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The Dependency Agenda

Author : Kevin Williamson
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Each year, the United States spends $65,000 per poor family to “fight poverty” – in a country in which the average family income is just under $50,000. Meanwhile, most of that money goes to middle-class and upper-middle-class families, and the current U.S. poverty rate is higher than it was before the government began spending trillions of dollars on anti-poverty programs. In this eye-opening Broadside, Kevin D. Williamson uncovers the hidden politics of the welfare state and documents the historical evidence that proves Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” was designed to do one thing: maximize the number of Americans dependent upon the government. The welfare state was never meant to eliminate privation; it was created to keep Democrats in power.

A National Agenda for the Eighties

Author : United States. President's Commission for a National Agenda for the Eighties
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Moral Agendas For Children s Welfare

Author : Michael King
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Moral Agendas for Children's Welfare examines the roles played by politics, religion, ethics, aesthetics, law and science in identifying children's needs and rights and critically analyses existing child welfare policies. Five sections cover the following Agendas: * Philosophical and Psychoanalytical * Psychological and Sociological * Religious * Social Policy * Child Protection. Moral Agendas for Children's Welfare will provide invaluable reading for students in law, social work and policy and sociology and professionals in welfare, health care and law.

The New Leviathan

Author : Roger Kimball
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The ideas and policies that are percolating down from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Capitol Hill--increased government intervention, calls to "spread the wealth around,” onerous regulations, and bailouts for all--are not new. We’ve been down this road before. We know where it leads. It is that forlorn byway that Friedrich von Hayek called the Road to Serfdom. The good news is we don’t have to go down that road again. Resurrecting 18th-century style pamphleteering, Encounter Broadsides provide the intellectual ammunition for the battle over America’s future. From the folly of Obamacare, to the politicization of the Justice Department, or disastrous efforts to nationalize our education system, each Encounter Broadside assaults a new tentacle of the rising statism. Now, for the first time,The New Leviathancollects these salvos in one essential handbook. The New Leviathanis edited by Roger Kimball with contributions from John R. Bolton, Daniel DiSalvo, Richard A. Epstein, Peter Ferrara, John Fund, Victor Davis Hanson, Andrew C. McCarthy, Betsy McCaughey, Stephen Moore, Michael B. Mukasey, Glenn H. Reynolds, Rich Trzupek, and Kevin D. Williamson. Together, they make the definitive case for liberty and democratic capitalism at a time when they are under siege from the resurgence of collectivist sentiment.

Public Policy and the New European Agendas

Author : Fergus Carr
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This broad and all-encompassing study focuses on Europe s new policy agendas. It brings together international academic experts on a range of policies to discuss Europe s place in the world and its relationship to the USA and beyond. This book concentrates on two key themes of particular salience for policy makers: the enlargement of the EU and the place of Europe in international politics. An expansive list of important policy areas within these themes is explored, including: enlargement political and constitutional implications and international socialization of central and eastern Europe Europe and the USA: security and defence policy, trade, finance and development institutional development and external relations in justice and home affairs before and after September 11 international terrorism, EU immigration and asylum and borders policy human rights and civil rights agriculture, environmental policy and regional policy pensions and ageing in Europe. This book constitutes a major contribution to achieving a deeper understanding of European integration and the barriers to integration within the context of global and multi-level governance. As such, it will be of enormous interest to an extensive audience including academics, researchers, students, policy makers and practitioners in the fields of political studies, international relations, public policy, European studies, US studies and security studies.

Agenda Setting

Author : David Protess
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The role of the news media in defining the important issues of the day, also known as the agenda-setting influence of mass communication, has received widespread attention over the past 20 years. Since the publication of McCombs and Shaw's seminal empirical study, more than one hundred journal articles and monographs have appeared. This collection exemplifies the major phases of research on agenda-setting: tests of the basic hypothesis, contingent conditions affecting the strength of this influence, the natural history of public issues, mass media influence on public policy, and the role of external sources from the president to public relations staffs on the news agenda.

New Social Policy Agendas for Europe and Asia

Author : Katherine Marshall
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The East Asia crisis of 1997-98 highlighted the need for new models for social policy. A joint project between European and Asian governments brought together over a two year period the experience of social policy experts from Europe and Asia. This project was financed by the ASEM (Asia Europe Meeting). This document looks at a wide range of issues - social security reform, links between macroeconomics and social policy, labour market policies, gender relations and cross-border migration. Inspired by European experience in similar fields and focusing on ideas and knowledge exchange, the project worked to develop papers and seminars, to produce this book.

The Agendas of Tibetan Refugees

Author : Thomas Kauffmann
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Since the arrival of the first Tibetans in exile in 1959, a vast and continuous wave of international – especially Western – support has permitted these refugees to survive and even to flourish in their temporary places of residence. Today, these Tibetan refugees continue to attract assistance from Western governments, organizations and individuals, while other refugee populations are largely forgotten in the international agenda. This book shows and discusses how Tibetan refugees continue to attract resources, due, notably, to the dissemination of their political and religious agendas, as well as how a movement of Western supporters, born in very different conditions, guaranteed a unique relationship with these refugees.

Comparative Studies of Policy Agendas

Author : Frank R. Baumgartner
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Previously published as a special issue of the Journal of European Public Policy, this book draws on the insights of the existing literature on agenda setting and policy changes to explore the dynamics of attention allocation and its consequences. Attention is a crucial variable in understanding modern politics. Shifts in attention have dramatic consequences for both politics and policy decisions. This volume includes case studies of nine different political systems including the US, Canada, several European systems, and the EU itself. It asks the following questions: Which are the dynamics of agenda-setting in the EU? Which role do political parties play in attention allocation? What are the cross national differences in attention to health care? What role does science and expertise play in attention-allocation? What are the effects of political institutions? Comparative Studies of Policy Agendas will be of interest to students and scholars of policy analysis and public policy.

Introduction to Comparative Politics Political Challenges and Changing Agendas

Author : Mark Kesselman
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Updated to reflect today's political climate, the seventh edition of INTRODUCTION TO COMPARATIVE POLITICS offers a country-by-country approach that allows students to fully examine similarities and differences among countries and within and between political systems. Each chapter offers an analysis of political challenges and changing agendas within countries and provides detailed descriptions and analyses of the politics of individual countries. The text offers a condensed narrative and student-friendly pedagogy, such as marginal key terms and questions that will help them make meaningful connections and comparisons about the countries presented. This edition consists of 13 country case studies, as well as a case study on the European Union, providing an interesting sample of political regimes, levels of economic development, and geographic regions. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.