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The Donna Reed Show

Author : Joanne Morreale
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At a time when television offered limited opportunities for women, Donna Reed was an Oscar-winning Hollywood actress who became both producer (though largely uncredited) and star of her own television show. Distinct from the patriarchal family sitcoms of the era, The Donna Reed Show's storylines focused on the mother instead of the father, and its production brought a cinematic aesthetic to television situation comedy. In The Donna Reed Show, author Joanne Morreale illustrates how the program pushed the boundaries of the domestic sitcom at a time when the genre was evolving and also reflected the subtle shifts and undercurrents of unrest in the larger social and political culture. Morreale begins by locating Donna Reed in relation to her predecessors Gertrude Berg and Lucille Ball, both of whom were strong female presences in front of and behind the camera. She also explores the telefilm aesthetics of The Donna Reed Show and argues that the series is a prime example of the emergent synergy between Hollywood and the television industry in the late fifties. In addition, Morreale argues that the Donna Stone character's femininity acts as a kind of masquerade, as well as provides a proto-feminist model for housewives. She also examines the show's representation of teen culture and its role in launching the singing careers of its two teenaged stars. Finally, Morreale considers the legacy of The Donna Reed Show in the representation of its values in later sitcoms and its dialogue with contemporary television texts. Morreale illustrates the interplay of gender, industry, and culture at work in the history of this classic TV series. Fans of the show, as well as students and teachers of television history, will enjoy this close look at The Donna Reed Show.

The Donna Reed Show

Author : Paul Petersen
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This Donna Reed Show tribute book is just in time to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this iconic TV Classic. With special commentary by Paul Petersen who played Jeff Stone on the series and photographs from the archives of the Donna Reed Foundation, this is a must have for TV Classic Fans. Take a step back into a simpler time with nostalgic memories of the family many of us wished was our own.

Donna Reed

Author : Brenda Scott Royce
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Donna Reed has been called "America's favorite mother" and her recognition as such has stood the test of time. But before she became known as the ultimate mom on The Donna Reed Show, she was already a veteran film actress with almost 40 films to her credit--including roles in It's a Wonderful Life and From Here to Eternity. This book contains a brief biography, a detailed examination of her work, a listing of reviews of her work and of her awards and nominations, a chronology of major events in her life, and an annotated bibliography of writings from major magazines, fan magazines, books and newspapers.

Mother Knows Better

Author : Anne Mullino Newton
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In 1958, actress Donna Reed formed her own production company to create The Donna Reed Show, which ran successfully until 1966. One of only two female television producers working in Hollywood, Reed's show foreshadowed much of the discontent illustrated in Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique. The series explored Donna's frustrations with housework, her interest in professional activities outside the home, and her determination to be an equal in her marriage. However, The Donna Reed Show also diverged from Friedan on key issues by elevating the housewife and establishing her moral authority, thus foreshadowing more conservative "maternal" feminism as identified by Christina Hoff Sommers. The Donna Reed Show has been falsely grouped with other family sit-coms as conformist and has been largely overlooked for its contributions to the feminist movement by scholars, when in fact Reed created the most complex mother character on television at the time.

The Women Who Made Television Funny

Author : David C. Tucker
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Most of the bright and talented actresses who made America laugh in the 1950s are off the air today, but their pioneering Hollywood careers irrevocably changed the face of television comedy. These smart and sassy women successfully negotiated the hazards of the male-dominated workplace with class and humor, and the work they did in the 1950s is inventive still by today’s standards. Unable to fall back on strong language, shock value, or racial and sexual epithets, the female sitcom stars of the 1950s entertained with pure talent and screen savvy. As they did so, they helped to lay the foundation for the development of television comedy. This book pays tribute to 10 prominent television actresses who played lead roles in popular comedy shows of the 1950s. Each chapter covers the works and personalities of one actress: Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy), Gracie Allen (The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show), Eve Arden (Our Miss Brooks), Spring Byington (December Bride), Joan Davis (I Married Joan), Anne Jeffreys (Topper), Donna Reed (The Donna Reed Show), Ann Sothern (Private Secretary and The Ann Sothern Show), Gale Storm (My Little Margie and The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna), and Betty White (Life with Elizabeth). For each star, a career sketch is provided, concentrating primarily on her television work but also noting achievements in other areas. Appendices offer cast and crew lists, a chronology, and an additional biographical sketch of 10 less familiar actresses who deserve recognition.

