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Technology Optimization and Change Management for Successful Digital Supply Chains

Author : Sabri, Ehap
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Companies across different industries are launching technology-enabled (digital) business transformation programs to improve their strategic, tactical, and operational supply chain processes. The greatest challenges that they are facing include the lack of preparation and knowledge of the digital transformation life cycle and poorly addressing or neglecting the “people-related” aspects of them. Therefore, improvement initiatives have been short-lived or incomplete, and expected business benefits have not been achieved or materialized. Technology Optimization and Change Management for Successful Digital Supply Chains is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the application of digital business transformation programs to improve strategic, tactical, and operational supply chain processes. While highlighting topics such as maturity models, predictive analysis, and communication planning, this publication explores the limited literature in the field of digital supply chain optimization and business transformation, and complements it with practical and proven tactics from the industry. This book is ideally designed for program managers, engineers, students, and practitioners seeking current research on the field’s latest best practices on digital supply chain enablement.

Automatic Analog Computer Scaling Using Digital Optimization Techniques

Author : John Celmer
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Digital Conversion on the Way to Industry 4 0

Author : Numan M. Durakbasa
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This book presents the proceedings from the International Symposium for Production Research 2020. The cross-disciplinary papers presented draw on research from academics and practitioners from industrial engineering, management engineering, operational research, and production/operational management. It explores topics including: · computer-aided manufacturing; Industry 4.0 applications; simulation and modeling big data and analytics; flexible manufacturing systems; decision analysis quality management industrial robotics in production systems information technologies in production management; and optimization techniques. Presenting real-life applications, case studies, and mathematical models, this book is of interest to researchers, academics, and practitioners in the field of production and operation engineering.

Digital SLR Cameras and Photography For Dummies

Author : David D. Busch
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The perennial digital photography bestseller, now updated to cover the hottest topics Digital SLR Cameras & Photography For Dummies has been a bestseller since it first came into the picture, and this new edition gets you up to (shutter) speed on the latest technologies available. Veteran author David Busch walks you through new camera models from the leading manufacturers, WiFi and GPS options, full HD moviemaking, and the latest dSLR features. He also provides you with a solid foundation of knowledge about exposure, composition, and lighting that any new dSLR user needs to know to get great results from the camera. The straightforward-but-friendly coverage offers tips for choosing a camera and accessories, using different controls, maximizing lighting and exposure, and editing your photos. With this helpful book by your side, you'll learn your way around shutter speed, aperture, and ISO so that you can get a handle on the big picture while you take pictures! Introduces you to all the features common to dSLR cameras, whether it's Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, or another digital SLR camera Shares tips on composition, lighting and exposure controls, and file formats Shows you how to get photos from your camera to a computer and then how to manage, edit, and share your pics Offers hints on improving your skills, online resources, and the jargon of the pros If you're ready to get in the dSLR picture, then this is the book you need.

Digital Macro and Close Up Photography For Dummies

Author : Thomas Clark
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Master macro techniques and capture brilliant up-closephotos Macro photography uses specialty lenses and advanced digitalcameras to capture stunning up-close images. This book helps youunderstand the nuances of macro techniques so you can take uniqueand remarkable close-up digital photos. Equipment recommendations,helpful tips, and coverage of specialized elements that areexclusive to macro photography all aim to make you more savvy andcomfortable with macro and close-up techniques. In addition, theeasy-to-follow steps and suggested exercises go a long way to makeyou more familiar with your camera's capabilities so that you cantake fantastic photos. Introduces the techniques of macro photography and explores howto capture stunning close-up digital photos Reviews using macro lenses, extension tubes, reversing rings,and other camera equipment and accessories Shares tips for exposure and lighting techniques in the macroformat Addresses depth of field, working distance, and framing whenshooting Covers where to find subjects to shoot and setting up yourmacro studio With full-color examples and technique comparisons, this fun andfriendly book presents step-by-step guidance for taking yourclose-up photography skills to the next level.

