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The End of Mark s Story

Author : Paul L. Danove
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This volume generates a narrative grammar which unites linguistic, structuralistic, rhetorical, and reader-response methods and then uses it to investigate the textual indicators for interpreting the ending of the Gospel of Mark. The first part of this book generates the narrative grammar in response to significant contemporary writings on methods of narrative analysis. The second part provides a detailed analysis of the Gospel's larger narrative units. The analysis isolates narrative units according to a consistent set of criteria, grounds the interpretation on a limited number of qualifications of the implied reader, indicates the centrality of the literary and rhetorical traditions of the Hebrew Bible for interpretation, clarifies the model of irony used in the narrative, and accounts for the negative presentation of the disciples on narrative grounds.

A Postcolonial Reading of Mark s Story of Jesus

Author : Simon Samuel
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This unique contribution to Markan studies reads Mark's story of Jesus from a postcolonial perspective. It proposes that Mark need not necessarily be treated in an oversimplified polarity as an anti- or pro-colonial discourse. Instead it may be treated as a postcolonial discourse, i.e. as a hybrid discourse that accommodates and disrupts both the native Jewish and the Roman colonial discourses of power. It shows that Mark accommodates itself into a strategic third space in between the variegated native Jewish and the Roman colonial discourses in order to enunciate its own voice. As an ambivalent and hybrid discourse it mimics and mocks, accommodates and disrupts both the Jewish as well as the Roman colonial voices. The portrait of Jesus in Mark, which Samuel shows to be encoding also the portrait of a community, exhibits a colonial/ postcolonial conundrum which can neither be damned as pro- nor be praised as anti-colonial in nature. Instead the portrait of Jesus in Mark may be appreciated as a strategic essentialist and transcultural hybrid, in which the claims of difference and the desire for transculturality are both contradictorily present and visible. In showing such a portrait and invoking a complex discursive strategy Mark as the discourse of a subject community is not alone or unique in the Graeco-Roman world. A number of discourses-historical, creative novelistic and apocalyptic-of the subject Greek and Jewish communities in the eastern Mediterranean under the imperium of Rome from the second century BCE to the end of the first century CE exhibit very similar postcolonial traits which one may add to be not far from the postcolonial traits of a number of postcolonial creative writings and cultural discourses of the colonial subject and the dominated post-colonial communities of our time.

Faith as a Theme in Mark s Narrative

Author : Christopher D. Marshall
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Mark's gospel has attracted an enormous amount of scholarly attention over recent decades. The major themes of the gospel have been studied exhaustively and from a variety of critical perspectives. But at least one important theme in Mark has been comparatively neglected in recent study, the theme of faith. This critically acclaimed book redresses such neglect through a thorough exegetical and literary study of all the references to faith in Mark's composition.

Women in Mark s Gospel

Author : Susan Miller
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"[This] is a timely topic, one that has not yet been dealt with. Miller writes clearly and competently. The first chapter sets out her method, which draws from both literary critical and feminist work. She then treats the women of Mark's Gospel in sequence. Her work will provide a helpful supplement to the standard commentaries. It will also be useful in women's studies classes, and provides a nice example of a balanced feminist interpretation of the Gospels." -Dr. Alan Culpepper, Mercer University, Atlanta. Miller examines the accounts of women in Mark's gospel and interprets them in relation to Mark's definition of discipleship and his understanding of new creation.

Mark s Story

Author : Linda S. Johnson
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Mark’s Story is a story of a boy growing up in the U.S. in the late 1950’s and 1960’s and the changes in his life. He grew up with a closeness to nature, which was later replaced by a closeness to the world of drugs. Mark’s stories are true and funny and unbelievably wild. He gradually finds his way out of the drug world after some tough times.