TV in the USA A History of Icons Idols and Ideas 3 volumes

Author : Vincent LoBrutto
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This three-volume set is a valuable resource for researching the history of American television. An encyclopedic range of information documents how television forever changed the face of media and continues to be a powerful influence on society. • Supplies historic context for why television shows were released at a particular moment in time • Covers key television genres—such as the western, sitcoms, crime shows, and variety programs—in detail • Provides readers with an understanding of the technical evolution of television that directly affected programming • Includes biographies of important individuals in the television industry

Teaching Academic Literacy

Author : Katherine L. Weese
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Teaching Academic Literacy provides a unique outlook on a first-year writing program's evolution by bringing together a group of related essays that analyze, from various angles, how theoretical concepts about writing actually operate in real students' writing. Based on the beginning writing program developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a course that asks students to consider what it means to be a literate member of a community, the essays in the collection explore how students become (and what impedes their progress in becoming) authorities in writing situations. Key features of this volume include: * demonstrations of how research into specific teaching problems (e.g., the problem of authority in beginning writers' work) can be conducted by examining student work through a variety of lenses such as task interpretation, collaboration, and conference, so that instructors can understand what factors influence students, and can then use what they have learned to reshape their teaching practices; * adaptability of theory and research to develop a course that engages basic writers with challenging ideas; * a model of how a large writing program can be administered, particularly in regards to the integration of research and curriculum development; and * integration of literary and composition theories.

In Search of Donna Reed

Author : Jay Fultz
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This first biography of Donna Reed also contains the first extended discussion of her television show. The personal richness that Reed brought to her television role has been filtered out in the caricature perpetuated by pop critics. In the media "Donna Reed" is Donna Stone distorted as a female-manque who wears pearls and high heels around the house. But Donna Reed's long hold on viewers depends on irreducible qualities that have nothing to do with this fixed image, as Fultz suggests. He follows her development from Iowa farm girl to apprentice in Hollywood to mature juggler of the demands of family and career to antiwar activist. Drawing on Reed's letters and on interviews, Fultz looks for what was real in a very private person without discarding what is romantic in any pursuit of a public one. He shows why the rich and principled life of Donna Reed matters in this more cynical time.

The Dead Celebrity Cookbook Presents Christmas in Tinseltown

Author : Frank DeCaro
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The toast of Christmas past is back and not a moment too soon! In The Dead Celebrity Christmas Cookbook, Frank DeCaro serves up culinary delights from Edmund Gwenn's Christmas Cup to Bing Crosby's Sugar Cookies and celebrates the best of the season's movies, TV specials, and music. Recipes from such late luminaries as Natalie Wood, Judy Garland, Burl Ives, Dinah Shore, and even Boris Karloff are featured in chapters saluting fabulous amusements like Miracle on 34th Street, Meet Me in St. Louis, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas Special, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Plus recipes from singers like Eartha Kitt ("Santa Baby"), Elvis Presley ("Blue Christmas"), and John Lennon ("Happy Xmas (War is Over)") celebrate the best holiday platters.

Donna Reed Paper Dolls and Movie Fashions of the 40s And 50s

Author :
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Before she became a TV icon as Donna Stone in the long-running series, The Donna Reed Show, the beauteous star from Iowa had a very successful career as an top MGM contract player. She graced the silver screen in many hit films including The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Green Dolphin Street , The Human Comedy and The Last Time I Saw Paris. Her most famous role was that of Mary Bailey in the Frank Capra Christmas classic, It¿s a Wonderful Life. She won the 1953 Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress for From Here to Eternity. This new authorized paper doll book created by David Wolfe features two Donna Reed dolls and eight pages of costumes from many of her MGM films, from the early Shadow of the Thin Man in 1941 to The Benny Goodman Story in 1956, encompassing the very different fashion styles prevalent in two decades.

Glamour Gidgets and the Girl Next Door

Author : Herbie J. Pilato
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Glamour, Gidgets, and the Girl Next Door is the latest creation from entertainment biographer and pop culture consultant Herbie J Pilato. Based on exclusive celebrity interviews, this book runs the gamut of female television legends, from Donna Douglas (who played Elly May Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies) to the stars of the original Charlie’s Angels. According to Pilato, “There are so many charismatic women who have made their ‘beauty-mark’ in television. I wanted to celebrate their contributions, not only with regard to aesthetic appeal but to honor the intelligence, individual wit, and unique talent and style that each of them have contributed to television—and how that great medium in particular was utilized to introduce and showcase so many amazing and wonderful women to the world.” Suffice it to say, for exclusive and key information on TV’s top leading ladies who shattered expectations and paved the way for successive generations, this book is the number one resource and go-to guide.

Gilmore Girls and the Politics of Identity

Author : Ritch Calvin
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This work examines the Gilmore Girls from a post-feminist perspective, evaluating how the show’s main female characters and supporting cast fit into the classic portrayal of feminine identity on popular television. The book begins by placing Gilmore Girls in the context of the history of feminism and feminist television shows such as Mary Tyler Moore and One Day at a Time. The remainder of the essays look at series’ portrayal of traditional and non-traditional gender identities and familial relationships. Topics include the hyper-real utopia represented by Gilmore Girls’ fictional Stars Hollow; the faux-feminist perspective offered by Rory Gilmore’s unfulfilling (and often masochistic) romantic relationships; the ways in which “mean girl” Paris Geller both adheres to and departs from the traditional archetype of female power and aggression; and the role of Lorelai Gilmore’s oft-criticized marriage in destroying the show’s central theme of single motherhood during its seventh season. The work also studies the role of food and its consumption as a narrative device throughout the show’s development, evaluating the ways in which food negotiates, defines, and upholds the characters’ gendered and class performances. The work also includes a complete episode guide listing the air date, title, writer, and director of every episode in the series.