Analog Circuits and Systems Optimization based on Evolutionary Computation Techniques

Author : Manuel Barros
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The microelectronics market, with special emphasis to the production of complex mixed-signal systems-on-chip (SoC), is driven by three main dynamics, time-- market, productivity and managing complexity. Pushed by the progress in na- meter technology, the design teams are facing a curve of complexity that grows exponentially, thereby slowing down the productivity design rate. Analog design automation tools are not developing at the same pace of technology, once custom design, characterized by decisions taken at each step of the analog design flow, - lies most of the time on designer knowledge and expertise. Actually, the use of - sign management platforms, like the Cadences Virtuoso platform, with a set of - tegrated CAD tools and database facilities to deal with the design transformations from the system level to the physical implementation, can significantly speed-up the design process and enhance the productivity of analog/mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) design teams. These design management platforms are a valuable help in analog IC design but they are still far behind the development stage of design automation tools already available for digital design. Therefore, the development of new CAD tools and design methodologies for analog and mixed-signal ICs is ess- tial to increase the designer’s productivity and reduce design productivitygap. The work presented in this book describes a new design automation approach to the problem of sizing analog ICs.

Options for the Beginner and Beyond

Author : W. Edward Olmstead
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Brief, carefully paced lessons on options and trading strategies using verbal definitions and many trading examples for clarification. Each lesson builds on the one preceding it and explains options in plain English, from start to finish. Step-by-step coverage of controlling risk, protecting your investments -- even advanced strategies other introductory books ignore! Authored by Dr. W. Edward Olmstead, contributing editor to The Spear Report and editor of The Options Professor newsletter.

Handbook of Research on Natural Computing for Optimization Problems

Author : Mandal, Jyotsna Kumar
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Nature-inspired computation is an interdisciplinary topic area that connects the natural sciences to computer science. Since natural computing is utilized in a variety of disciplines, it is imperative to research its capabilities in solving optimization issues. The Handbook of Research on Natural Computing for Optimization Problems discusses nascent optimization procedures in nature-inspired computation and the innovative tools and techniques being utilized in the field. Highlighting empirical research and best practices concerning various optimization issues, this publication is a comprehensive reference for researchers, academicians, students, scientists, and technology developers interested in a multidisciplinary perspective on natural computational systems.

Channel Modeling and Physical Layer Optimization in Copper Line Networks

Author : Rainer Strobel
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This book investigates the physical layer aspects of high-speed transmission on twisted-pair copper wires, where the most performance-critical components are multi-input multi-output (MIMO) precoding and multi-line spectrum optimization as well as optimized scheduling of the transmission time slots on the fiber to the distribution point (FTTdp) copper link. The book brings theoretical results into the implementation, which requires the introduction of realistic channel models and more practical implementation constraints as found in the copper access network. A good understanding of the transmission medium, twisted-pair telephone cable bundles is the basis for this work. Starting from the analysis of measurement data from twisted-pair cable bundles at high frequencies, it presents a MIMO channel model for the FTTdp network, which allows the characteristic effects of high-frequency transmission on copper cable bundles in simulation to be reproduced and the physical layer transmission methods on the copper channels to be analyzed and optimize. The book also presents precoding optimization for more general power constraints and implementation constraints. The maximization of data rate in a transmission system such as or VDSL is a combinatorial problem, as the rate is a discrete function of the number of modulated bits. Applying convex optimization methods to the problem offers an efficient and effective solution approach that is proven to operate close to the capacity of the FTTdp channel. In addition to higher data rates, low power consumption is another important aspect of the FTTdp network, as it requires many access nodes that are supplied with power from the subscriber side over the twisted- pair copper wires. Discontinuous operation is a method of quickly adding and removing lines from the precoding group. To implement this, the system switches between different link configurations over time at a high frequency. The transmission times of all lines are jointly optimized with respect to the current rate requirements. Discontinuous operation is used to save power, but also makes it possible to further increase the data rates, taking the current subscriber traffic requirements into account. These methods are compared with theoretical upper bounds, using realistic channel models and conditions of a system implementation. The performance analysis provides deeper insights into implementation complexity trade-offs and the resulting gap to channel capacity.

Outsourcing and Offshoring of Professional Services Business Optimization in a Global Economy

Author : Gupta, Amar
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"This book discusses the considerations and implications surrounding the outsourcing and offshoring of professional services, such as software development computer-aided design, and healthcare, from multiple global perspectives. This book, offers industry professionals, policymakers, students, and educators with a balance between a broad overview and detailed analysis of offshore outsourcing, would make an invaluable addition to any reference library"--Provided by publisher.