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The Dodos Did It

Author : Alice McKinley
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A brilliantly funny story about dodos, a dinosaur, and being VERY careful what you wish for, from the creator of Nine Lives Newton. Jack doesn’t just like dodos, he LOVES them. So when his dearest wish for a pet dodo comes true, surely Jack will be the happiest he’s ever been, EVER. Unless, of course, Jack wishes for more and more dodos and his new pets cause complete chaos, and no one believes that the dodos did it because dodos don’t exist and everyone blames Jack for everything. Maybe it's time for Jack to think about wishing for something completely different . . .

Life as We Made It

Author : Beth Shapiro
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From the first dog to the first beefalo, from farming to CRISPR, the human history of remaking nature When the 2020 Nobel Prize was awarded to the inventors of CRISPR, the revolutionary gene-editing tool, it underlined our amazing and apparently novel powers to alter nature. But as biologist Beth Shapiro argues in Life as We Made It, this phenomenon isn’t new. Humans have been reshaping the world around us for ages, from early dogs to modern bacteria modified to pump out insulin. Indeed, she claims, reshaping nature—resetting the course of evolution, ours and others’—is the essence of what our species does. In exploring our evolutionary and cultural history, Shapiro finds a course for the future. If we have always been changing nature to help us survive and thrive, then we need to avoid naive arguments about how we might destroy it with our meddling, and instead ask how we can meddle better. Brilliant and insightful, Life as We Made It is an essential book for the decades to come.

Mountain People

Author : Colin Turnbull
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In "The Mountain People," Colin The Forest People" - describes the dehumanization of the Ik, African tribesmen who in less than three generations have deteriorated from being once-prosperous hunters to scattered bands of hostile, starving people whose only goal is individual survival. Forbidden by the Ugandan government to hunt game in the Kidepo National Park, the Ik are compelled to farm and forage for food in the barren mountain heights adjoining the park. Drought and starvation have made them a strange and heartless people, mistrustful of their own kind - their days occupied with constant competition and the search for food. Isolated from one another, each family is separated in its own compound within the village's fortress walls. And each family is itself divided: husbands, wives, and children remorselessly avoid helping one another find food. Sad, disturbing, and eloquently written, "The Mountain People" is a moving meditation on human nature, our capacity for goodness, and the fragility of human society. It is a brilliant, modern classic of anthropology.


Author : Peter Ellis
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These readers are designed to extend and deepen students' level of scientific knowledge and understanding. Topics are presented in various forms - stories, case studies, articles and discussion pieces - to stimulate and gain students' interest. Questions increase in difficulty in order to show students' progression, and help consolidate learning.

Animals and Human Society

Author : Aubrey Manning
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Modern society is beginning to re-examine its whole relationship with animals and the natural world. Until recently issues such as animal welfare and environmental protection were considered the domain of small, idealistic minorities. Now, these issues attract vast numbers of articulate supporters who collectively exercise considerable political muscle. Animals, both wild and domestic, form the primary focus of concern in this often acrimonious debate. Yet why do animals evoke such strong and contradictory emotions in people - and do our western attitudes have anything in common with those of other societies and cultures? Bringing together a range of contributions from distinguished experts in the field, Animals and Society explores the importance of animals in society from social, historical and cross-cultural perspectives.


Author : G. Souvidha Baungally
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Dodo Sega revives the tale of Mauritius Legendary Bird, ‘Dodo’. Though they are no longer in existence, history has been keeping them alive and will do so forever. Several tales are told to give a glimpse about the journey of this unique bird. Everyone enjoys reading about this extinct bird which has been portrayed for decade in several ad campaigns and also in cartoons. Tourists never miss to take with them sculptures, souvenirs and paintings of the Dodo which are crafted by locals.

The Dodo and the Solitaire

Author : Jolyon C. Parish
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The Dodo and the Solitaire is the most comprehensive book to date about these two famously extinct birds. It contains all the known contemporary accounts and illustrations of the dodo and solitaire, covering their history after extinction and discussing their ecology, classification, phylogenetic placement, and evolution. Both birds were large and flightless and lived on inhabited islands some 500 miles east of Madagascar. The first recorded descriptions of the dodo were provided by Dutch sailors who first encountered them in 1598—within 100 years, the dodo was extinct. So quickly did the bird disappear that there is insufficient evidence to form an entirely accurate picture of its appearance and ecology, and the absence has led to much speculation. The story of the dodo, like that of the solitaire, has been pieced together from fragments, both literary and physical, that have been carefully compiled and examined in this extraordinary volume.

Welkin Weasels 3 Windjammer Run

Author : Garry Kilworth
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Sylver and his band of weasels take to the high seas in search of the humans who mysteriously deserted the land of Welkin many years ago. On their tail is the seasick Sheriff Falshed, commanded by the stoat rulers to stop Sylver at any cost. And if that's not bad enough, behind them is a ship crammed to the gunwales with bloodthirsty rats, convinced that Sylver is secretly hunting a pirate's treasure...