Willie Mays

Author : James S. Hirsch
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The “enormously entertaining and wide-ranging” (Seattle Times) authorized, definitive, New York Times bestselling biography of Willie Mays, the most complete baseball player of all time. Willie Mays is arguably the greatest player in baseball history, still revered for the passion he brought to the game. He began as a teenager in the Negro Leagues, became a cult hero in New York, and was the headliner in Major League Baseball’s bold expansion to California. He was a blend of power, speed, and stylistic bravado that enraptured fans for more than two decades. Now James Hirsch reveals the man behind the player. Mays was a transcendent figure who received standing ovations in enemy stadiums and who, during the turbulent civil rights era, urged understanding and reconciliation. More than his records, his legacy is defined by the pure joy that he brought to fans and the loving memories that have been passed to future generations so they might know the magic and beauty of the game. With meticulous research and drawing on interviews with Mays himself as well as with close friends, family, and teammates, Hirsch presents a brilliant portrait of one of America’s most significant cultural icons.

Screwball Television

Author : David Scott Diffrient
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Bringing together seventeen original essays by scholars from around the world, Screwball Television offers a variety of international perspectives on Gilmore Girls (WB/CW, 2000–2007). Adored by fans and celebrated by critics for its sophisticated wordplay and compelling portrayal of a mother-daughter relationship, this contemporary American TV program finally gets its due as a cultural production unlike any other— one that is beholden to Hollywood’s screwball comedies of the 1930s, steeped in intertextual references, and framed as a "kinder, gentler k

Terror in America Ii

Author : Leslie Herzberger
File Size : 80.79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Author : David Foster
File Size : 49.74 MB
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After almost four decades in the music business, David Foster -- producer, arranger, songwriter, performer -- is finally ready to talk. In this compelling and outspoken memoir, Foster shares some of his incredible stories: the first time he met Barbra Streisand, as a young session player in Los Angeles; his first of 15 Grammys® for "After the Love Has Gone," Earth, Wind & Fire's memorable hit; the making of Unison, Celine Dion's English-language debut; the challenges he faced on his way to putting the group Chicago back on the charts; his award-winning contribution to Unforgettable: With Love, Natalie Cole's comeback album; those back-to-back recording sessions with Madonna and Michael Jackson; and the incredible chain of events that spawned Whitney Houston's historic blockbuster, "I Will Always Love You." Foster has worked with superstars of every decade, including: Celine Dion - Josh Groban - Whitney Houston - Michael Bublé - Barbra Streisand - Andrea Bocelli - Madonna - Michael Jackson - Natalie Cole - George Harrison - Earth, Wind & Fire - *NSYNC - Chicago - Paul McCartney - All-4-One - Katharine McPhee - Toni Braxton - Alice Cooper - Olivia Newton-John - Michael Bolton ...and many more. From his unique and privileged vantage point, Foster describes the delicate balancing act between artist and producer, offers revealing portraits of some of those artists at work, and shares his secrets for success in the maddeningly fickle music industry. At its heart, this is the story of a boy with perfect pitch who grew up to become one of the most influential musical forces of our time -- the solid gold hitman who produced the soundtrack of our lives.

June Cleaver Was a Feminist

Author : Cary O’Dell
File Size : 76.43 MB
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"Long dismissed as ciphers, sycophants and Stepford Wives, a more careful assessment of how women were portrayed on primetime television during the 1950s through the 1980s, reveals the opposite. From smart, savvy wives and resilient mothers to talented working women to crimebusters and even criminals, American women on television were diverse, empowered, individualistic, and capable"--Provided by publisher.

She Works he Works

Author : Rosalind C. Barnett
File Size : 33.56 MB
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A four-year study of 300 middle-class and working-class couples, this text draws on cross-disciplinary research and debunks the myth of the overwrought working mother with her insensitive husband and neglected children.

Women in War Films

Author : Ralph Donald
File Size : 83.14 MB
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This companion volume to Reel Men at War takes a look at how women have been portrayed in war films, from silents of the 1920s to films of the twenty-first century. The authors explore the full range of women on the home front, covering nurses and doctors on the war front and women in combat. Films examined include Wings, A Farewell to Arms, Since You Went Away, So Proudly We Hail, Mrs. Miniver, A Guy Named Joe, The Best Years of Our Lives, From Here to Eternity, M*A*S*H, Coming Home, Aliens, G. I. Jane, Courage under Fire, Starship Troopers, Inglorious Basterds, and Zero Dark Thirty. This volume also includes an extensive filmography with brief assessments of how women are portrayed in each of these films.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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The record of each copyright registration listed in the Catalog includes a description of the work copyrighted and data relating to the copyright claim (the name of the copyright claimant as given in the application for registration, the copyright date, the copyright registration number, etc.).