The Gospel according to Mark

Author : Camille Focant
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The world to which the Gospel of Mark introduces its reader is a world of conflicts and suspense, enigmas and secrets, questions and overturning of evidence, irony and surprise. Its principal actor, Jesus, is perplexing in the extreme. He is evidently so for the religious authorities who oppose him, but also for his disciples, who shift from incomprehension to opposition and flight. Questions of meaning, life and death, good and evil are continually broached. This narrative is a subtle invitation to enter into a new world, that of the coming Reign of God, in which the first are last and whoever wants to save his life must lose it. This commentary on the Gospel of Mark has been enthusiastically reviewed in the French edition as one of the best current commentaries on Mark. As a narrative critical commentary, it favors an interpretation of the Gospel that tries to grasp the dynamic of the text taken as a whole. Even if the technical vocabulary of narrative analysis is not used, and the main results of the historical-critical criticism, particularly those of redaction criticism, are not neglected, as the notes will reveal, it is narrative criticism that guides the proceedings.

Does Mark 16 9 20 Belong in the New Testament

Author : David W. Hester
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For almost fifty years, much has been written concerning Mark 16:9-20. During the same time period, evidence once counted against Mark 16:9-20 was shown to be otherwise. In this study, David W. Hester surveys modern scholarship (1965-2011) surrounding the passage. He examines the passage itself--the external evidence, with particular attention paid to the manuscripts and the patristics, especially those of the second and third centuries; and the internal evidence, featuring details that are problematic as well as those that favor Markan authorship. Finally, a proposal concerning the origin of the passage is presented. The first edition of Mark's Gospel ended at 16:8, resulting in the manuscript tradition that omits the passage, but this was not his intended ending. Later, his associates attached Mark's notes and published a second edition of the Gospel with the last twelve verses. This led to its inclusion. Given that the passage is cited by second- and third-century witnesses and attributed to Mark, along with the biblical prohibition against adding to or taking from Scripture, it is doubtful that an anonymous second-century author could have been successful in adding his own composition and it being widely accepted by the early church.

Mark s Story of Jesus

Author : Dewey Mulholland
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Sound Matters

Author : Margaret E. Lee
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Sound matters. The New Testament's first audiences were listeners, not readers. They heard its compositions read aloud and understood their messages as linear streams of sound. To understand the New Testament's meaning in the way its earliest audiences did, we must hear its audible features and understand its words as spoken sounds. Sound Matters presents essays by ten scholars from five countries and three continents, who explore the New Testament through sound mapping, a technique invented by Margaret Lee and Bernard Scott for analyzing Greek texts as speech. Sound Matters demonstrates the value and uses of this technique as a prelude and aid to interpretation. The essays that make up this volume illustrate the wide range of interpretive possibilities that emerge when sound mapping restores the spoken sounds of the New Testament and revives its living voice.

The Cambridge Companion to the Gospels

Author : Stephen C. Barton
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An introduction covering historical, theological and ethical aspects of the gospels through the ages.

Jesus Paul and Early Christianity

Author : Rieuwerd Buitenwerf
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This collection of essays by leading experts in New Testament scholarship addresses core themes in the study of early Christianity. The topics addressed include text-critical issues relating to the New Testament, the historical situation in which the earliest Christian documents were composed, early Christian rituals, historical questions concerning Jesus and Paul, and the origin and development of important theological ideas in the early Church. This volume is dedicated to Henk Jan de Jonge (Emeritus Professor in the New Testament, Leiden University) in honour of his important contributions to the field of New Testament Studies.

Mark s Story

Author : Tim LaHaye
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The thrilling new novel of the Jesus Chronicles from the authors of the multi-million bestselling Left Behind series. The phenomenal multi-million-selling Left Behind series has won legions of fans. Now Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins give us the second book in their bestselling Jesus Chronicles-biblically inspired novels that bring to life the story of Jesus as never told before. Mark's Story is a thrilling account that vividly depicts the last day before Jesus' crucifixion and the danger that early believers faced as they boldly proclaimed him Christ the Lord. Readers will discover firsthand the growth of the early Church, the struggles of Jesus' followers, the persecution they endured-and their bravery and passion, which laid the foundation for the Christian Church and still reverberates throughout the world today.