My Vocabulary Did This to Me

Author : Jack Spicer
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Winner of the Northern California Independent Booksellers Award for Poetry (2009) Winner of the American Book Award (2009) In 1965, when the poet Jack Spicer died at the age of forty, he left behind a trunkful of papers and manuscripts and a few copies of the seven small books he had seen to press. A West Coast poet, his influence spanned the national literary scene of the 1950s and ’60s, though in many ways Spicer’s innovative writing ran counter to that of his contemporaries in the New York School and the West Coast Beat movement. Now, more than forty years later, Spicer’s voice is more compelling, insistent, and timely than ever. During his short but prolific life, Spicer troubled the concepts of translation, voice, and the act of poetic composition itself. My Vocabulary Did This to Me is a landmark publication of this essential poet’s life work, and includes poems that have become increasingly hard to find and many published here for the first time.

Integrated Approaches to Health Concepts and Experiences in Framing Integration and Evaluation of One Health and EcoHealth

Author : Simon R. Rüegg
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Integrated approaches to health address health challenges arising from the intertwined spheres of humans, animals and ecosystems. This eBook is the product of an interdisciplinary effort to establish how One Health, EcoHealth and other integrated approaches to health are conceptualized, framed, implemented and evaluated today. It supplements the handbook for the evaluation of One Health, published by the COST Action “Network for Evaluation of One Health (NEOH)” with in depth reflections on the theory behind integrated approaches to health and One Health more specifically, a brief version of the NEOH evaluation framework, a supplementary evaluation approach, and eight case studies in which the NEOH framework was applied. The eBook is intended for practitioners, researchers, evaluators as well as funders of integrated approaches to health and beyond. Without the outstanding support and leadership from the management committee, this work would not have been achieved. Our gratitude goes to Maria-Eleni Filippitzi (BE), Véronique Renault (BE), Nihad Fejzic (BA), Sabina Seric-Haracic (BA), Nenad Turk (HR), Relia Beck (HR), Luca Guardabassi (DK), Liza Rosenbaum Nielsen (DK) Flavie Goutard (FR), Vladimir Grosbois (FR), Brigitte Petersen (DE), Martin Hamer (DE), Elias Papadopoulos (GR), Ilias Chaligiannis (GR), Gábor Földvári (HU), Anthony Staines (IE), Helen O’Shea (IE), Shimon Harrus (IL), Gad Baneth (IL), Valeria Grieco (IT), Maurizio Aragrande (vice chair, IT), Jovita Mažeikienė (LT), Sandra Buttigieg (MT), Elaine Lautier (MT), Helmut Saatkamp (NL), Kitty Maassen (NL), Vlatko Ilieski (MK), Mijalce Santa (MK), Merete Hofshagen (NO), Yngvild Wasteson (NO), Paulo Roriz (PT), Jorge Torgal (PT), Andrei D. Mihalca (RO), Razvan Chereches (RO), Dragan Milićević (RS), Sara Savic (RS), Joze Staric (SI), Mojca Juričič (SI), Pedro Soto-Acosta (ES), Francisco Giménez Sánchez (ES), Ann Lindberg (SE), Josef Järhult (SE), Jakob Zinsstag (CH), Simon Rüegg (CH), Barbara Häsler (chair, UK), K. Marie McIntyre (UK), Martha Betson (UK), Marieta Braks (NL), Chinwe Ifejika Speranza (DE), Spela Sinigoj (SI), Martijn Bouwknegt (NL), Andras Lakos (HU) and their substitutes Merel Postma (BE), Semra Cavaljuga (BA), Estella Prukner Radovcic (HR), Maria Vang Johansen (DK), Elena Boriani (DK), Ricarda Schmithausen (DE), Maryla Hanna Obszarski (DE), Smaragda Sotiraki (GR), Theofilos Papadopoulos (GR), Barry McMahon (IE), Massimo Canali (IT), Fabrizio Ceciliani (IT), Daniele De Meneghi (IT), Dalia Jurevičiūtė (LT), Miroslav Radeski (MK), Toni Vekov (MK); Manuela Vilhena (PT), Carla Maia (PT), Alexandru Coman (RO), Branka Vidic (RS), Gospava Lazić (RS), Ksenija Sinigoj Gacnik (SI), Juan Gabriel Cegarra Navarro (ES), Asta Tvarijonaviciute (ES), José Cerón (ES), Helene Wahlström (SE), Karin Artursson (SE), Laura Cornelsen (UK), Jonathan Rushton (UK). We also would like to thank the 240+ researchers that have engaged with the COST Action throughout and participated actively. Our gratitude also goes to the Royal Veterinary College in London, who acted as a grant holder. Acknowledgments This publication is based upon work from COST Action (TD1404) “Network for Evaluation of One Health” (NEOH), supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology). COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks. Our Actions help connect research initiatives across Europe and enable scientists to grow their ideas by sharing them with their peers. This boosts their research, career and innovation.