has just lost both her boyfriend and her job as a CPA. While interviewing for one job after another, she doesn't believe her life can get any worse. Trying to maintain a positive attitude, she impulsively stops at a yard sale near her home in a Los Angeles suburb, where a metallic jewelry box catches her eye. As she leaves with her five-dollar purchase, a strange man rushes up to her car and offers her as much as $300 for the unique box. When Sheila refuses, the stranger warns her that her life is now in danger. She has no idea of the history or the power of the jewelry box. When a simple trip to the mall with a friend yields a bizarre attack by an intergalactic creature, the stranger a man named Darok, who turns out to be 3,500 years old rescues her. Sheila begins to understand this is not a battle she can fight on her own. Many evil forces seek the power of the jewelry box. Sheila and Darok must stay steps ahead, and he believes the odds against their survival are substantial. Sheila finds herself tested beyond all endurance and measuring her life's worth against the survival of a doomed planet.

Cleek of Scotland Yard

Author : Thomas W. Hanshew
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Reprint of the detective novel starring Hamilton Cleek, the "Man of the Forty Faces." Originally published in 1912.

The Girl from the Rune Yard

Author : Eric Guindon
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The Time Before is long gone, but the magic of that age remains... in the Rune Yard! From the author of the best-selling fantasy series: A Wizard's Life - Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. The Rune Yard looms large in young Kyria's life. This junkyard, filled with the remnants of the magic of the Time Before, has a deep influence on her. But when bandits come to the Yard, she is set on a path that begins with discovering the mysteries of the Rune Yard, but ends with her seeking justice for the wrongs done to her family.

Black Decker The Complete Guide to a Better Lawn

Author : Chris Peterson
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At heart, almost every homeowner would love to have a better lawn—greener, denser, healthier. This book is an up-to-date, environmentally responsible approach to lawn care with mainstream appeal. It focuses on dozens of common lawn problems, offering detailed solutions to each one. An ideal reference for busy homeowners who want better grass quickly and easily.