Clues A Journal of Detection Vol 33 No 1 Spring 2015

Author : Janice M. Allan
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For over two decades, Clues has included the best scholarship on mystery and detective fiction. With a combination of academic essays and nonfiction book reviews, it covers all aspects of mystery and detective fiction material in print, television and movies. As the only American scholarly journal on mystery fiction, Clues is essential reading for literature and film students and researchers; popular culture aficionados; librarians; and mystery authors, fans and critics around the globe.

Simulating Jesus

Author : George Aichele
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Can the different pictures of Jesus in the New Testament be reconciled? Or are they simply simulations, the products of a virtual Gospel? 'Simulating Jesus' argues that the gospels do not represent four versions of one Jesus story but rather four distinct narrative simulacra, each of which is named "Jesus". The book explores the theory and evidence justifying this claim and discusses its practical and theological consequences. The simulations of Jesus in each of the gospels are analysed and placed alongside Jesus simulacra elsewhere in the Bible and contemporary popular culture. 'Simulating Jesus' offers a radical understanding of Scripture that will be of interest to students and scholars of biblical studies.

Literary Criticism for New Testament Critics

Author : Norman R. Petersen
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Utilizing Mark and Luke-Acts as case studies, Norman Petersen moves beyond redaction criticism to show both the necessity and the possibility for literary criticism to be an integral part of the historical-critical study of biblical writings.

The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Author : George R. Szews
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These books show how several readers can proclaim the Passion well. Rather than simply dividing the Passion into the parts, this book allows the evangelist's understanding of the Passion to be heard and pondered. You'll also find proclamation tips and suggestions for musical refrains, acclamations and hymns. The cover is suitable for use in the liturgy, and the type and the use of sense lines allow for ease of proclamation. The text of the English version is that of the revised U.S. lectionary. The text of the Spanish version corresponds to the Mexican lectionary.

The Gospels

Author : John Muddiman
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Newly issued in a series of part volumes, the OBC is now available in an affordable and portable format for the four canonical Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Includes a general introduction to using the Commentary, in addition to an introduction to study of the New Testament, and a detailed comparison of the four gospels in synopsis.

Meeting Jesus in Mark

Author : Marcus Borg
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Marcus Borg is an internationally respected expert on the Gospels. Here he offers the fruit of a lifetime's research and reflection on the Gospel of Mark. This book is ideal both for new Christians and for those who would like a fresh perspective on Mark's portrait of Jesus. It includes thoughtful questions for group study or private reflection.

Writing on the Gospel of Mark

Author : William Telford
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This thorough manual for advanced students and their supervisors and anyone researching or writing on the Gospel of Mark is the opening volume in an important new series of Guides to Advanced Biblical Research. Together with an essay on the current state of research and a discussion of the future of Markan study, it provides a chrestomathy of samples of Markan research together with a review of recent dissertations and a full, annotated bibliography.

Living in The Story

Author : Charlotte Vaughan Coyle
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What kind of book is the Bible? Is it a rulebook or a guidebook for moral living? Is it a history book or a book filled with fascinating (and sometimes fantastic) stories? Did humans write the Bible or did God somehow speak a perfect message that the authors transcribed? Many people have asked these questions about the nature of this beautiful, odd, comforting, disturbing book the church calls its "Holy Scripture." Charlotte Vaughan Coyle shares her own journey to make sense of the Bible in this read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year project. She discovered that the crucial work of asking hard questions and even arguing with the Bible revealed the Scriptures to be a symphony of polyphonic voices, a work of art that paints an alternative vision of reality, a complex novel-like story unavoidably embedded in its own culture and time, and yet able to give witness to the God beyond history who has acted (and continues to act) within history. With the heart of a pastor and the passion of a preacher, Rev. Coyle invites seekers and students (both churched and un-churched) to strap on their scuba gear and join her for a deeper dive beneath the surface of this immense, colorful, mysterious world of the Bible.