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The Dream Universe

Author : David Lindley
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A vivid and captivating narrative about how modern science broke free of ancient philosophy, and how theoretical physics is returning to its unscientific roots In the early seventeenth century Galileo broke free from the hold of ancient Platonic and Aristotelian philosophy. He drastically changed the framework through which we view the natural world when he asserted that we should base our theory of reality on what we can observe rather than pure thought. In the process, he invented what we would come to call science. This set the stage for all the breakthroughs that followed--from Kepler to Newton to Einstein. But in the early twentieth century when quantum physics, with its deeply complex mathematics, entered into the picture, something began to change. Many physicists began looking to the equations first and physical reality second. As we investigate realms further and further from what we can see and what we can test, we must look to elegant, aesthetically pleasing equations to develop our conception of what reality is. As a result, much of theoretical physics today is something more akin to the philosophy of Plato than the science to which the physicists are heirs. In The Dream Universe, Lindley asks what is science when it becomes completely untethered from measurable phenomena?

The Dream Handbook

Author : Jane Teresa Anderson
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We all dream - and quite often we wonder if our dreams mean anything. As it turns out . . . they do! Your dreams contain wisdom and insight about your waking life - that's why they are so important. Using The Dream Handbook you can discover the meaning of your dreams and nightmares, and then apply the dream alchemy practices to create positive life change. The Dream Handbook will help you: Stop uncomfortable recurring dreams Identify emotional obstacles and release them Create more fulfilling relationships Discover your talents and life purpose Heal the past Work with the emotions and feelings in your dreams Transform fearful dreams into loving visions Tap into your creative source Identify your spiritual lessons and move forward Use your dreams to strike personal and spiritual gold Design your own dream alchemy practices

The Universe Is a Dream

Author : Alexander Marchand
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Have you ever contemplated the cause of the universe beyond simply attributing it to God or The Big Bang? If so, in that causal contemplation, have you ever entertained the idea that the universe is but a dream? Which is to say, have you ever considered that the cause of the universe is that you dreamt it up? At first glance, the idea that you dreamt up the universe perhaps seems implausible. However, what if you really took that idea seriously and followed it to its logical conclusion? What would you discover? Well, this book answers that question. Using the unique form of a graphic novel, artist and writer Alexander Marchand takes you on an artistic, humorous, irreverent, and extremely informative romp through the advanced, nondualistic metaphysics of the contemporary spiritual document known as A Course in Miracles. In the end, you'll not only have a coherent picture of the true nature of the universe and existence, but you'll also have essential, practical knowledge of what you'll need to do to if you are ready to wake up.

The Inner Journey Home

Author : A. H. Almaas
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What is the soul, and how do we come to know it? What is its journey in life, and what stages and obstacles are encountered along the way? These questions are explored here in detail according to the Diamond Approach, a spiritual path that combines systematic inquiry into personal experience, the practice of traditional spiritual methods, and the application of modern psychological research. The Inner Journey Home is the centerpiece of the Diamond Approach literature, providing a complete overview of the teaching with references to the author's other books for more details on certain topics.

The Decentered Universe of Finnegans Wake

Author : Margot Norris
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Looking at the work without novelistic expectations of the illusion of some "keyto unlock the mystery, Norris explores Joyce's rationale for committing his last human panorama—a bit sadder than Ulysses in its concern with aging, killing, and dying—to a form and language belonging to the deconstructive forces of the twentieth century.

Secrets of Yoga God Universe

Author : Dharam Vir Mangla
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The universe is the Creation and Manifestation of Brahman the ultimate reality. Universe is not different from God and is the physical body of God. Since time immemorial both the yogis and the scientists are busy in searching this Ultimate Truth and the path for salvation of soul. As the ultimate truth is one and can never be contradictory to any scientific or spiritual system, I decided to synthesize both and remove the existing differences and misconceptions between the two.Aim of the book is to understand better our relation with universe & God. I have tried my best not to twist any spiritual, scientific or historical fact to prove my point. To an ordinary man the universe around looks real in every sense. But all the Holy Scriptures and great saints have declared the universe as Unreal, a Dream and a Thought in the Mind of God. We are confused and want to know the truth. The Maya of God and the limitations of our sense organs is the biggest hindrance in knowing the absolute truth.

The Divine Universe

Author : Swami Abhayananda
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In The Divine Universe, mystic, poet and philosopher, Swami Abhayananda, turns his eye to the Divine origin and manifestation of the universe, and offers a spiritual interpretation of "The Big Bang" and the "singularity" from which contemporary cosmologists say it was produced. In addition, he applies his unique vision to the subjects of nondualism, mystical experience, and the nature of the soul in his broad portrayal of a living universe ensouled in the Mind of God. Blending his mystical insights with an uncommon grasp of contemporary scientific issues, Abhayananda has produced what will no doubt become a spiritual classic that will shift paradigms, inspire and excite us, and forever revolutionize our perspective on the universe and its origin.

Building the Dream

Author : Larry Herrin
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Corvette is an icon. For most of its history it was built in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The author, a forty-one year veteran of GM, spent twenty-four years working in various engineering and management positions from facilities to quality where he retired as Quality Assurance Manager. Never before has a comprehensive history been written of the place where Corvettes are assembled. The title reflects what took place in the Bowling Green Assembly Plant. One high level manager often referred to Building the Dream, and essentially the plant built hundreds of thousands of dreams over the years. The text contains philosophical, historical, methodical, biographical and some fictional information to provoke thought. The genre of each is intermingled so as to never bore the reader. Many names are mentioned. Mini-biographies are included for the most unique regardless of job level. They all were part of building the dream, and the assembler was as necessary as the manager. Venture now into the place were dreams are built!

The Dream and the Text

Author : Carol Schreier Rupprecht
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This book partakes of a long tradition of dream interpretation, but, at the same time, is unique in its cross-cultural and interdisciplinary methods and in its mix of theoretical and analytical approaches. It includes a great chronological and geographical range, from ancient Sumeria to eighteenth-century China; medieval Hispanic dream poetry to Italian Renaissance dream theory; Shakespeare to Nerval; and from Dostoevsky, through Emily Brontë, to Henry James. Rupprecht also incorporates various critical orientations including archetypal, comparative, feminist, historicist, linguistic, postmodern, psychoanalytic, religious, reader response, and self-psychology.

Dream Reader

Author : Anthony Shafton
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A comprehensive survey of contemporary approaches to understanding dreams. If you can have only one book on dreams, this is the one to have.